Ready to Make the Jump into 2011?

With Christmas now just a recent memory, you might still consider it to be a bit too early to start thinking about next year.  However it may just take these extra days for you to muster the necessary “courage”(?) to participate in the next big community event - the Third Annual New Year’s Day Polar Bear Plunge hosted by our friends over at the Angle Lake Manor Club.

Angle Lake Manor Club Beach
3417 So 194th
Saturday, January 1st, 2011
Gather at 9:30 am – Plunge at 10:00 am Sharp
Earlier this year nine brave (?) swimmers entered the frigid waters of Angle Lake with the goal of ushering in 2010 with a big splash (and we’re pretty sure that nine of them also made it out of the water, too!). Now with two years experience in the bag, the plan is to expand this event by welcoming all Lake Area Residents and their guests to join together for this family fun celebration.  A small gift will be awarded to the first 25 participants that meet the Polar Cub Club requirement of swimming to the platform and back. Interested swim participants are encouraged to come in costume (i.e. Togas, Tutus, Tiaras and/or Crowns!) or in the least, gender appropriate swim attire is required!

Hot Coffee and Cocoa will be available for participants and spectators to enjoy before the plunge.  We gratefully acknowledge our friends at the Starbucks Coffee Company at Five Corners in Burien for their generous donation!

Hints and Safety Tips:
  • Dress Up in costume over your swimsuit to add whimsy
  • Come Early. Parking is limited. Carpool or come by boat.
  • Anyone with heart problems should consult your health care provider before participating. If you don't participate, you’re still welcome to join us and watch.
  • Do Not Drink. Alcohol does not warm you up. It accelerates hypothermia.
  • Do Not Stay In The Water Longer Than 15 Minutes. Body heat is lost 25 times faster in the water than in air.
  • Keep Your Outer Clothing On until swim time and remove any wet clothing before getting back into dry clothes.
  • Have Fun!

Seasons Greetings!

(A Letter From The Editor)
Sitting here in the calm of night, peering out the window at all the surrounding Christmas light, I reflect back on the year we had – the fun at the Fishing Derby; the excitement of the fireworks show on the Fourth of July; the tasty treats and surprise entertainment with the Floating Tapas, the camaraderie and display of athleticism at the Horse’n’around Classic, the stories and the many, many laughs exchanged during the Christmas Party, and the challenges we endured making our way around the lake on the Christmas Cruise.

I consider how fortunate I am to live in this active community of ours and am thankful for the many opportunities afforded to me to become acquainted with such wonderful neighbors.  I cherish these memories and the new friendships made that I am confident will stay with me through my lifetime…  and suddenly it occurs to me, all these recollections and relationships were accumulated within just a single year! And then I begin to get excited thinking about what the next year will bring!
(click on the photo)
I am sending a deep felt and sincere Thank You to all my neighbors for welcoming my family and me into your extraordinary community. I look forward to gathering with you again soon and meeting more of you next year.

Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas. A Safe, Happy and Prosperous New Year!

A Christmas Story (Based on True Facts!)

Santa’s (Last Resort) Christmas Helpers took to the water on Friday, December 17th to help spread yuletide cheer with our lakeside neighbors. The flotilla included the traditional two holiday barges operated by Captains Jim Todd and Bruce Bryant who were accompanied by their respective First Mates Robyn and Kathy and each with guests onboard. 

Shortly after setting sail, the group had the misfortune to be visited by some guy named "Murphy" and suffered the ill effects of his infamous "Law".  As luck would have it, the Bryant Vessel was running low on battery power to run the onboard lights and the Todd Ship propulsion system was beginning to fail.  But not to fear, the Christmas Spirit, mixed with a little ingenuity from the commodore staff, had the boats tethered together in no time so that the Bryant Boat with it's plentiful engine power propelled the two barges through the night and the Todd Craft with ample electrical supply was able to light both along the way.  But the combined girth made it too challenging to navigate onto the beaches to visit with the revelers waiting at the various bonfires.  The crew became increasingly troubled with the idea that the many neighbors who tended to bonfires on the beach would not be rewarded with a visit from the helpless elves bearing holiday enthusiasm and succulent treats.

But as something akin to the situation that Santa faced on that dreaded foggy evening, without notice a small zippy fishing boat with colorful lights circling it's rim came rushing out of the darkness toward the group.  Everyone began to question who it could be and not until they were along side the barges was it known that the dingy was under the command of Russ and Patti Austin. It proved to be the perfect solution – the barges would pass by the beach as close as possible sharing holiday greetings and Christmas music while Russ and Patti nimbly cruised up with an offer of homemade almond rocca ® to those friends who waited patiently on the beach.  The goal of helping spread Christmas Cheer was ultimately fulfilled due to good neighbors coming together to deliver a solution.

The Christmas Cruise Captains, First Mates and their guests wish to express their great appreciation for the people who turned out on the beaches, their participation truly made the event very enjoyable.  Next year we hope to continue to add more boats and be able to make more stops along the way.   Photos of the cruise are available for viewing HERE.

Christmas Cruise Friday, December 17th

If you missed your chance to make merry at the annual ALSC Members Only Christmas Party, the Shore Club is presenting another opportunity to welcome in the holiday season as the Lake Community will join together Friday, December 17th at around 7:00 PM for the Third Annual Christmas Cruise!
We encourage all interested Boat Owners to decorate your vessels with 12 volt lights and ornaments and join together with other boaters in the middle of the “L” to form a flotilla for travel along the lakeshore.  Onboard you’ll enjoy the festive lights and music, sing Christmas carols, share snacks and imbibe in holiday spirit(s) of your choosing. If you have room on your boat to carry additional passengers, please email the blog team and let us know how many extra seats you may have.

For those folks who are more interested participating from dry land, we encourage Shoreline Participants to build a beach bon fire signaling the traveling group to stop by and share some merry with you! Who knows, our substitute Santa’s may present you with a special treat – provided you’ve been especially good this year of course! Or if there’s space available, you may be invited on board to help spread cheer to other stops along the way.

It would be an extra special holiday gift to the Angle Lake Shore Club Board if we can get maximum turn out for this event!

This is it – the final Shore Club event for the year, let’s make it a fun one.

Plenty Reason to Celebrate!

The days ending November and leading into December were highlighted with a couple significant events which lend good cause for celebration!

Monday, November 29th. The many weeks of campaigning, meetings, petitions and conversations concluded with the City Officials conducting a Special Council Meeting to deliver a final vote for approval of the 2010 Comprehensive Plan.  After some additional debate and discussion, the council voted to approve all items included in the draft plan except for Map Amendment 4. By way of unanimous vote the council decided that the Lindstrom proposal for a rezone to Industrial would be denied and the property will remain with the current Medium Density Residential designation. It was mentioned that the decision was heavily influenced by the strong collective voice that was presented by the neighborhood. Thank you to all area residents who had  invested their private time to support opposition in preventing this particular map amendment change from occurring.
Saturday, December 4th. The annual ALSC Members Only Christmas Party was held this year at the home of Jim and Robyn Todd. Several of the more tenured residents commented frequently on what a wonderful job the Todd’s have done in renovating this house into the exquisite home it is today. The party was well attended by what seemed to be nearly one hundred guests enjoying a full hosted bar, tasty hors d’oeuvres and delicious buffet dinner served by Bakeman’s Restaurant.  The evening included a brief Shore Club meeting to recap the years events, the year’s best and worst list (weather topped both lists!) and recognition of service to Shirley Stevens and selection of Mr. and Mrs. Christmas. The party was scheduled to end at 8:00 PM but the guests were so wrapped up into having fun it was well past that time when the bar was finally shut down and folks began heading home…  “Time really does fly when you’re surrounded by such wonderful neighbors and having the time of your life!” For those of you who attended, we hope you had an equally wonderful time. Photos of the event are available for viewing HERE.  

Holiday Events For This Week

Christmas Tree Lighting: The annual tree lighting ceremony will be held on Thursday, December 2nd at 6:30 PM in Council Chambers at SeaTac City Hall located at 4800 S. 188th Street. What better way to get in the holiday spirit than by bringing your family and friends to help us light this year’s tree? Live musical entertainment will feature crooner Daniel Quintero and the ABC…123 Preschool students. Bring a camera and get your picture taken with Santa. Refreshments will also be available.

Tyee Holiday Bazaar: Gift options galore will be available for purchase at over 150 merchants featuring hand crafted items, collectibles and commercial products.  Shoppers can browse a large selection of fresh cut trees for the perfect Christmas tree to take home for the holidays, have their picture taken with Santa, peruse an array of mouth watering foods to choose from or warm up with steaming hot espresso drink. There’s even a kid’s activity center planned to keep the little shoppers entertained.  Saturday, December 4th, doors open at 9:00 AM.

Members Only Christmas Party: Jim and Robyn Todd will open the doors to their home at 4:00 PM for ALSC members to visit with neighbors, make new acquaintances, and reminisce about all the fun times that were enjoyed during the various club events throughout the past year! Included in the price of admission are hors d’oeuvres, catered Prime Rib and Grilled Salmon dinner, an open bar plus a fun contest to vote for the best dressed couple representing Mr. and Mrs. Christmas.

Stay Tuned for upcoming details on the ALSC Christmas Cruise being held later in the month. If you own a party barge, we would really like to hear from you!  Please email the blog team for more information on how you may help us with this fun event.

December 4th - ALSC Members Only Christmas Party

The Angle Lake Shore Club Board came together on Thanksgiving Eve at the Todd’s Residence to finalize plans for the 2010 Members Only Christmas Party.  Jim and Robyn Todd provided a tour of their lovely home to reveal a wonderful foyer to great incoming guests, capacity to support dining on two floors, two rooms for mingling and visiting with an additional room for the buffet line to serve the catered dinner from.

Later in the evening, the Board and a few extra volunteers painstakingly conducted a blind taste test to help ensure that a perfect crowd pleasing red and white wine choice is offered to guests at the hosted bar. Photos of this tasting may be viewed by clicking here. It certainly appears that no detail, no matter how small, has been overlooked to help ensure only the best experience is delivered for participants the gathering.

Saturday, December 4th beginning at 4:00 PM.  
Hors d’oeuvres will be offered from 4:30 until 5:30
Dinner will be served at 6:00 PM
Festivities will wrap up at 8:00 PM. 
Also, as a reminder, a special prize will be awarded to the couple interpreted as the best representation of “Mr. and Mrs. Christmas”. Please Note: If you haven't yet made your reservations to attend this Holiday Party there are currently a few spaces remaining.  Contact Julie Hill at (206) 355-6460 for more information or bring a completed form with your payment to the party.

Snow Plowing Schedule and Road Closures

Western Washington is certainly experiencing the effects created by the 2010-2011 La Nina Conditions and as a result - it’s probably a good time to inform our blog viewers about the City of SeaTac Snow Plowing Schedule and Road Closures. 

Road Maintenance Officials with the City of SeaTac have compiled a list of priority roads that will be plowed during times of heavy snow and/or icing to assist drivers in safe navigation throughout the city. The following links provide access to the Priority List or a Visual Map detailing which roads will be cleared and de-iced.

As a reminder, the following roads within SeaTac will most likely be closed when unsafe conditions (snow and ice) are present:
  • So. 180th Street east of Military Road So. (aka: Levitz Hill)
  • So. 200th Street west of 28th Ave So
  • 37th Place So east of Military Road So.

Vehicle operators will need to choose alternate routes during times of road closures.  Additional road closure information can be access through the King County Road Alert website.  

Comprehensive Plan Available for Public Review


Only days remain before decisions are expected on the 2010 Comprehensive Plan and the four proposed map amendments.  It appears that amendments 1 – 3 will pass without issue; although some contention still persists with regard to Map Amendment 4.

City Planning Staff recommend approving the zoning change to Industrial in Amendment 4 with certain conditions including a revocation clause. However, impacted neighbors surrounding the property are not pleased with this recommendation and as a result have turned out in droves to voice their opposition at two separate Regular Council Meetings.

The Council is scheduled to deliver a final determination on all items related to the 2010 Comprehensive Plan at the Special Session rescheduled for Monday, November 29th. A copy of the Council Packet containing full details and correspondence letters relating to the Comprehensive Plan is available online now for public review.  A quick overview of Map Amendment 4 is on page 176; complete details starting on page 240; with supporting documents beginning on page 307.  (Note: The “Neighbors For a Better Environment” petition packet was not included in the Council Packet and a copy has since been sent directly to all Council Members).  

Please remember, if you plan to deliver any in person comments to the City Council, you must sign up prior to the start of the 6:00 PM meeting. 

FREE Influenza Shots This Saturday

King County Public Health will offer FREE flu vaccinations for adults and children at Highline Community College in Des Moines this Saturday, Nov. 20th, from 10am to 1pm.

WHAT: FREE Flu Vaccine Clinic (Downloadable Flyer)
WHEN:  Saturday, Nov. 20, 2010 from 10am – 1pm, or until vaccine supply is exhausted.
WHERE: Highline Community College (Student Union Building), located at 2400 S. 240th St., Des Moines, WA 98198.

Influenza spreads readily from person to person in schools, workplaces and homes. Everyone over 6 months of age should get the annual flu vaccine to prevent sickness, unnecessary healthcare visits, hospitalizations and deaths from influenza. Health Department Officials recommend that people receive vaccination doses early as soon as vaccine is available for full protection throughout the flu season. This year, a single flu vaccine will be administered to provide protection against the H1N1 flu virus that caused outbreaks last year and 2 other flu viruses that are expected to cause illness this season. 

Final Determination Expected November 23rd

Only a few days remain before the date when decisions are expected to be made on the 2010 Comprehensive Plan and the four proposed map amendments.  It appears that amendments 1 – 3 will pass without opposition; although some contention still persists with regard to Map Amendment 4.

As reported earlier on this blog site, Map Amendment 4 requests that an revision be made to the city land use master plan to designate the property at 19740 Military Road South from Medium Density Residential to an Industrial zoning. City Planning Staff have recommended approval of the zoning change with certain conditions including a revocation clause. However, impacted neighbors surrounding the property are not pleased with this recommendation and as a result have turned out in droves to voice their opposition at two separate Regular Council Meetings. Additionally, a group identifying themselves as “Neighbors For a Better Environment” had activated an online petition from Nov 2nd to Nov 16th where a total of 63 signatures and various comments were collected to be turned over to the City Council for consideration, plus several flyers have been circulated to impacted neighbors alerting them to a possible change in zoning. The Highline Times has also picked up on this story and has published the following report on the front page of the November 19, 2010 edition.

The Council is scheduled to deliver a final determination on all items related to the 2010 Comprehensive Plan at the next Regular Council Meeting scheduled for Tuesday, November 23rd.   Please remember, if you plan to deliver any in person comments to the City Council, you must sign up prior to the start of the 6:00 PM meeting.  

Tyee Holiday Bazaar December 4th

Kick off the holidays with a visit to the Tyee Holiday Bazaar, recognized as one of the largest annual bazaars in the area. And each year it just keeps getting bigger and better!  
Gift options galore will be available for purchase at over 150 merchants featuring hand crafted items, collectibles and commercial products.  Shoppers can browse a large selection of fresh cut trees to find the perfect Christmas tree to take home for the holidays, have their picture taken with Santa, peruse an array of mouth watering foods to choose from or warm up with steaming hot espresso drink. There’s even a kid’s activity center planned to keep the little shoppers entertained.

All this will take place on one day only:
Saturday, December 4th 
9:00 am until 4:00 pm
Tyee Educational Complex
4424 So. 188th, SeaTac
Admission is Free

ALSC Christmas Party December 4th

The annual Angle Lake Shore Club Christmas Party is scheduled for Saturday, December 4th. If you plan to attend, we ask that you
RSVP no later than Sunday, November 21st.

The Christmas Party is a great opportunity to visit with familiar neighbors, make new acquaintances, and share the fun times that were enjoyed during the various club events throughout the past year! We will be providing a delicious catered Standing Rib Roast and Salmon Dinner with an open bar included in the ticket price of $25 per person. New for this year is a fun contest to vote on the best dressed couple representing Mr. and Mrs. Christmas. Come dressed in your best interpretation of ‘Holiday Spirit’ and if you receive the most votes you’ll be awarded a valuable prize! 
This is a private party for Angle Lake Shore Club Members Only and their guests. If you are not currently an active member, no worries, we are accepting new membership applications alongside Christmas Party ticket purchases. Membership enrollment form along with party times and location detail is available by clicking here.  

Should you have any unanswered questions or if you’d like to assist, please contact your volunteer hostess, Julie Hill at (206) 355-6460. Here’s looking forward to seeing you at 2010 ALSC Christmas Party.  

Regular Council Meeting - November 9th @ 6:00 PM

Several emails have been received indicating some East Lake Neighbors are planning to sign up prior to the 6:00 PM Regular Council Meeting to deliver comments of opposition to the proposed zoning changes included in the Comprehensive Plan Map Amendment 4.

If you have time available, I urge you to join with your neighbors at City Hall this evening to deliver your opinions regarding these changes.  If a previous speaker or two has already stated your same comments, simply take the podium, address the council by identifying yourself, provide your address and state that your are in agreement with the previous comments and that you are opposed to the changes proposed in Map Amendment 4.

If you haven't already signed our online petition, we are still collecting signatures at:

THANK YOU for taking the time necessary to help preserve the quality of our neighborhood.

(The following information was extracted from the City of Seatac Website)
Audience participation is encouraged at all Council Meetings. If you wish to speak, please sign up on the Public Comments sheet located on the table at the entrance of the Council Chambers. Public Comments are solicited by the Mayor at various times during the Council Meeting.

The following suggestions will assist you in presenting precise, well-organized comments:

  • Be courteous and polite.
  • Speaking to the Council: When you are recognized by the Mayor or his/her designee, go to the podium, speak directly into the microphone, state your name, spelling your name, (title and organization, if appropriate), and your address for the record.
  • Purpose: What is the idea you wish to present? Begin with an "I" statement outlining your idea, such as "I am here to support/oppose/call attention to..."
  • Reason: Why are you making this point? This is an important step so the Council is aware of the reasons for your concern.
  • Summary: What condition will be changed or improved if your viewpoint is adopted?
  • Action: State what you would like the City Council to do in response to your viewpoint.

Note: The Mayor may terminate comments that continue beyond the allotted time, constitute a personal attack, are slanderous, or are otherwise inappropriate.

Fall Back to Standard Time

Daylight Saving Time ends this Sunday, November 7 at 2 AM. Remember to set your clocks back one hour before going to bed on Saturday, November 6, else you’ll miss out on that extra hour of sleep!  
In addition to changing your clocks, we’d like to remind you that this is also the perfect time to check your smoke detector batteries and change them if necessary. Smoke detectors that run on 9 volt batteries or hard wired smoke detectors with battery backups need to be changed annually to ensure they will work when you need them. Please avoid tossing the used batteries in the garbage but dispose of the batteries properly by turning in at a Recycling Center near you.

Some facts about smoke detectors:
  • Smoke detectors that are properly installed and maintained play a vital role in saving lives and reducing fire deaths and injuries. 
  • Having a working smoke detector cuts the risk of dying in a home fire by 40-50%. 
  • Numbers of homes with smoke detectors that do not work outnumber homes without smoke detectors at all. 
  • Nearly half of all smoke detectors do not work due to missing or dead batteries.

Signatures Needed for Online Petition Opposing Map Amendment #4

Click the Photo Above to Access the Online Petition
As reported in the prior blog post, a total of 30 signed petitions were turned in on the night of the Comprehensive Plan Open House which indicated the signees were in favor of the proposed Map Amendment #4 changes from Medium Density Residential to Industrial. Reclassifying this parcel to Industrial will provide the property owner, Mr. Lindstrom, the opportunity to proceed ahead with his plan of locating a towing yard operation on the undeveloped portion of 19740 Military Road So.  

An online petition drive opposing the changes proposed in the Comprehensive Plan – Map Amendment #4 has been created by a band of local citizens referring to the group as “Neighbors for a Better Environment”.  The group encourages all impacted residents who oppose the rezoning of this parcel to Industrial to sign the petition online at:  

All signed petitions will be compiled and delivered to City officials prior to the November 23rd Regular Council Meeting where a final decision is expected if approval will be granted for this proposed amendment. 

Comprehensive Planning Update

Photo from David A. Clark Architects, PLLC
Last Tuesday I had attended the Land Use and Planning (LUP) Committee Meeting at City Hall.  My interest was to listen in on a report delivered by Senior Planner Mike Scarey to the LUP Committee providing a recap of the Open House and Public Comment and learn if any decision had been reached pertaining to the Comprehensive Plan amendment proposal for the Lindstrom property along Military Road.

The opening comments delivered by a committee member announced that there were twenty-seven individuals signed up to speak against the Map 4 amendment proposal and only four in favor. It was recognized as being the largest turnout in city history. The slide presentation by Mike Scarey however indicated that only 14 people actually spoke against the proposal and 3 spoke in favor. Mr. Scarey acknowledged the delta between his presentation and the earlier claim and committed to look into the reason for the discrepancy.  Additionally, the presentation indicated that 14 letters were received opposing the proposal whereas 30 signed petitions were submitted stating 'no objection'.  I was surprised to hear that so many residents were in favor of the proposal.

During the time since the meeting, I have had the opportunity to inspect electronic copies of the petitions and have drawn my own conclusion on these documents. I note that over 20% of the petition signatures were obtained from the residents that occupy the complex that Mr. Lindstrom owns; an additional 27% reside outside the impacted area or failed to indicate their current location of residency; and nearly half of the total respondents identified themselves as being non-owners. When considering I had only heard feedback from homeowners within the immediate impacted area and whereas it appears Mr. Lindstrom may have set his focus on a different population set, this has helped me to understand why a difference of opinion may exist regarding the level of acceptance to this particular amendment proposal.
The following scheduled activities will occur at the Regular Council Meetings leading up to the completion of the Comprehensive Plan:
  • November 2nd: Planning Commission will deliver their recommendations to the Council 
  • November 23rd: Council will take action to finalize the Comprehensive Plan 
Public comment is always accepted at the beginning of each Regular Council Meeting provided that you sign up to speak before the meeting begins and comments will be limited to 3 minutes for each speaker.

Moving, Shaking and Shaping Up

A read through the City Manager’s Weekly Update reveals that there are quite a few projects that are either planned, going through permitting or currently under construction within the SeaTac city limits. Actually twenty three major developments plus an additional seven Port of Seattle projects. The full list can be accessed here. The following is a list of changes planned in the Angle Lake area as indicated on the map above:

(Projects Proposed within the next 2-4 Years)
4A. Port of Seattle Consolidated Maintenance Facility
5A. Port of Seattle Consolidated Airport Warehouse Facility
6A. South Employee Parking Lot – Phase I

8. Wally Park 18613 International Blvd.
Construction of a parking structure of approximately 1,600 parking spaces and at least 13,800 sq. ft. of retail/mixed use/service use. Construction is ongoing. Garage screening has been installed

22. Hampton Inn 18850 28th Ave. S.
The property owner has submitted a revised site plan for only one (1) hotel of 220 rooms instead of two hotels. A building permit has been issued. Grading of the site is underway.

9. Patterson Place Mixed Use  3712 S. 188th St.
Proposed mixed use project with 243 Multi Family units and 5,900 sq. ft. of commercial use. Project on hold.

18. Angle Lake Estates  Proposed 10 Lot Subdivision
The SEPA appeal and variance request was denied by the Hearing Examiner. The preliminary plat was approved. The HE decision regarding the preliminary plat has been appealed to the City Council. The appeal has been dropped based upon the signing of a “Settlement Agreement” between the appellant and property owner. The Shoreline Substantial Development Permit (SDP) was issued and approved by the Department of Ecology.

23. Residence Inn Hotel  19518 International Blvd.
Proposed 150 room hotel under site plan review. Council has approved access to the Hotel from the Angle Lake Park access road. Construction is expected to begin in the spring of 2012.

Yard Waste Collection Event and Food Drive

Our mild late summer-like weather may have delayed our seasonal change to fall like conditions – however, the SeaTac yard debris collection event will be held as previously scheduled. Have your grass, leaves and branches composted for free.  Limit 3 vehicle loads per household.  No rocks, sod or dirt.  No materials larger than 4 inches by 8 feet long.  See the event flier for complete details of what is and is not accepted.

Date: 10/23/2010 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Location: Tyee Educational Complex Parking Lot
4424 S. 188th Street
Free to SeaTac residents only; must show proof of residency

Food drive will also be occur during the Yard Debris Collection Event. Bring canned and non-perishable food, diapers, toilet paper, soap, pet food and laundry detergent. Paper bags and monetary donations are welcome too!

Planning Commission Open House and Public Hearing

When: October 19th
Open House: 5:00 - 6:00 PM
Hearing: 6:05 - 7:10 PM
Where: Council Chambers, SeaTac City Hall, 4800 S. 188th Street

The City of SeaTac Planning Commission is hosting an Open House on October 19th from 5:00 – 6:00 PM.  The purpose is to allow city residents an opportunity to review and discuss in detail any of the proposed 2010 Comprehensive Plan Amendments with City Planning Resources.  Of particular note is the proposed impact on the East Lake Residents along Military Road across from Fire Posts 29 – 31 (refer to our previous blog post for additional detail and recorded comments).

The Planning Commission Meeting will begin immediately following the Open House where the scheduled time from 6:05 until 7:10 PM is reserved for Public Hearing which will allow Public Comments regarding revisions to the Comprehensive Plan to be heard during this time. 

We encourage all impacted residents to express their opinions and/or deliver comments to the Planning Commission by sending email to Mike Scarey ( prior to the meeting; by hand delivery of written comment at the Open House; or be verbal delivery during the Public Hearing.  This is your opportunity to let your stance be known before Amendments are approved and finalized.

SeaTac Crime Reporting Website

Knowledge is power. Having knowledge about the latest, up-to-date information regarding police incidents in the area is a powerful tool to help citizens combat crime in their neighborhoods. The SeaTac Police Department and the King County Sheriff's Office have recently begun posting crime incidents onto a new interactive crime information mapping website.  The company contracted to host the site is CrimeReports. Written police reports are logged onto the interactive map, allowing citizens in our community to access and view police incidents in their area.  The site is accessible by clicking here or by entering into your internet browser address bar.
The CrimeReports map displays icons depicting the type of crime having occurred at the indicated location. Some of the icons displayed represent: Theft; Vehicle Theft; Theft from Vehicle; Assault; Robbery; Breaking and Entering (burglary); Drugs; Property Crime; and many others. Clicking the icon will reveal a short description of the incident and even provide the police case number/police agency generating the report.  Users may also generate mapping for a particular location; sort by type of crime; or enter a set period of days. In addition to criminal events, the site displays registered sex offender information generated by the Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs. Clicking on the sex offender icon will open a window with the registered offender’s picture, information and a general block address in the city.

The CrimeReports network offers a suite of easy-to-use software tools empowering police and residents make informed decisions to help improve the safety of their neighborhood and community.

Make a Difference in Your Community

October 23, 2010 marks the 20th anniversary of Make A Difference Day, the nation's largest day of community service where millions of people across the nation will unite in a common mission to improve the lives of others.  Discover how you can join in and truly create change on this historic Make A Difference Day! 

By utilizing the tools and resources provided by USA Weekend and the HandsOn Network, you can search the database to find out about local volunteering opportunities.  Or if service is part of your life blood, become a service leader and lead your family and friends to make an impactful difference in their communities!

To create and register a volunteer project happening on October 23 or join an existing project in your community, visit the
Make A Difference Day website.

Proposed East Lake Zoning Change

The Comprehensive Plan is the City’s “blueprint for future growth and development.” It contains a future land use map, as well as goals and policies that provide guidance to the City as the area grows and changes to meet the challenges of a growing region.
The owner of the undeveloped property at 19740 Military Road (across the street from fire posts 29 through 31) has submitted a proposal to change the SeaTac Comprehensive Plan designation on this parcel from the current Residential Medium Density to that of an Industrial assignment. If the proposed amendment is approved, this will allow a future rezone from UM-3600 to I (Industrial), enabling the property owner to proceed ahead with their plans to develop this land for use as a automobile tow yard.

While the owner’s motive behind this request to develop this parcel into a revenue producing lot is understandable, some area residents are against this proposed rezoning as it does not integrate well with the existing surrounding residential environment.  Other opinions also consider this move would not only place additional traffic on Military Road, but would increase the overall noise level within the neighborhood resulting from normal tow yard operations, in addition to increased levels of Interstate 5 traffic noise as a consequence from the removal of all the trees and natural vegetation that currently dampen the freeway sounds.

The Planning Commission and the City Council will continue to review this proposed amendment during their meetings throughout the fall. The Planning Commission will also hold a Public Hearing on the Final Docket of proposed amendments and host an Open House tentatively scheduled for October 19. Comments from residents (either pro or con) may be submitted via email to Mike Scarey ( prior to the Public Hearing date or delivered in person.  Please note that the Public Hearing date is subject to change, so please call the department of Planning and Community Development at 973.4830 to confirm final meeting dates.

Reminder of Two Upcoming Recycling Events

As the outdoor activities start to wind down, you may find you have a need for some extra storage space to  store all the new water toys you’ve accumulated over the summer.  If you have some no longer used appliances hanging around taking up valuable space, why not consider gathering them up along with any other scrap metals, batteries, and tires and disposing of them at no charge during the Special Recycling Event being held on Saturday, October 9th from 9:00 am until 3:00 pm at the Tyee Educational Complex on 188th street. Refrigerators and freezers will also be accepted with payment of a $20 disposal fee per item. This event is open to all King County Residents.

Then, just in time to assist  getting rid of all the yard waste that is generated from fall storms – the City of SeaTac will host the annual Fall Yard Debris Collection Event at the Tyee Education Complex on Saturday, October 23rd from 9:00 am until 3:00 pm.  The event site will accept up to 3 vehicle loads per household of yard organics which includes grass, leaves, branches and prunings. Please note that rocks, sod, dirt or materials larger than 4 inches wide and 8 feet long will not be accepted.  The Yard Waste Collection Event is open to Citizens of SeaTac only, Proof of Residency is required.

These (mostly) free events are being produced the City of SeaTac in partnership with Washington State Dept. of Ecology; King County Solid Waste Division and the local Hazardous Waste Management Program in King County. We recommend that you mark these events on your calendar so that you don’t miss the opportunity to take advantage of these beneficial services!

An Easier Way To Get Your ALSC News!

The Blog Team has implemented a new method which we hope will make it easier for you to obtain the latest ALSC news.  Receiving new posts delivered directly to your email inbox couldn't be easier!  Located on the upper right side of this page, you'll see a new menu option titled "Subscribe Via Email!"  Simply fill in your preferred email address and choose Subscribe. A new window will popup asking you to confirm your Email Subscription Request by requiring you to type a short string of characters displayed in the window - then choose Complete Subscription Request.  Shortly thereafter, you should receive a confirmation email in your inbox for you to acknowledge that you are indeed the individual interested in signing up for email feeds (this prevents "fre-nemies" from signing up for you!)

That is all there is to it. When complete, each time a new post is created on the Blog, an email will be sent to you containing the context of the post. Your individual experience may vary determined browser, email client and settings: If you have an HTML capabilities set your email should look similar to this html presentation; esle if you are set to receive only text your email should look similar to this text only presentation.   If a post is not created that day, no email will be sent - only when posts are created will you receive an email notification.  I hope you try this new feature and find it useful.

It’s a Wrap! 2010 Outdoor Activities Complete

Tonight, September 24th proved to be a perfect evening for our final Friday Evening Two-Hour Social in the middle of the “L’.  The temperature was t-shirt mild and the skies were nice and clear allowing full visibility to the glowing Harvest Moon with Venus shining brightly off to the side.

Captains Pickett, Bryant and Todd tied their party barges together to create a nice flotilla for family and residents to gather together to share hors d’oeuvres, drinks and reflect on the highly successful 2010 outdoor activities hosted by the Angle Lake Shore Club.  Reminiscing about the good times had at the Fishing Derby where  over 100 residents gathered to compete in capturing the largest fish from the lake while also reeling in some excellent raffle prizes;  the outstanding July Fourth races which included running, swimming, boating and culminated with a fantastic Fireworks show enjoyed by lakeside residents and residents from all over our South Sound Communities who gathered at Angle Lake Park for viewing; the Tasty Tapas where participation expanded to over 150 participants for eats, drinks and some unexpected entertainment; and finally a couple of new firsts – the Angle Lake Horse N’ Around Classic games and the weekly two hour social itself.

With this final Friday in September, the Shore Club concludes the 2010 outdoor activity for the season, almost.  Our next planned outdoor activity is scheduled for Mid to Late December when we are hoping for increased participation in the Christmas Cruise by encouraging residents to outfit their Party Barge or other boat with Christmas lights and decorations and join together to circle the lake to help spread holiday cheer with residents along the lake shore.  ALSC will then finish out the year by bringing it indoors at the Todd residence (Post 78) site of our Members Only Annual Christmas Party on December 4th further details will be supplied as we approach this date.  

We hope that you had an opportunity to join in and enjoy one or more of these events this year! If so, the Board Members would appreciate if you would comment on your experience.  Your comments will reassure the ALSC leadership is delivering quality entertainment for our lake community residents.  Your positive comments will help insure we continue doing the right things and we welcome any constructive criticism that may support additional improvements to make this the best community for us to continue to call home.  

Help Needed to Reunite Injured Pet with Owner

Last night a call was received from Officer Kruger with the SeaTac Police Department.  She reported that she had been flagged down by a couple of teenagers to report a car driving down 188th in front of Tyee HS had hit a small dog and failed to stop.  The injured animal was located by the officer and brought to a vet in Burien for emergency services.  Officer Kruger indicated that the dog received significant injury to the rear leg and if it cannot be fixed they may have to amputate the leg.  Fortunately the dog had a micro chip implanted so she was able to get the names of the last registered owner.  Having concern for the dogs well being, she was hoping that a Shore Club member may know who the owner so the dog may be returned to them.

The chip listed two potential owners: Kevin Kersten and a Walt Williams.  The dog’s name is listed as ‘Peety’ and is a 5-6 year old rusty brown Pomeranian.  Again the dog was hit on the north side of South 188th near Tyee High School.  Officer Kruger can be reached at (206) 973-4915.  

Horse N Around Race A Huge Win!

The weather leading up to Race Day wasn't looking real promising, that and we had to scramble at the last minute to recreate plans to bring our wagering back into compliance with the law...
It truly seemed like the ODDS were not in our favor!

As morning broke on Saturday, a heavy mist hung low over the lake and it appeared like everything was going to be a real soaker again that day but then, the skies began to clear and the lake was springing to life as party barges, boats and neighbors from all around began to converge onto Jones Beach for what was to turn out to be a highly successful first of it's kind event on the lake!

Judging the positive response from each of the nearly one hundred participants and spectators, I am confident we'll see this event returning again next year!  Watch for the Fall Quarter Newsletter for more details. 
Team Chum Salmon agree that this event turned out to be a Number One draw for 2010. Additional event photos may be viewed here.

Angle Lake Is Once Again Safe!

Thanks to the efforts of one (1) concerned citizen the
Angle Lake Community is deemed SAFE again. 

After contacting Seatac Police; the State Gaming Commission and the Liquor Control Board, a self appointed anonymous public servant was successful in creating a slight disruption in plans for the Angle Lake Shore Club Classic Horse N Around Race. Contrary to what the board interpreted as acceptable gaming, the type of wagering planned was eventually determined to be valid only on Washington State Golf Courses and has now been confirmed as non-compliant with state gaming restrictions - (editorial opinion: Golfers must have better lobbyist than lake shore residents!). Therefore, the planned PARA-MUTUAL wagering system will no longer be included in this event.  We will however maintain an atmosphere of competitive betting by employing ‘monopoly’ money where all spectators will be provided an equal amount of ‘play’ currency so that spectators may still bet however they desire among the favored teams.  Instead of cash payouts, we will be awarding a very nice prize to the person who at the end of the race manages to accumulate the most currency from the original amount of ‘play’ money issued. We apologize for any disappointment these changes may cause for people who were looking forward to the wagering part of this event.

In a statement received by ALSC President Lonnie Goulett, he confirms "there is never an intent of the ALSC to organize any event that is illegal or is offensive to our members. It is our hope that in the future, if an event is considered offensive, inappropriate or questionable by anyone in our community, that the offended individual(s) approach the ALSC board first with their concerns so that we may have an opportunity to resolve said concerns - rather than the individual discretely register complaints with the authorities at the last minute. The ALSC Board is first and foremost concerned about maintaining the integrity and sense of community, probably more so than your local civil servants will be. Please bare in mind that the board are elected representatives of YOUR Shore Club, consisting of residents that voluntarily work very hard to keep our social club fresh and fun and encourage other residents to become more involved with your Shore Club to help us keep improving our events."

Even with these minor changes, it is evident that there will still be plenty of fun and entertainment offered. We hope that you can come join us for a day at the 'Races' this Saturday.

Angle Lake Classic Horse 'N' Around Race

This Saturday, September 18th is the date for the first ever Angle Lake Classic Horse N Around Race at Jones Beach starting at 11:00 AM and running until 5:30 PM.  Tuesday Evening, the ALSC Board Members met to discuss the final plans and preparations for the Classic Horse N Around Race.  Co-conspirators Jim and Judy informed the Board that the competing team registration was now closed with a total of ten teams filed and two more teams waiting in reserve.  The teams to compete will include the 'Try Babes'; Miss Behavin; and Chum Salmon.
The Board also enjoyed a preview of the games to be staged - games titled Build & Destroy; Suck It Up and People Fishing Derby. Let me tell you! These games are going to be as much fun to watch as they are going to be to compete in!  Should workout to be a great time for all involved.

Keep watching this space for further event details as a full list of team names and bios will be posted on Thursday.

Sitting in the Middle of 'L'

For the third straight Friday in a row, residents met in the middle of the 'L' to share snacks and refreshments - and a little bit about themselves with their neighbors in an effort to become better acquainted with each other.
The weather couldn't have been better for this late summer (albeit more akin to early fall) evening... the temperature was mild and the clouds parted for a nice late evening glow as TaniRae and her husband Johnathan joined with Jim, Bruce, Kathy, Julie and Fuzz for sharing the most favorite instances from the recent Tapas event and divulging predictions for the upcoming 'Horsing Around Race' scheduled for next weekend the 18th!

There's just two more planned Fridays's left for the lake social, look forward to meeting you out there!

Coyote Sightings Around The Lake

Neighbors have reported seeing coyotes, and possibly fox, in and around the yards bordering the shores of Angle Lake.  Please observe the following recommendations to assist in coexisting with coyotes in our area.

Do not feed coyotes
Coyotes in the urban environment have an adequate food supply and are capable of surviving in this environment without our help. In fact, by feeding coyotes you put yourself, your neighborhood and the coyote at risk. A coyote that becomes dependent on humans for food may become too bold around humans, bite someone and have to be destroyed.

Report aggressive coyotes
Aggressive coyotes should be immediately reported to the City of Seatac Police Department at 206.296.3311. If a coyote behaves aggressively toward humans, it will be removed from the neighborhood.

Be prepared!
If you are concerned about encountering an aggressive coyote, you may want to keep a deterrent handy. Deterrents can include rocks, pots and pans, tennis balls, tin cans filled with nails or coins to make loud noise and a super-soaker filled with vinegar.

If a coyote approaches you:
  • Appear to be as Big, Mean and Loud as possible
  • Make yourself appear larger (stand up if sitting)
  • Wave your arms, throw objects (not food) at the coyote and use your deterrent
  • Shout in a deep, loud and aggressive voice
  • If the coyote continues to approach, DO NOT RUN or turn your back on the coyote. Continue to exaggerate the above gestures while maintaining eye contact and moving toward an area of human activity

Keeping our pets safe. Recognizing the risk is the first step toward preventing conflict between coyotes and your pet. Coyotes will prey on outdoor cats and small dogs. Pets have been reportedly taken from backyards, open spaces and even right off the leash. There are, however, some things you can do to reduce the risk to your pets:

If you own a cat: The only way to guarantee your cat’s safety is to keep it indoors. Removing coyote attractants from your yard and neighborhood will reduce the probability of a coyote visiting your home. Outdoor cats face potential death from cars, diseases, parasites, raccoons and dogs, in addition to coyotes.

If you own a small dog: If you are aware of coyotes in your neighborhood, you can greatly reduce the risk of conflict if you:
  • Keep your dog on a short leash while outside and avoid extension leashes
  • Supervise your dog when it is off-leash in the yard
  • Walk your dog at times and places that coincide with high pedestrian traffic
  • Keep your dog in front of you; if your dog stops, keep an eye on it
  • Dog walk with other people 

If you own a large dog: Coyotes pose less risk to medium-to large-sized dogs. Keep large dogs on leash, except in designated areas, and discourage your dog from feeling comfortable with coyotes by preventing it from “playing” or interacting with a coyote.

Who Would Wants Dick's In Our Neighborhood???

Dick’s Drive-In plans to open its first new location in the Seattle area since when they last opened the resteraunt at the bottom of Queen Anne Hill way back in 1974.
The restaurant chain is considering locations within the city of Seattle and outside the city, and customers can vote on where the restaurant should be built at the company’s website.  Dick’s is allowing voters to choose from three potential new drive-in locations: North (Shoreline, Mountlake Terrace, Lynnwood, Edmonds, South Everett); South (West Seattle, South Seattle, Renton, Burien, SeaTac, Tukwila); and East (Bellevue, Redmond, Kirkland, Bothell, Mercer Island, Issaquah, Sammamish).

“We are very excited to make this historic expansion after 36 years. And we want to involve our customers and the community, asking everyone to help us find the best location for our next restaurant," said Jim Spady, vice president of Dick’s Drive-Ins and son of co-founder Dick Spady, in a statement.

The first place tally at the time of this writing was 40% North with 44012 votes versus South at 40% with 44391 votes!  If you are a fan of Dick's Drive in and would like to see an outlet in one of our Southend Neighborhoods - please go to the site and VOTE! and encourage your friends and family to do the same!

Who Will Win The Top Prize of $450.00?!

AND ......     THEIR OFF!!!
Sound familiar?  Well on September 18th from 11:00 am to 5:00 pm we have a day at the races planned for your enjoyment as kind of our ‘farewell to summer’ picnic and lakeside community social.  

We’ve talked about it, planned for it and now within just a few short weeks members and guests alike will be able to participate in our ANGLE LAKE CLASSIC ‘HORSE ‘N’ AROUND RACE’ where 10 'horses', or teams will compete for a total purse of $750.00.  A total of up to 10 teams, after paying an entry fee of $50 per team, will begin competing in the first of five various events designed to eliminate one or more teams per event until only 3 teams remain to compete in the last event to share in a total purse of $750.00 paid out to our WIN ($450), PLACE ($225) and SHOW ($75) finishers.   Teams may sign up by contacting Lonnie Goulet at (206) 878-8306.

And the fun isn't limited to just those competing.  For everyone who wants to not only cheer your favorite team on, you will also have the opportunity to place a wagers on any of the teams with our volunteer resident 'bookie'.  Bets will be taken before race day over the phone by Julie Hill at (206) 355-6460 and also on the day of the event, beginning at 11:00 am, at our betting booth where odds will be posted every 15 minutes up until race time.  Sorry but you must be 21 or older to place wagers.

In addition to team competitions and friendly wagering, we’ll be serving up hamburgers and hot dogs all day along with other tasty side dishes.  Plus there will be a non-hosted bar where you can purchase your drink of choice, including non alcoholic beverages for the kids. 

Event location will be announced within the week, along with the teams and their number assignments.  If you're interested in volunteering to help there will be a need for judging, cooking (hamburgers and hotdogs), food service, event setup, etc.  Call Lonnie Goulet for more details. 

For the "L" of it!

During the August 25th ALSC Board Members Meeting, filed under new business, Vice President Jim Todd submitted the following proposal for a new (old?) Lake Community Social Hour:
Each Friday evening through the month of September between the hours of 6 and 8 PM, we'd like to invite anyone interested to grab their choice of refreshing beverage(s); any snacks they care to share and steer their watercraft out to the center of the lake for a two hour social.  Weather permitting, of course.

Please leave a comment about this idea, else come on out and introduce yourself to whoever may be anchored out there in the middle of the "L". Party barges and their captains are especially encouraged to join in making a  floatilla!

Children's Theater in the Park

Miss Dolly is one of the biggest longhorn cowfish and sea horse ranchers in Starfish Canyon. But times have been hard and she’s had one problem after another. Now Miss Dolly is up to her gills in debt to the shady banker, Morrie Eel. Can Sheriff Trey Triggerfish save the day?  Kids can find out in “Showdown at Starfish Canyon” by Last Leaf Theater Productions on stage at Angle Lake Park this Saturday at 1:00 pm.

The show is approximately 45 minutes in length and will be followed by a brief visit with the actors to sign autographs or answer questions. The plays are interactive and appropriate for young audiences between ages three and twelve - but are designed to engage and entertain parents and older children as well.  Come enjoy live theater in the park with your family.