A Polar Plunge in 2021?

“Is the New Year’s Day Polar Plunge happening this year?” The short answer is no…  and yes. 

Some of us around here like to ring in the New Year with a brisk (OK – freezing, freaking cold) dip in Angle Lake. However, due to the current COVID-19 public health emergency, and social distancing protocols, pursuant to the Governor’s and public health officials’ orders and acting with abundant caution, the Shore Club is not organizing a plunge event for 2021.


However, an unsponsored, informal Polar Plunge at Angle Lake Manor Beach will still take place. Several of our regular ‘die-hard’ participants are determined not to go a year without their New Year’s Polar Plunge. As one planned participant stated "Please let it be clear we are independent of any organization and NOT the organizers of this event." 

If you decide to do so, there is an open invitation for you to join them for the HIGH NOON plunge. Otherwise, you are encouraged to consider dropping off non-perishable foodstuff and/or cash donations from 11:00 am until 12:30 pm to benefit our local food bank 

Angle Lake Manor Beach 
New Years Day, January 1st
Food Bank Contributions accepted 11:00 am -12:30 pm
Plunge at High Noon, 12:00 pm

SeaTac Police Department Seeks Volunteers

 No response is a response. Either you’re not interested or you don't care. 

This month, the King County Sheriff’s Office notified all contract cities, including the City of SeaTac, that it is seeking help in filling positions on the Independent Investigation Team (IIT) with Non-Law Enforcement Community Representatives as part of fulfilling the requirements of Initiative 940

To provide some background, Washington’s Law Enforcement Training and Community Safety Act (LETCSA) requires that an independent investigation team (IIT) investigate the use of force by a police officer when it results in death, substantial bodily harm, or great bodily harm. The goal is to enhance accountability and increase trust between law enforcement and the community. The objective is to have an IIT stood up and engaged in the event of an incident as described above and will conduct an investigation in the same manner as a criminal investigation. 

The IIT will consist of qualified and certified law enforcement investigators and at least two non-law enforcement community representatives. Because they will need to respond to each event regardless of the time of day or day of the week, a pool of community representatives will be needed to ensure at least two are available 24/7. The IIT will operate completely independently of any involved agency’s administrative investigation to conduct criminal investigations of police use of deadly force incidents.  If an independent investigation is required, individuals will be selected from the roster to serve on the IIT for that specific incident. This is a non-paid volunteer position with a term of four (4) years. 

Responsibilities of the Community Representatives include:
  • Willingness to serve as a community representative, when called upon, after an officer-involved use of deadly force.
  • Participate in the selection of IIT certified law enforcement investigators.
  • Attend any relevant orientation or training related to the position, which will be provided at no expense. These will be coordinated between the City and KCSO.
  • Pass background and conflict-of-interest checks.
  • Review and sign a confidentiality agreement before being appointed to any IIT.
  • Attend any IIT briefings.
  • Review the investigative file when completed.
  • Review media communications and press releases prior to their release.

If you are interested in further information about the Independent Investigation Team volunteer opportunities or to apply, please refer to the City of SeaTac Webpage at: https://www.seatacwa.gov/government/city-departments/city-manager/citizen-representatives-needed-for-internal-investigative-team

The City of SeaTac will begin review of applications on January 4, 2021.

The Angle Lake Shore Club Needs a New Leader!

With both sadness and gratitude, we must announce that our intrepid leader of the last 13 years, Lonnie Goulet, has decided to resign as president of the shore club. 

I ask everyone to remember his vibrant, creative years at our helm. So much of what the club has achieved in the last baker’s dozen years came from Lonnie’s enthusiasm and drive and his willingness to go the extra mile. We can’t replace that but ask you to consider whether you might take a shot at leading the club into the next exciting era.

There is not another Lonnie but we know there is someone in our club able to step into his shoes. Just bring your own socks. The rest of the board will remain intact and able to ease the transition for our next President. We ask you to think about whether you’d enjoy putting your mark on the festivities the club organizes around our lake. Perhaps you have ideas for new events of interest. Maybe you want to make sure that the fireworks, fishing derby, Tapas, et al continue on for all to enjoy. Maybe it’s just your time to give back your energy to our great community. If so please step up!!

The duties of the president include chairing our board meetings - about 8-10 each year (in non-covid years), presiding at the Christmas Party and other events, and organizing things like the fireworks. Having some organization skills would be good since someone has to keep us on track. Lonnie did hold the presidency for 13 years but if our next leader only stays a couple years that’s ok too. It’s a fun group to work with and we’d love to see what happens when you put your stamp on our club. So, old or young, woman, man, doesn’t matter - just a little leadership to help our community stay vibrant.

If you have questions or would like to discuss possibilities please shoot me an email at  jimmijett@gmail.com and let’s talk. We’d love to see where you take us next!

Jim Todd

The Only Thing Constant Is Change

You’ve noticed the “For Sale” sign go up next door and days later it now has a “Sold” banner attached, so you know it won’t be long until new neighbors will be moving in. 

Welcoming these new neighbors to the area is not only a nice gesture, but it’s a great way to help them feel welcome. Creating friendships with new neighbors is beneficial in several ways, including the fact that you’ll be able to watch out for the security of each other, your homes, and your surroundings. 

While the COVID-19 epidemic has forced the Shore Club to suspend all future events and activities until restrictions have been lifted, it is still our desire to welcome new neighbors as they move into our community. The club requests your assistance to help us become informed when new neighbors move in.  

Please send us the house address; occupant names; phone number and/or email address to anglelakesc@gmail.com or request they email us directly.  We can then arrange for a way to present them with a Shore Club style welcome sharing detail about our neighborhood organizations and information about the community they are now calling home.  

We continue to look forward to the time when long-standing neighbors can gather with new during the return of our annual Angle Lake Shore Club events. 

Second Attempt at a Second Event

Back in August, we were treated to a wonderful evening featuring our favorite retro classic rock-n-roll music performed on the lake by Steve Olson. Neighbors came in boats and on floats and drifted all about Lisa and Bill Edward’s dock enjoying all the hit tunes. Many begged for Steve to come back and plans had been set for a repeat performance back in early September! But alas, this is 2020 after all and the event was forced to cancel due to the unhealthy air conditions created by the wildfire smoke drifting up from Oregon and California. 

It is with great pleasure that we can now announce that Steve Olson is scheduled to make his return to the lake for a second concert this Friday, October 2nd! The weather promises to be warm and seeing one another floating around at a safe distance will be wonderful. Come out and join us for one last hoorah on the lake before the fall weather sets in. 

The music will start before 5 pm and go to 7 pm Friday, October 2nd. The location is the 7th house east of the Angle Lake Public Park on the north shore of the lake. Donations are encouraged. Cash will be accepted at the concert or can be made electronically at https://venmo.com/firemanoly.

Share Your Experience and Talents

You have your own unique set of skills, knowledge, and experience. Sharing knowledge and experience can foster vision in others and strengthen personal relationships. 

When you share with others, it helps deepen your own knowledge and engrains what you know. New conversations and opportunities can arise just from that gesture, offering even more opportunities to grow. Volunteering on a City Advisory Committee provides a great opportunity to share!

Citizen Advisory Committees

While there may be many different reasons why an individual might want to join a citizen advisory board, our committee volunteers seem to all share the same interest in getting involved in both local politics and the issues facing their community.

Citizen advisory boards serve a number of purposes including allowing for an in-depth examination of issues. Also having volunteer citizens involved in the decision process, citizen advisory boards can act as a conduit to communicate the thoughts and ideas held by the community members to their local government officials. 

Recognizing the broad diversity that comprises our community, the goal of our citizen advisory committees is to recruit members from the full spectrum of the city with different backgrounds and experiences who may bring a broad range of ideas and expertise to public decision making. Doing so further enhances the deliberative nature of the local government. 

In addition to opportunities to share personal experiences to influence decisions on local issues, committee members may learn or improve their leadership skills and can be used as a way to obtain the first experience in politics and government. This affords citizens the opportunity to experience political life without having to run for office.

Apply Today!

The City of SeaTac is seeking to fill open seats on a limited number of citizen advisory committees. Applications will be accepted up to close of business at 5:00 PM on Monday, September 28.

The following positions are accepting applications:
  • Community Services Advisory Committee (1 position)
  • Arts, Culture, and Library Advisory Committee (3 positions)
  • Senior Citizen Advisory Committee (1 position, age 55 or older)
  • Sidewalk Advisory Committee (1 position)

If you are interested in learning more, please refer to the city website or contact the city clerk at 206.973.4661 or cityclerk@seatacwa.gov

UPDATE: Music Performance is CANCELLED


As you have probably already guessed, the live performance scheduled for today is CANCELED due to our current weather conditions. It saddens all of us that this is necessary but out of concern for our family, friends and neighbors health - it is the appropriate decision.

Let's hope for RAIN, but let's also hope that it is just long enough to freshen the environment so that we can go back to enjoying the glorious remaining summer days while they last!

Take care, enjoy your weekend.


Join us again lakeside in front of Bill and Lisa Edwards home in the North End of the Western Leg of Angle Lake for an encore performance by Steve Olsen this Friday, Sept 11th from 5 to 7 PM.

Due to popular demand and numerous requests received, Steve Olson (aka: “FiremanOly”) will be back at the Edwards Dock this Friday, Sept 11th, for sunset music on the lake from 5-7 pm. Come join waterside... swim up, float up, paddle up or boat up for a great time spent with neighbors out on the lake, enjoying some great tunes together.

Donations are greatly appreciated and can be made via the Venmo Application sent to @firemanoly or placed in the floating hat that will be passed around...thanks for supporting local musicians and let’s hope this continues to bring other great talents onto the lake again soon. 

SPECIAL NOTE: In honor of Patriot Day, we are encouraging all attendees to consider wearing Red, White, or Blue clothing and/or fly the American Flag in memory of the people killed in the September 11 attacks of the year 2001.

Community Conversation with the Council

Your SeaTac City Council will be hosting a Town Hall style community meeting with a focus on Public Safety. All SeaTac Residents are invited to attend to share comments; ideas; express concerns; or get questions addressed.

Date: 09/01/2020 
Time: 5:00 PM - 6:30 PM  
Location: *Virtual Meeting*

This event will be conducted online only and moderated by City Manager Carl Cole. Below is useful information on how to connect and ground rules for participation. Please note this meeting will be audio recorded

How to Join the Meeting:

Join via the video enabled application using your computer, tablet or smartphone: 
Or join via voice only bridge using your telephone: 
1 (872) 240-3212 / Access Code: 178-731-909

Ground Rules for Meeting Participation:  

  • Participants will be called upon to speak by the meeting facilitator. The “Chat” feature in GoToMeeting will be used to create the queue of speakers. Type “me” in the chat to indicate you’d like to speak.
  • The facilitator will call upon participants in the order received. When called upon, please unmute yourself to speak and mute again once finished. The facilitator will do their best to keep the conversation flowing with one person speaking at a time so all can be heard. 
  • The chat feature will be used solely to create the queue. The facilitator will not have the capacity to monitor and respond to chat messages.  
  • Please keep your microphone muted unless called upon by the facilitator. This greatly improves the virtual meeting experience.
  • Participants are asked to conduct themselves in a respectful manner and refrain from using profanity.
  • All remarks shall be civil and respectful in tone and content.
  • Individuals continually disrupting the meeting may be muted or removed from the virtual meeting by the facilitator.  If muted by the facilitator, please do not unmute your microphone unless called upon. 
  • If there are continued disruptions, the meeting may be recessed or adjourned.

New to the GoToMeeting platform?  Get the App at:  https://global.gotomeeting.com/install/

Sunday Music Lake Fest - August 30th

William & Lisa Edwards welcome musician Steve Olson for a live performance concert to benefit a local artist that has been impacted by the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic and resulting restrictions. 

Olson will be playing Baby Boomer Favorites from 3 until 6 pm. Bill and Lisa wish to extend an invite to boat or float over and anchor up at a socially safe distance to listen and enjoy the performance. Donations are welcomed and can be sent with secured payment through Venmo at https://venmo.com/firemanoly

The Edwards home is located at the northwest corner of the east-west leg of Angle Lake. Please contact William Edwards at 206 255 8421 to get questions answered or to address any concerns.

A copy of the flyer is available for download by clicking HERE.

Sunday Evening Jazz at the Lake

As Summer continues to heat up and more Angle Lake residents take to the lake to cool off, Rick Butler and Melissa Mager extend an offer to float in and chill out. 

Floating Jazz Night
Sunday, August 23
6:00 pm to 8:00 pm

Rick and Melissa will be hosting a live jazz performance by The Kelley Johnson and John Hansen quartet at their lakeside home located at Post #38. 

All are invited to FLOAT in front of their home in boats, kayaks, on paddleboards, or any other type of floatation device to enjoy the music from a safe and healthy distance from both the musicians and each other. Between sets, Rick and Melissa will be paddling among the “floaters” selling CDs and collecting donations for the musicians. 

About the performers:

Kelley Johnson is an international award-winning jazz singer who has headlined in NYC at Birdland, Jazz Standard, Tanglewood, and Dizzy's Coca-Cola. With warm and intimate phrasing, she draws from The Great American Songbook and rivets your attention to the lyric with storytelling, subtlety, soulfulness, and swing.

"Highly talented, unassuming, and offering his best effort in every musical situation, John Hansen is a versatile sideman, accompanist, and soloist who's a valued part of several top recording and performing jazz groups." Jim Wilke, KPLU Jazz Northwest

We hope you will enjoy this evening of jazz with Kelly & John as much as we will. If the weather does not permit a performance on 8/23, the event will be rescheduled.

MISSING: Have You Seen Balldwin?

Earlier in the week, Angle Lake residents Richard and Robin Farmer noticed a yellow and white inflatable beach ball hanging out on their shore. Upon closer inspection, they discovered the following message displayed: 

“Hi, I’m Balldwin and I’m visiting Angle Lake this summer.  Please send a message with your name, dock number, and perhaps a photo to anglelakesc@gmail.com saying I visited you, and then set me free to visit others around the lake.  You can follow my progress on the Angle Lake Blog Site.” 

Enthusiastically respecting Balldwin’s wishes, the Farmers posed for a photo with their guest and submitted a notice to us here at the blog before sending him on his way to visit other neighbors around the lake. However, that is the last we’ve heard from Balldwin.

If you’ve spotted Balldwin recently, please take your own photo with him, include your location details and send us an email letting us know he’s doing well... before turning him loose again to continue his random journey around the lake.  

A Good Vibe Attracts A Great Tribe

SeaTac based art-focused non-profit VibeHunters was formed by a couple of your Angle Lake neighbors, Bruce Bryant and Jim Todd. Their mission is to make SeaTac a more fun and vibrant place to call home through expanding art and creativity in town. The organization currently has two projects underway with ideas coming together for more.

You may have seen signs around for the SeaTac ArtAttack! contest encouraging residents of our town to create yard art installations all over the city. Quite a few entries have been received already and there is hope for a bunch more by the time the contest ends on Labor Day. Please consider joining in by making something fun at your place, or even at your neighbor’s yard.

The second project that is also in the works involves placing art in a location along South 188th Street. VibeHunters has received a grant from 4Culture, the King County arts organization, for an amount of $4500 to go toward the project. A well known local artist has been hired to conceive, build, and install this art piece and it will be exciting to see it go in! 

Our original budget for this piece was $8500 and we’d love to come near that figure to have local art we can be proud of. So, I’m here to ask our neighbors for donations to support this project and perhaps even start to fund future artistic endeavors. We’ve raised $600 so far and hope to fully fund this installation soon.

We’re thinking that since there was no annual fireworks display this year, instead of having your unallocated 2020 budgeted fireworks dollars just lying around unused, perhaps you’d consider contributing them to our 188th Street Art Project instead? VibeHunters is a registered non-profit so any donations are eligible for a tax deduction. 

You could send checks to:
3430 S 198th St
SeaTac, WA 98188

We love our neighbors and hope that with your support we can bring a little excitement to town! Visit our website at vibehunters.org 

Jim & Bruce

Neighborhood Spotlight: Pat Johns

Angle Lake Neighbor Pat Johns inducted into Bowlers Hall of Fame (again!)

It is our honor to announce to you that this year, 2020, Pat Johns, owner of HiLine Lanes, has been inducted into the Washington State Bowling Association’s Hall of Fame in recognition for his many accomplishments in the Bowling Industry!

Pat and Valerie purchased Burien’s HiLine Lanes in 1994.  Pat also is the resident Pro, drilling bowling balls and giving lessons. Prior to that, he was the Pro at Skyway Park Bowl from 1978-1993.

Pat has a multitude of accomplishments in the bowling community. Among the most notable:
  • Over 20 “800” series for 3 games.  The highest was 845 in 1986. That same year, Valerie had a 777.  Husband and wife held the high series for men and women in the Greater Seattle Bowling Association that year.  Pat also had an 814 in a 2011 “Sport League”.  That’s a 271 average for 3 games. Sport Leagues are leagues that put out a much more difficult lane oil pattern to make the league more competitive like the Pro Bowlers’ Tour.
  • Over 60 “300” games throughout Pat’s career.
  • 1973 Made the final 24 in the Pro Bowlers’ Assn. Seattle Open at just 19 years old.
  • 1982 Took 2nd Place in the first ever Las Vegas High Roller Tournament and receiving a prize award totaling $105,000.00
  • 1985 Won the Greater Seattle Masters Tournament.
  • 1995 Won the National Bowling Tournament’s Team Event 
  • 2005 Won the Greater Seattle City “All Events”.  Highest score Team, Doubles, Singles combined.
  • 2006 Won the Greater Seattle Senior (50+) Masters Tournament
  • 2017 Won a Pro Bowlers’ Regional Senior (50+) Tournament
Pat has been named Greater Seattle bowler of the year 3 times. 1985, 2005, 2006. He also has been on the Seattle All-Star team most of the years of his career.

If that weren’t enough! Pat is an inductee in several Halls of Fame over the years.
  • 2005 Greater Seattle Bowling Association Hall of Fame
  • 2009 Western Washington Senior Bowling Association Hall of Fame
  • 2015 Washington Bowling Coaches Association Hall of Fame
  • 2020 Washington State Bowling Association Hall of Fame
If you’ve ever aspired to become a better bowler, there’s no better champion we can think of to receive tips, pointers, and lessons than from your own neighbor, Pat Johns at HiLine Lanes! Give him a call (206) 244-2272 and see how he can help improve your game.

In Loving Memory of our Dear Neighbor Helen Svenson

A big ray of sunshine has left Angle Lake with the passing of a beautiful neighbor and friend to all, our dear Helen Svenson. Helen passed from this world into the loving arms of Jesus on July 16, 2020.

Helen was born June 30, 1931, in Centralia, Washington, where she lived for 18 years. After graduating from Centralia High School, she followed her future husband, Sven Svenson, to the University of Washington. They were married in 1950.  After Sven graduated they moved to White Center, then, in succession, bought a small house at Star Lake, a house in Des Moines, and then, in 1965, a beach cabin on Angle Lake, which over many years was transformed into the lovely place it is now. Sven enjoyed the home he built until he passed away in 1999.

Helen really loved living on the lake and the people of the Angle Lake community, attending the many fun events over the years.

Helen bore Sven three sons, Steve, Russ, and Craig. They are all happily married to Merry, Diane, and Marla. Grandchildren include Melissa, Tyler, Michael, Cynthia, Craig, and Mark. Lately, she especially enjoyed her great-grandchildren Raven, Justice, Aiden, Sophia, Lily, Miller, Emelia, Quinn, Mitchell, and Killian.

On Thursday, July 30, a viewing will be held at the Newell Hoering Mortuary in Centralia at 9 am, to be followed by a family graveside service at Claquato Cemetery in Chehalis.

Saturday, July 25th - Nothing is for Sale

Our Angle Lake neighborhood in SeaTac is having an “Everything Is Free” Sale
They are saving you a trip to Goodwill and offering protection from talking and exchanging money by simply placing donations on the curbs along the street in front of select area homes from 10a to 4p on Saturday, July 25th.  

Please no early comers. ONLY take items set out by the curb labeled FREE. 

The event shall be central to the Manor Club Loop on South 192nd and South 194th Streets between 33rd and 39th Ave S., including the cul-de-sac on So 191st Place.

The following houses (and maybe more) will be participating:
  • 19245 33rd Ave S.
  • 19226 34th Ave S
  • 19253 34th Ave S
  • 3316 S 194th St
  • 3321 S 194th St
  • 3522 S 194th St
  • 3730 S 194th St
  • 3522 S 194th St
  • 3719 S 194th St
  • 3767 S 194th St
  • 3779 S 191st Place
Please wear a face covering, otherwise please adhere to social distancing protocols.

Honoring a July 4th Tradition

A Tribute to Russ Austin

Angle Lake recently lost a long-time resident, former Shore Club President, and friend to many on the lake. Russ Austin enjoyed life to the fullest and loved the Angle Lake family where he lived with his wife (Patti) and their sons for the last 35 years. Family and community were a priority in Russ’s life and Angle Lake celebrations, including the 4th of July, were some of his favorites. He always looked forward to helping set the mood for the Fourth of July fireworks by placing flares on and around the lake, a tradition his family will be continuing this year in his honor. Russ will always be loved and will always be missed.  
In memory of Russ Austin, the Shore Club will help to continue supporting the Angle Lake July 4th flare tradition that he so loved. Flares will be left on your dock or dropped at your beach. We ask that you participate by igniting your flare at precisely 10:10 pm on the evening of July 4th and enjoy with your family the display of unity in honoring a tradition he loved so much.


Please note that due to the persistent threat of the Corona Virus and the Governor’s orders aimed at prohibiting any large social gatherings, all of our other long time cherished Independence Day traditions have been canceled. 

This includes cancelation of the Manor Club Kiddies’ Parade; Bud Jones Run/Walk 5K ‘Round the Lake Race; Organized Dock Decorating Competition; and support for the large Fireworks Display over Angle Lake. We recognize and acknowledge that this is certainly disappointing news for many, however, safety for our members and our community is always our first and foremost priority. Please stay safe by observing our current laws regarding social distancing and the prohibition of discharging personal fireworks within SeaTac City Limits.

Local Grocer Keeps On Motor In'!

Happy 95th birthday wishes for Donald Malmberg!

Donald Malmberg was born in Sumas, WA on June 23, 1925, and moved in 1930 to what would later become the City of SeaTac. He went to school at Angle Lake Elementary and Highline High School and graduated in 1949 from the University of Washington. He served in the South Pacific in the Navy during WWII.

Don and his wife Irene operated the Malmberg family’s Bow Lake Grocery Store and Motor Inn on Pacific Highway and 188th St for many years until their retirement. Many locals enjoyed time spent chatting with Don at “the corner store”. His dry sense of humor and outgoing personality made him many friends in the community over the years. Don also served on the city council for the newly formed City of SeaTac for a few years.

Don resides in the Angle Lake neighborhood, but due to COVID-19 is still “snowbirding” in Arizona. He would love any birthday wishes that are sent his way. His Arizona address is 17814 W. Arizona Drive, Surprise, AZ 85374.

Giving hope and good thoughts that Donald is able to return to the cool waters of Angle Lake sometime soon.

Sensational Accomplishments Warrant Celebration

Congratulations Graduates! 
We are so proud of the class of 2020, it is an honor to recognize the following local graduates for their outstanding achievements:

Elliot James Wicks
Seattle Lutheran, High School Diploma
Grandson of Jodi Wicks

Graham Buyagawan
Seattle Christian, High School Diploma, Grand Honors

Sawyer Buyagawan
Seattle Christian, High School Diploma, Grand Honors
Sons of Jenn and Norm Buyagawan

Emmaliyah Chea 
Tyee, High School Diploma 
Highline College, Associate’s Degree
Daughter of Leah Chea

Jaclyn Hill 
The University of Washington, Bachelor’s Degree
Foster School of Business, Undergraduate Degree
Daughter of Julie and Clyde Hill

We're happy to be celebrating your success. We are all excited for you and your future. 


This year’s graduates were only kids when the first iPhone came out. Facebook wasn’t around to capture their births, but by 2009, when today’s high school graduates turned 7, there were 350 million users documenting smiles before the first day of school.

So perhaps it’s not surprising that their final months of high school, or for others, the end of their college careers, have unspooled on the Internet. But this particular iteration of online life has brought mostly sadness. If you’ve studied for four years, dreaming of the final weeks of school, with its freedom and light, pranks and parties, how do you settle for a sign on the lawn declaring, “Congratulations, Class of 2020!”?

They’ve known hardship before. Situated demographically on the leading edge of Generation Z, they can’t remember a time when the twin towers touched the clouds over Manhattan, or when the United States was not at war. They lived through the Great Recession.

Now, college graduates are launching themselves into the worst job market since the Great Depression. Some high school graduates are, too. Others face the possibility that a virus that destroyed the end of high school may also disrupt the start of college.

And yet they moved on, writing their final papers and logging on for their last classes. They gather with family and friends via Zoom for virtual commencement ceremonies. The “Congratulations, Class of 2020!” signs pale against expectations, yet eyes still fill with happy tears when they are delivered.

The pandemic has upended the final months for the Class of 2020 in ways tiny and profound, academic and economic, social, and emotional. These graduates each have their own slice of the story that they, and we, will be telling for decades to come.

Phase 1; 2; 1.5?

King County is now in a modified Phase 1
State health officials have granted their approval for a modified approach for restarting commerce in King County. Restaurants and retailers will now be allowed to serve customers in their establishments, in addition to other modified openings for a wide range of businesses and activities.

The plan drafted by King County Executive Dow Constantine, King County Council Chair Claudia Balducci, and King County Board of Health Chair Joe McDermott were approved by state Department of Health Secretary John Wiesman on Friday, June 5th. This allows limited and modified openings for a wide range of businesses, recreation, and personal activities in King County.

Businesses are required to follow the state Department of Health’s specific guidance but must adjust their occupancy to the levels identified below. The State defines an establishment’s capacity as the fire code. The intent is to limit business operations to a level that allows for social distancing. Additionally, businesses in retail, professional services, and real estate must take steps to reduce indoor operations to thirty minutes. This is not meant to be timed to the second – no one is expected to have a stopwatch – but customers should be informed why it is important to limit close interactions.

“This important step in our COVID-19 response reflects all the sacrifice and hard work that our community has put into fighting this disease,” said Dow Constantine, King County Executive. “The success of this guidance depends on business owners and community members embracing public health best practices, and understanding that one size doesn’t fit all. By opening our economy carefully and deliberately, we make sure to stay healthy and continue down the path to full recovery. ”
Here is an overview of what’s happening in key sectors across King County:

  • Outdoor dining activities are allowed at 50 percent of capacity with all tables and chairs maintaining 6 feet of distance, though additional seating will be allowed provided it follows Public Health – Seattle & King County’s best practices. 
  • Indoor dining services may operate at 25 percent of capacity, provided such tables and chairs are more than 6 feet away from each other.
In-store retail:
  • All non-essential retail activities may operate but an establishment’s occupancy may not be higher than 15 percent of capacity.
  • Businesses are directed to provide signage encouraging indoor visits to less than 30 minutes, with face-to-face interactions limited to 30 minutes.
Personal services: Cosmetologists, Hairstylists, Barbers, Estheticians, Master Estheticians, Manicurists, Nail Salon Workers, Electrologists, Permanent Makeup Artists, Tattoo Artists, Cosmetology Schools, and Esthetics Schools:
  • All activities may operate but the number of clients served will be limited to no more than 25 percent of capacity or one person if it is a single bed/chair studio.
Professional services: Accountants, architects, attorneys, engineers, financial advisors, information technologists, insurance agents, tax preparers, and other office-based occupations that are typically serving a client base:
  • All activities allowed but an establishment’s occupancy should not be higher than 25 percent of capacity.
  • Businesses are directed to provide signage encouraging indoor visits to be less than 30 minutes, with face to face interactions limited to 30 minutes.
If you are a business operator and would like more information on these new policies, call Public Health’s Business Compliance Line at 206-296-1608. Otherwise, if you're a consumer, it's best to call ahead to confirm the business is open and what restrictions may be in place.

And for Fans of the King County Library System - their start safe opening plans may be viewed HERE.

Neighborhood Spotlight: Clara Iverson

Clara Iverson turned 96 years young on Friday, May 29, 2020!

Clara moved to Angle Lake in 1924. Together with her husband Gene they eventually purchased the old log house at the north end of the lake. There they raised their 4 kids. The lake and the Shore Club were centered in their lives. During her recorded interview for StoryCorps.org, Clara proclaimed that living on the lake was the source of many of her most cherished lifetime memories.  

In the earlier days on Angle Lake, the whole lake froze over nearly every winter. Clara recalls frequent bonfires aglow during those winter evenings, sharing hot dog dinners and even hot buttered rums with neighbors as they skated under the moonlight! 

Even today, Clara still wants to “dip” into Angle Lake as much as possible this summer, although she acknowledges that her famous Jack Knife and Swan Dive days may be behind her now.  She enthusiastically remembers the thrill of having competed in Angle Lake’s annual 4th of July championship swimming races with Billie Jones & Betty White, who were also long time residents! Her cousin, Bob Holmstrom, often rejoiced that there were no girls swimming against the boys at that time! He was certain that Clara and her girlfriends would have easily outperformed the boys!

Now, at the age of 96, Clara is still looking forward to paddling around Angle Lake in her pink kayak and maybe even partaking in a lap or two in her very rare 1920’s vintage Willits Brothers Canoe hand-built on Day Island in Tacoma. 

Her award-winning homemade apple pies stopped when the old apple tree blew down a few years ago and the accordion she played at beach fires for so many years has gotten a little too heavy for her but she can still sing The Beer Barrel Polka!

She has a clear memory of her hospital room at age 10 where she lay quarantined and paralyzed with polio.  Her father tapping on her window. He had climbed his fireman’s ladder to show her the bicycle he had bought for her recuperation! A series of firemen performed an express delivery of a new serum from Portland; it was transported from one fireman to another in their personal cars with the trip completed in mere hours and injections performed to her spine before the day was over!  And yes, the bicycle helped with her recuperation efforts, that and her determination and the personal efforts from those firemen drivers! 

Residing fulltime now in Solstice Senior Living in Normandy Park, the facility is still in quarantine with visitation restrictions in place, preventing the ability to meet with neighbors. However, if you have time to send her a card it would be much appreciated and certainly enjoyed! 

Cards and letters may be left in the box located outside the Solstice Center main entry doors or can be mailed to the following address:

Clara Iverson
17623 1st Ave. S. Rm 115
Normandy Park, WA 98148

It is due to her wisdom, enthusiasm, inspiration, and a positive “GO FOR IT!” attitude that Clara turned 96 on Friday, May 29, 2020! And we salute you! Wishing you a very Happy Birthday.

Due to COVID-19 forced cancelation of our ALSC summer events, we hope to continue building community by shining a spotlight on notable neighbor accomplishments. If you have great news to share, please send an email to anglelakesc@gmail.com so that all can join together in celebrating your success.

Neighborhood Spotlight: Steve Huff

The driver of the world’s first and ONLY electric dragster to break the 200 MPH threshold.

In 1964 "Big Daddy" Don Garlits surpassed the 200 MPH mark in an internal combustion engine dragster and was looking to do the same in an all-electric powered dragster. In 2017 Garlits announced that he was attempting to be the first in the #QuestFor200 electric drag racing title. In July 2019 at the age of 86, Garlits held the electric motor speed record at 189.04 MPH

Angle Lake Resident and avid race enthusiast, Steve Huff had set a world record of his own 2015 operating a modified 80 cubic inch pushrod Harley Davidson motorcycle reaching 202.8 MPH. Huff credits Garlits as being a huge inspiration to him as having following Garlits' success through his early years. However, this time Huff wasn’t looking to follow Garlits but surpass him to be the first to achieve the honor of reaching that 200 MPH mark in his own electric dragster aptly named “Current Technology”.

The competition had been fierce between both men aiming to be the first to break the 200 mph barrier in an all-electric powered dragster. That is until the wee hours of the morning on May 14, 2020 when Steve Huff broke the record on his second pass of the night, achieving a speed of 201 MPH.

After the run, Huff commented on his success. “It is bittersweet because, as competitors, we want to win but you hate beating your hero to the punch” Now a holder of two world speed records, surely Huff is another youngster’s Racing Hero and inspiring future racing greatness. 

Congratulations to our neighbor Steve Huff and his racing team in achieving this great success.

NOTE: Due to COVID-19 forced cancelation of ALSC summer events, our hope is to continue building community by shining a spotlight on notable neighbor accomplishments.  If you have some great news to share, please send an email to anglelakesc@gmail.com so that all can join in celebrating your success. 

ALSC Board Announces Further Cancelations

The COVID-19 crisis has already led to the cancellation of the Easter Bunny Dock Hop and postponement of the generations-old Fishing Derby. With the Governor’s order to Stay Home / Stay Healthy including adherence for Social Distancing to remain in effect, the City of SeaTac has announced the cancelation of the Family Fourth activities at Angle Lake Park. 

Now the Angle Lake Shore Club Board of Directors is also announcing the cancelation of their traditional Fourth of July events as well, including the Manor Club Kiddies Parade.

The year of 2020 will continue to finish clouded by this COV19 virus we are all faced with.  While most might not be directly infected by the disease itself, this crisis and the critical emphasis placed on social distancing are having a considerable emotional effect on many, especially on the senior community who make up the majority of our ALSC membership. 

With the need for continued separation leading well into the summer months, the Board has determined the club will forego all remaining Summer Events, as well. While this may be received as disappointing news to many, it is the prudent thing to do. 

Please note the board has not yet reached a final determination if the Fishing Derby can be held in September and will be deciding on the status of the Winter Events later into the fall. We appreciate your understanding and please don’t hesitate to reach out to a board member to express any concerns.

One Breakdown Away from the Junk Yard!

During the COVID-19 crisis period, the Tukwila Pantry, our neighboring food bank is serving over 1,200 households per week. This is up from the typical average of fewer than 300.  The Tukwila Pantry relies on its refrigerated food truck to collect and distribute over a million pounds of food to feed the communities of Tukwila, SeaTac, Burien, and Boulevard Park.  This 2004 year vehicle now has over 575,000 registered miles and is in desperate need of replacement. 

With so many more people depending on this truck, the Tukwila Pantry does not have repair funds necessary if it were to suffer another serious breakdown. The resulting service disruption would have a devastating effect on the many families that rely on the Pantry to provide much needed food and supplies during these difficult times. Therefore, the Tukwila Pantry is seeking a new truck that is dependable, won’t break down, and will be more financially sustainable.  

To date, the Pantry has received some support from generous donors, but are in need of raising $15,000 more by the end of May for donation match and enabling them to buy a new truck! 

If you are in a position to lend financial support, won’t you please consider making a contribution today? Donations can be made through a partnering website at: https://www.tukwilachildrensfoundation.org/get-a-truck-2020  

You’ll be presented the option to have your contribution applied specifically to the ‘Buy-A-Truck’ campaign or to benefit other Tukwila Children’s Foundation programs. You can also choose to make a one-time donation or monthly recurring contributions.

There are so many who are in need at this time. Ensuring people are properly nourished is a critical basic need. Thank you for your consideration in helping to address this need.

2020 ALSC Fishing Derby Canceled?

The Angle Lake Shore Club mission states that we are an organization that provides unique events year-round for the residents living on and around the shores of Angle Lake in an effort to build a stronger community. 

The goal of the Angle Lake Shore Club is to bring people together to create a strong sense of community. However, in light of the global pandemic and to slow the spread of the COVID-19 virus, at this time we are sensitive toward keeping our community safe by keeping people apart. Therefore, while the Governor's Stay Home, Stay Healthy Order remains in place the Board has determined that postponing the Fishing Derby is the necessary thing to do.
Will COVID-19 Force An Event Cancellation?
It is devastating to think that our long-standing annual tradition may be forced to cancel. It is our hope that we can have the Fishing Derby later this year. Being one of our largest, most labor-intensive activities of the year it requires at least 45 days to produce this event. If organizers are successful in recruiting additional volunteers to help with ticket sales; purchasing food; and procuring raffle prizes the lead time could be reduced by a couple weeks. Depending on the date when social distancing will be lifted, a decision will be made if the event can be hosted later in the year or will result in the cancelation of the event for 2020.  

We will continue to monitor all health and governmental updates and if a safe opportunity presents itself for a Fishing Derby later in 2020, we will make every effort to uphold this treasured tradition.

Take Out or Delivery is the Way To Go!

The Governor’s order to ‘Stay Home, Stay Healthy’ has forced local restaurants to close their dining areas, however many kitchens are still open, producing your favorite meals and making it available via pick up or delivery.

The City of SeaTac Economic Development team has recently launched a new promotional campaign to remind area residents to support their community businesses by shopping local, which includes take out dining.

If you’re fortunate to still be working at this time, why not treat yourself to a little deserved downtime and let someone else do the cooking for you? Order a takeout meal and enjoy it all from the comfort of your own home.

SeaTac is home to more than 50 restaurants/cafes, food trucks, convenience stores, and ethnic markets. Check out your favorite “go-to” for take-out, or try something new today. The list of area restaurants and hours of operation is available to view at the City of SeaTac website: www.seatacwa.gov/eatlocal

If your able, please support your local businesses by shopping locally and tipping generously.

Staying at Home this Easter

With both the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny having been deemed essential workers, this means that each can continue to perform their respective duties. However with the state’s “Stay Home, Stay Healthy” order still in effect, the Easter Bunny has determined the best thing to do to keep children safe from this virus is to also adhere to all Social Distancing Rules as well.

Therefore, out of an abundance of caution, the Easter Bunny regretfully announces that he has decided to cancel his favorite annual visit to Angle Lake this year.  This applies to both the Angle Lake Shore Club Easter Bunny Dock Hop and the City of SeaTac Easter Egg Hunt at Angle Lake Park.

While this news may be disappointing to the children, it is the right thing to do. Please assure the children in your midst that the Tooth Fairy and the Easter Bunny will continue to make every attempt to fulfill their job responsibilities overnight while they are asleep.

Stay Home, Stay Healthy.

New Airline Makes Big Splash Announcement

A new air carrier, Sloof-Lirpa, announced earlier today that it is launching a new commuter service connection in  SeaTac, Washington. The service is targeted at delivering prompt shore to shore service for local airport commuters while not contributing to the current overcrowding at nearby Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. 

This past fall, Sloof-Lirpa Airlines placed an order for eight new next-generation Blanton Javelin V6 STOL floatplanes. These aircraft have the ability of operating in extreme confined spaces. The STOL model aircraft is capable of achieving take off to 50ft within a mere 150 ft (46 m) and landings from 50ft requiring just 300 ft (91 m). The 6 seat aircraft will operate select flights from state-of-the-art water runways on Angle Lake in SeaTac  connecting with additional floating runways on Lake Washington located at Bellevue, Kirkland, and Kenmore and on Puget Sound at sites in Everett and Tacoma.  

Sloof-Lirpa Airline Chief Marketing Officer, Clif Hanger states their new service steps to curb rising airport traffic congestion and high airport taxes by pioneering flights from new privately owned and operated “secondary airports”. 

Hanger goes on to say "Our goal is to create a superior local service option for people seeking to avoid the stress of roadway travel getting to and from Sea-Tac International Airport. Operating our local air travel solution from these new water runways will not contribute to the already high runway demand and overcrowded pinch all airlines are experiencing at Sea-Tac today, creating considerable arrival and departure delays and causing frequent missed connections for travelers.” 

The STOL -Seaplane, in aviation terms is classified as a flying boat due to its modified fuselage which is the main source of buoyancy and which acts like a ship's hull in the water. “All these vessels have been designed to ensure smooth landings and are equipped with the latest technology to ensure passenger comfort and safety”  Hanger claims.

Before coming aboard, Sloof-Lirpa captains and flight crew will undergo rigorous training on sea and water landings, judging drift from sea current, swell size and nautical navigation. Passengers will embark and disembark from exclusive Sloof-Lirpa piers and will be ferried to the planes by designated water shuttles.

Hanger states "I’m proud to be part of this new service announcement in the Seattle Market. While the airline is aware of some limited concern expressed by local lakeside residents, Sloof-Lirpa executives are certain once service is launched and in regular operation that things will go swimmingly."

The first landing at Angle Lake is scheduled for July 4th of this year.

(Post Script: This article is an April Fools Joke)

The 2020 Spring Newsletter is Here!

This past week, the Shore Club Publishing Team completed the task of emailing out the 2020 Spring Newsletter! If your Shore Club membership is currently in an active status, you should have already received a copy at your preferred email address. 

If you hadn’t receive a copy yet, then one of the following conditions may to you:
  • I am a current member but have not been receiving any Shore Club notices 
  • I am a current member who has changed their email address
  • I am no longer current but would like to reinstate my membership 
If any of the above applies to you, please consider completing the ALSC Membership and Events Form, be sure to include a correct email address and any payment or special instructions if applicable and send it via snail mail into the PO Box listed.

And for those of you who may have recently moved inside our Angle Lake boundaries and would like to consider becoming a member of the Shore Club, please send us an email requesting a visit from our Welcoming Committee to receive more information about Club Membership benefits and to receive a packet of valuable discounts available from local area businesses.

A Copy of the Newsletter may also be accessed HERE.

Connect With Your Elderly Neighbors During COVID-19 Crisis

Check-in on them, by phone or in person, to ensure their essential needs are being met.

The threat of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is impacting lives worldwide, and although it may not yet have reached your neighborhood directly, you can expect that it may in the coming days or weeks.

One of the most impacted groups by this pandemic that cannot be ignored is the elderly in our community and it’s important to ensure every one of them has a strong support system – neighbors helping neighbors.

We’re asking that all ALSC Members please consider checking in on your homebound seniors to see what you can do to help this most vulnerable population in your neighborhood. Obviously taking care of ourselves is number one, but the other thing we can do is reach out to the seniors we know around us and see what extra help they might need right now.  The impact of COVID-19 could mean that their care worker is under the weather and can’t provide help. It could mean that their adult children, who would normally help them, aren’t feeling well and can’t help them. It may mean that they really shouldn’t be in crowded situations… where somebody else could go do their grocery shopping for them.

Your ALSC Board recommends referring to the neighborhood directory and exchanging phone numbers with your neighbors (if you don’t already have them in your speed dial!) and keeping in contact with each other via phone or text.

While the COVID-19 virus is recognized as a crisis, it is events like this that tend to galvanize communities; where we can expect neighbors to make an effort and take time to rally around each other and get through this pandemic together.

The effect on seniors being shut in and not getting what they need is devastating. The potential of experiencing that condition today is great. We are going to see a lot more seniors needing help with things. If you are healthy, continuing to adhere to frequent hand washings and observing the recommended social distancing, then we urge you to consider offering help and support to your senior neighbors until the threat is removed.

Dates Confirmed. Changes Pending.

Introducing your 2020 Angle Lake Shore Club Board!
Back Row L-R: Debbie; Steve; Sandy; Lonnie; Marge; Tani Rae
Front Row L-R: Jim; Fuzz; Nancy; Kari; Drew; Judy
Not Pictured: Susan; Kerry
The board members gathered together for the first meeting on Monday, January 27th to confirm roles, responsibilities, assignments and event dates. We have achieved a commitment to all but three items:

Board Position of Secretary: Due to personal reasons, Drew will resign from his post effective March. The board is looking for a member to take up this position. The responsibility entails attending the periodic board meetings, taking and distributing notes of the meetings. Nothing more demanding than that.   

Newsletter Publisher: Another one of Drew’s amazing skills has been to take all the articles written by the board and assemble them into an outstanding electronic periodical. With Drew’s scheduled departure we would appreciate someone with mad computer publishing skills to step up to this challenge! The newsletter is produced three times a year and is assisted by a Copy Editor and Schedule Manager. Please consider extending your talents to the community in this manner.

Summer Event: Traditionally, August had hosted the Tasty Tapas Float Around. Always wanting to keep things fresh! Our Evil Geniuses are cooking up a new hot festive fun activity to serve up to the members of the Angle Lake Community during the late summer season. Watch for announcements in upcoming newsletters and on the blog.

And now for the official event dates:

APR 12
Easter Bunny Dock Hop
Lonnie and Nancy
APR 26
Fishing Derby, Barbecue and Raffle
Sandy and Lonnie
JUL 04
Angle Lake Fourth Of July
Entire Team
Deep Dive Cleaning
Judy and Lonnie
AUG 15
Summer Event (TBD)
Sandy, Tim, and Jim
SEP 12, 13
SOA Boat Races
Fuzz and Lonnie
OCT 31
Halloween Spook-tacular Boo-Cruise
Ros and Lonnie
DEC 05
Members Only Christmas Party
Nancy, Marge, and Debbie
DEC 19
Santa Christmas Lights Cruise
Lonnie, Steve, and Bruce
Jan 01
Polar Bear Plunge
Tani Rae and Deb A.

Please contact the Event Organizers if you have any questions or if you wish to offer up help in any way! Photos captured from many of our past events can be viewed here.