New Airline Makes Big Splash Announcement

A new air carrier, Sloof-Lirpa, announced earlier today that it is launching a new commuter service connection in  SeaTac, Washington. The service is targeted at delivering prompt shore to shore service for local airport commuters while not contributing to the current overcrowding at nearby Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. 

This past fall, Sloof-Lirpa Airlines placed an order for eight new next-generation Blanton Javelin V6 STOL floatplanes. These aircraft have the ability of operating in extreme confined spaces. The STOL model aircraft is capable of achieving take off to 50ft within a mere 150 ft (46 m) and landings from 50ft requiring just 300 ft (91 m). The 6 seat aircraft will operate select flights from state-of-the-art water runways on Angle Lake in SeaTac  connecting with additional floating runways on Lake Washington located at Bellevue, Kirkland, and Kenmore and on Puget Sound at sites in Everett and Tacoma.  

Sloof-Lirpa Airline Chief Marketing Officer, Clif Hanger states their new service steps to curb rising airport traffic congestion and high airport taxes by pioneering flights from new privately owned and operated “secondary airports”. 

Hanger goes on to say "Our goal is to create a superior local service option for people seeking to avoid the stress of roadway travel getting to and from Sea-Tac International Airport. Operating our local air travel solution from these new water runways will not contribute to the already high runway demand and overcrowded pinch all airlines are experiencing at Sea-Tac today, creating considerable arrival and departure delays and causing frequent missed connections for travelers.” 

The STOL -Seaplane, in aviation terms is classified as a flying boat due to its modified fuselage which is the main source of buoyancy and which acts like a ship's hull in the water. “All these vessels have been designed to ensure smooth landings and are equipped with the latest technology to ensure passenger comfort and safety”  Hanger claims.

Before coming aboard, Sloof-Lirpa captains and flight crew will undergo rigorous training on sea and water landings, judging drift from sea current, swell size and nautical navigation. Passengers will embark and disembark from exclusive Sloof-Lirpa piers and will be ferried to the planes by designated water shuttles.

Hanger states "I’m proud to be part of this new service announcement in the Seattle Market. While the airline is aware of some limited concern expressed by local lakeside residents, Sloof-Lirpa executives are certain once service is launched and in regular operation that things will go swimmingly."

The first landing at Angle Lake is scheduled for July 4th of this year.

(Post Script: This article is an April Fools Joke)

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