The 2020 Spring Newsletter is Here!

This past week, the Shore Club Publishing Team completed the task of emailing out the 2020 Spring Newsletter! If your Shore Club membership is currently in an active status, you should have already received a copy at your preferred email address. 

If you hadn’t receive a copy yet, then one of the following conditions may to you:
  • I am a current member but have not been receiving any Shore Club notices 
  • I am a current member who has changed their email address
  • I am no longer current but would like to reinstate my membership 
If any of the above applies to you, please consider completing the ALSC Membership and Events Form, be sure to include a correct email address and any payment or special instructions if applicable and send it via snail mail into the PO Box listed.

And for those of you who may have recently moved inside our Angle Lake boundaries and would like to consider becoming a member of the Shore Club, please send us an email requesting a visit from our Welcoming Committee to receive more information about Club Membership benefits and to receive a packet of valuable discounts available from local area businesses.

A Copy of the Newsletter may also be accessed HERE.

Connect With Your Elderly Neighbors During COVID-19 Crisis

Check-in on them, by phone or in person, to ensure their essential needs are being met.

The threat of the coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is impacting lives worldwide, and although it may not yet have reached your neighborhood directly, you can expect that it may in the coming days or weeks.

One of the most impacted groups by this pandemic that cannot be ignored is the elderly in our community and it’s important to ensure every one of them has a strong support system – neighbors helping neighbors.

We’re asking that all ALSC Members please consider checking in on your homebound seniors to see what you can do to help this most vulnerable population in your neighborhood. Obviously taking care of ourselves is number one, but the other thing we can do is reach out to the seniors we know around us and see what extra help they might need right now.  The impact of COVID-19 could mean that their care worker is under the weather and can’t provide help. It could mean that their adult children, who would normally help them, aren’t feeling well and can’t help them. It may mean that they really shouldn’t be in crowded situations… where somebody else could go do their grocery shopping for them.

Your ALSC Board recommends referring to the neighborhood directory and exchanging phone numbers with your neighbors (if you don’t already have them in your speed dial!) and keeping in contact with each other via phone or text.

While the COVID-19 virus is recognized as a crisis, it is events like this that tend to galvanize communities; where we can expect neighbors to make an effort and take time to rally around each other and get through this pandemic together.

The effect on seniors being shut in and not getting what they need is devastating. The potential of experiencing that condition today is great. We are going to see a lot more seniors needing help with things. If you are healthy, continuing to adhere to frequent hand washings and observing the recommended social distancing, then we urge you to consider offering help and support to your senior neighbors until the threat is removed.