Tasty Tapas - Reservations Due Aug 8th

If you have not yet signed up for the Tasty Tapas Float Around, our late summer lakeside main event, you must act now to reserve a spot otherwise you may very well miss the boat as seats are filling quickly! The fun starts at 4 PM SHARP and runs until 8:00 PM. Open to ALSC Members and their invited guests only. Cost is $30 per person.

To access a copy of the flyer with Order Form, CLICK HERE

In years past, Tapas have been attended by Gilligan and his fellow castaways; Cleopatra returned from the dead to join us with her minions; a group of gondoliers gathered to give out goodies to arriving guests; and even a Tropical Island populated with Pacific Islanders had floated onto the scene – one can only imagine who, or what, might appear this year!

Tasty Tapas has proven to be an evening filled of fun, food, and a great opportunity to meet with neighbors and make new friends. Participants will be assigned to start at one of four dinning stations set up around the lake for guests to visit only by boat. Each of the four locations will present a themed selection of appetizers and refreshing libations to tickle your taste buds. At set intervals throughout the evening, groups will receive a signal to depart from one station and head to another until all four stations have been visited. Be sure to pace yourself and save room for the grand finale fifth station where all participants will come together to enjoy a bonfire, dessert and coffee where all can mingle.

You are encouraged to take your own boat around the course (No drinking and driving captains!) For those who do not have a boat, cannot find a ride or require assistance there will be pontoon boats acting as taxis to ferry tasters from stations to station. If you require a pickup please call Jim Todd at 206-226-9965 or emailing him at jimmjett@gmail.com.

Primary Election Ballot Due August 4th

If you are a registered Washington State Voter, you should have by now received a copy of the King County Local Voters’ Pamphlet and accompanying official ballot.  These ballots must be post marked no later than August 4th to be counted in the primary election.

This year, four of seven City of SeaTac Council Positions are up for a vote and this has resulted in attracting more interested candidates than the general election for three of the four seats can accommodate!  Therefore the primary election is set to narrow the field of hopeful candidates vying for positions 1, 3, 7 this election year.

A “Top 2” primary allows voters to vote for any candidate running in each race. The two candidates who receive the most votes in the primary election advance to the general election.

The following candidates appearing on the primary ballot are: 
Council Position No. 1
  • Craig Baker
  • Rick Forschler
  • Barry Ladenburg

Council Position No. 3
  • Peter Kwon
  • Sally Andrews 
  • Terry A. Anderson

Council Position No. 7
  • Erin A. Sitterley
  • Mia Su-Ling Gregerson
  • Leonard B. Luna
Note: Order of candidate appearance above matches display order in the King County Official Local Voters' Pamphlet

Consider This
If you were sitting at a table with a total of ten people, including yourself and the subject of politics were brought up, there is a good chance that every single person at the table would have a series of comments to contribute to the conversation ranging from opinions on what is not working or offer complaints on why things are broken or have ideas or suggestion on where things can be improved. However, if it were also known that only two of those ten people were active voters participating in the elections would that change the balance of the conversation?  In 2013, King County Voter Records indicate that only 22% of registered voters* in SeaTac participated in the primary election. Yet it seems that a majority have an opinion to offer regarding the performance of our elected officials Is this fair?  If you don’t participate in voter elections or local government affairs should you have a right to complain? 

Your vote is your voice as a citizen. It's your opportunity to be heard, just as much as it is to hold elected officials accountable for their decisions, it’s your opportunity to support those elected officials who you feel should remain in place and it’s an opportunity to have a say in important issues that affect your community. On Election Day, every vote matters. Without voter participation our City is at risk of failing in finances, addressing citizen needs, attracting business and a whole host of other subjects that make SeaTac a livable place and enticing for someone to want to live here.

Please be an active voter. Return your ballot by August 4th via U.S. Postal mail or dropping your ballot off at a specific Ballot Return Location. Once your ballot is submitted, you can use the online Ballot Tracker to verify the processing status of your ballot submission.  

Congratulations to ALL of the candidates for having the courage to make the committment to stage a council campaign and for harboring a passion to serve your community.  Good luck to each of you in the upcoming elections.

*FootNotes: In 2013, the recorded population for SeaTac was 27,875. Of that number 12,108 or 43% are registered voters. In 2013, a total of 2,692 ballots were cast in the primary election, or less than 10% of the total population participated in the vote. That's equates to less then 1 of every 10 people in living SeaTac participated in the 2013 Primary Election.

2015 Angle Lake Clean Sweep Saturday

Angle Lake residents will gather at the public park boat launch at 9 am to collect trash bags, tools and instructions before setting out on the annual Angle Lake Clean Sweep Volunteer Event!

DATE: Saturday, July 25th
Clean up: 9:00 AM until 1:00 PM

Garbage bags and trash grabbers will be available to the group to assist in the effort of clearing the public spaces on the southwest end of the lake of the litter and debris. Volunteers from previous years have made a positive impact on the open space referred to as the Hughes Property, an area that is frequently used by a visiting population that does not seem to understand the concept of 'pack it in/pack it out' but instead display a behavior of disregard by instead choosing to throw their empty cans, bottle and trash into the brush and/or lake. With this behavior the area does not stay clean for long. Hence we'll be returning to this area to collect the new trash that has accumulated. With the extremely warm weather this year, use of this area is up and as a result there is an anticipation this may be a very big job again this year, however the more hands that turn out to help the less burdensome this will be on each of us individually. We are also expecting to have resources expand out into the public right of way of our local streets to collect trash and debris along the roads.

Lack of Platform Impacts More Than Just Fireworks
The loss of access to a floating platform has not only prevented the Shore Club’s ability to produce the annual Fourth of July display over the lake but also negatively impacts our ability of recovering the larger debris from deeper waters during our annual Clean Sweep Event. To prevent irreparable damage to volunteer boats that result from the soot and filth that leech off the deep water recovered items, the fireworks barge had been used as the collection point for transporting the debris back to the Public Park boat ramp for disposal. Since a platform is not available on which to haul the garbage removed from the lake bottom, our divers will not be able to finish cleaning the area beneath the public fishing pier as was planned.  Therefore volunteer efforts will be limited to focus on shoreline and public streets only.

Volunteers will split into groups where walkers will be assigned to concentrate on picking up litter on the shoreline all along the park, commercial bldgs., apartments and trailer park.  We will also be doing the streets from IB to Military Road and S 188th to S 200th.  Although our waders will concentrate their effort mainly on the SW end of the lake, it is not intended to discourage residents from taking their own initiative in collecting litter from their area and bringing it to the park collection point prior to 12:00 noon where the City will assist in disposing of it.

Volunteer Recognition Luncheon
Immediately following the event, participants will gather at the Angle Lake Manor Beach where the Angle Lake Shore Club will serve them lunch as a display of appreciation for their volunteer efforts. Additional prizes will be awarded through random drawing – must be present to win.

This is a good opportunity to get outdoors to enjoy some nice weather, teaming up with your neighbors in doing great things for the community, receiving a free lunch and possibly winning a valuable prize!

Photos from previous events are available for viewing at the following links: