Periodic Update: Shoreline Master Plan

The City of SeaTac is conducting a periodic review of its SMP as required every eight years by the Shoreline Management Act. For more information on the update and to become involved, please see the City’s Shoreline Update Page.

What is a Shoreline Master Program (SMP)?
A Shoreline Master Program (SMP) is a set of policies and regulations required by state law that has three basic principles:
  • Encourages reasonable and appropriate development of shorelines with an emphasis on water dependent uses, which when developed are consistent with the control of pollution and prevention of damage to the natural environment, such as docks, marinas, and recreational facilities, or industries and commercial uses that require a shoreline location and support economic development; and,
  • Protects the natural resources and character of the shorelines, the land, vegetation, wildlife, water, and aquatic life within shoreline environment; and,
  • Promotes public access and provides opportunities to enjoy the aesthetic qualities of the natural shorelines and recreational activities in shoreline areas.
Where does this apply?
“Shorelines of the state” include rivers and streams with mean annual flow more than 20 cubic feet per second, lakes 20 acres or larger, and all marine shorelines. Shorelines of the state in SeaTac include only Angle Lake. The shoreline jurisdiction extends 200 feet landward of the lake’s edge. There are no documented critical areas along the lake or natural streams which flow in or out of the lake.

The following is a general timeline including anticipated public participation opportunities. SeaTac will coordinate with the Department of Ecology throughout the process. A detailed timeline will be posted on the periodic review webpage.

December – January
Public Participation Plan
Web Site Launch
Notification sent to interested parties
Review SMO and other relevant City codes and policies
Proposed draft amendments
Planning Commission review
February - March
30-day public comment period on draft revisions
Community open house meeting
Public Commission recommendation to City Council
April –
Environmental review (SEPA)
Ecology initial determination (up to 45 days)
City Council adoption

Public Participation
There will be an opportunity for public engagement throughout the update process.  If you would like to be added to an interested parties list to receive notifications of public meetings and comment periods, please contact Jennifer Kester, Planning Manager at 206.973.4842 or

Block Watch Update

SeaTac Police Department Community Service Officer, Sana Wight, is seeking to update the Block Watch Captain and Neighborhood Leader Directory with current contact information. In addition to updating the records, CSO Sana is looking to invite neighborhood leaders to an upcoming Block Watch get together scheduled for February 21st at 6:00 PM to share program information, updates and to confirm which neighborhoods are in need of new Block Watch Signs. 

If you are a current Block Watch Captain, Neighborhood Leader (i.e HOA President), or if you’d like more information on the Block Watch Program, please email CSO Sana Wight at or contact her by telephone at 206-973-4915.