Polar Plunge Extraordinare 2024

Have you avoided the Polar Plunge every New Year thinking it is cold? 

Au contraire! Wait until you view the masterfully crafted event video produced by Manor Club resident Valerie Vavrik. Your opinion may be transformed by the warmth of the day. You may even be moved to join us next year for at least the brunch on the beach and fabulous prizes, if not an invigorating plunge.

Seriously, get a cup of tea and sit down for 16 minutes to watch the moving movie, linked below. It captures not only the day, but the togetherness and joy that is evident in every moment. The music is fantastic and the smiles on faces of everyone shows that being there was the very best place you could be to start a new year. 

I wish we could give Val a Golden Globe-like award for her talent and long hours put into this video. Maybe we can make up a Frozen Globe! In lieu of a trophy this year, we can certainly show our appreciation of her effort by posting enthusiastic comments on the Angle Lake Manor Facebook Page (an exclusive, closed group with private membership) where you can also view the full video. If you live in the Manor, please LIKE the Angle Lake Facebook Page (an inclusive, open page for all) so that we can keep you up on current events. 

For those not in the Manor Club you can view all the day’s photos and this video on the ALM website. anglelakemanor.com/gallery.htm 

Or another option is this link to the YouTube version: shorturl.at/gnENU

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Get Your Island Groove On! Experience the Vibrant Spirit of Trinidad & Tobago at The Roadhouse

Prepare to be transported to the sun-kissed shores of the Caribbean! The Roadhouse invites you to an unforgettable event celebrating the rich culture and infectious energy of Trinidad & Tobago. Experience a sensory explosion of music, food, and conversation.

Date: Thursday, January 11
Time: 6 – 8 PM, Pacific Standard Time
Where: Angle Lake Light Rail Station

Immerse Yourself in the Rhythm:

  • Pulse to the Live Steel Pan: The PLU Alumni Band will captivate your senses with their vibrant performance, painting the air with the hypnotic sounds of the iconic steel pan. Feel the rhythmic pulse of the islands echo through your soul.
  • Dive into the Story: Join an exclusive interview with Anthony Cole and Musy Da Don, two leading figures in the tapestry of Trinidadian music. Gain fascinating insights into the island's musical heritage and discover the stories behind the beats.
  • Taste the Paradise: Savor the authentic flavors of Trinidad & Tobago as you indulge in a specially curated menu. Each bite will transport you to bustling street markets and sunny beaches, bursting with the essence of the Caribbean.
  • Dance Your Heart Out: The night continues with live soca and calypso music, guaranteed to ignite your spirit. Unwind, move your feet, and embrace the infectious energy that defines the Caribbean rhythm.

Meet the Cultural Ambassador:

This extraordinary event is spearheaded by Renaldo Valentine, a Trinidadian Navy veteran and embodiment of the island's vibrant spirit. Renaldo's life is a testament to the unifying power of music and culture, as he tirelessly shares his passion with the world. Come together and celebrate the richness of Trinidad & Tobago through Renaldo's infectious enthusiasm.

Don't miss this chance to experience the pulsating heart of the Caribbean! Join us at The Roadhouse and lose yourself in the captivating celebration of music, food, and culture.

You must preregister at the following site to attend this event: https://shorturl.at/ajtW5 

Cheering for the Home Team!

Is your college alma mater lost in the gridiron wilderness? Are your Saturday afternoons a desolate wasteland of reruns and existential dread? Do you find yourself staring glumly at the ceiling, humming your fight song in a minor key?

Well fear not, brave alumni and/or fan! For even in the darkest athletic hour, there's one beacon of hope, one shining symbol of pride that transcends mere touchdowns and field goals!

That's right, friends! While those fancy-pants schools duke it out for a plastic trophy, you and I stand united, amongst the vibrant tapestry of Shore Club spirit! We may not be on the field, but we're on every neighboring street corner, on every park bench, proudly showing off our ALSC colors!

Show your colors, Shore Club nation! Purchase ALSC T-shirts and Flags, wear them with pride, fly your flags like pirate banners! As a result, you may even become inspired to bake Angle Lake-shaped cookies, write sonnets to our glorious waters, heck, you might even tattoo the logo on your forehead if you really want to go wild! (Disclaimer: Tattooing not recommended, unless you're really, really committed.)

Remember, this College Bowl Weekend, it's not about who's playing on the field, it's about who's cheering the loudest from the sidelines! So, purchase your gear, crank up the party music, and let's paint the town Shore Club blue and white! Because in the grand game of community spirit, we're all winners!

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