Red Light Cameras - To Keep or Not to Keep

The contract extension between the City of SeaTac and Redflex Traffic Systems is set to expire on December 31st this year. The question now is if red light cameras should continue operating in SeaTac or not. The Council is seeking opinion from the greater community to assist in reaching a decision.

The contract with Redflex was originally due to expired last summer however the council responded by agreeing to a temporary extension to give city staff time to put out a request for competitive bids. The field of prospective service providers has been reduced to three for consideration.

General consensus appeared to be leaning toward signing a contract with American Traffic Solutions (ATS) based on the following expected benefits:
  • Positive local history (Seattle, Des Moines, Renton, Kent, others)
  • Competitive Costing Model ($11,250 p/m ($3750 p/site)) plus $10,000 marketing allowance; compared to current $13,500 p/m ($4,500 p/site))
  • No Criminal Litigation History (challenges to legality only, none currently pending in Washington)
  • Citation processing compatible with SeaTac Court, adjustable if desired in the future.
  • Technology Capabilities (loop-less detection, traffic studies, video and photo, etc.)
  • Data Collection Options (local staff or company prepared)
  • Customer Service (complaint mitigation, staff training, option for fee processing, etc.)
  • Contract Transition Plan (next-day operational)
Of course these contractual benefits will not be realized if a decision is made to not allow red light cameras to continue operating in SeaTac. And that is where your opinion matters – 

You are being asked to offer comments on the choice of whether Red Light Cameras should continue to monitor traffic compliance at our intersections or should they be removed? You can share your comments by calling or writing any member on the council or sign up to speak at the Regular Council Meeting during public comments.

All three  cameras are operating within close proximity of our Angle Lake Neighborhoods:
  • International Boulevard Northbound at 200th Street
  • International Boulevard Southbound at 188th Street
  • Military Road Southbound at 188th Street.