Fish Survey on Angle Lake

Expect to see some nighttime activity occurring on the water between dusk and midnight. 

The City of SeaTac Blog reports that a Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Program will perform a fisheries survey at Angle Lake beginning Sept. 19th, continuing through to the 30th. 

The survey will allow biologists to assess the fish community and long-term changes in response to the recent unauthorized introduction of Walleye (Sander vitreus) into the lake. WDFW is concerned that this introduction will drastically reshape the fish community and depress or eliminate existing fisheries in Angle Lake.

Non Native Walley

WDFW fish surveys accurately represent the fish community by incorporating multiple capture gears (boat electrofishing, gill nets, and trap nets). Boat electrofishing surveys will begin at sundown at least two evenings during this period. The boat will be equipped with bright lights and a generator that can sometimes be loud. 

This type of sampling utilizes electrical current to stun fish, allowing biologists to net them temporarily easily. Fish rarely die during this capture method. Biologists will try to conclude boat electrofishing before midnight to minimize disturbance to lake residents.

Overnight gill and trap netting will also be conducted multiple times during this period. Nets will be deployed in the evening and retrieved the following morning. There is some mortality associated with netting, especially in gill nets. It is unfortunate, but gill nets are the most successful gear at capturing species like Yellow Perch (Perca flavescens) and Walleye. 

Captured fish are kept alive in an onboard tank with circulating water. Biologists will quickly measure, weigh and remove one ventral fin to identify recaptured individuals during the survey. Any fish that die during the survey will be returned to the lake. 

Please direct questions about the survey and its implications to or Justin Spinelli (Region 4 Fish Biologist) at

Open Water Swim - Volunteers Needed!

The swimmers are returning to Angle Lake again this year! 

Angle Lake Park
Registered Swimmer Check In
8:30 am
September 17, 2022

The Last Splash of Summer is the last open-water competitive racing event of the season for adults and kids swimmers. Registration ends Thursday, September 15 at 11:59 pm.

Are you interested in participating as a swimmer? 
Registration is required for any of the following events : 

  • 500 Yards for 9 - 12-year-olds (this is a no-wetsuit event).  
  • 1 Mile Wetsuit 
  • 1 Mile No-Wetsuit 
  • 2 Mile Wetsuit 
  • 2 Mile No-Wetsuit 
  • 1 Mile Julie Montiel Memorial *

The "1 Mile Julie Montiel Memorial" is a Friends and Family Swim where fins, snorkels, masks, wetsuits, and swim buoys are allowed for this one event. Hand paddles are not allowed.

Race participant check-in starts at 8:30 am, racing at 9:00 and 12:00, and the awards presentation will wrap things up from Noon to 1:00 pm.

Volunteers are always welcome. 
Course Safety Spotters on a kayak, paddleboard, or aqua bike are needed (you must bring your own floatation device). Anyone interested in helping must attend a safety meeting in the park by the lifeguard shed at 9:15 am.

The Race Organizers express great appreciation for Angle Lake Shore Club Member Richard Farmer, who continues to volunteer in helping to deploy and retrieve the course buoys year after year! 

If you are available to help but have questions, don't hesitate to contact Eric Durbin at or text 206-423-8043.

Seafair Comes to Angle Lake!

The Frank Hansen Memorial Boat Race returns to Angle Lake this year with new features and an expanded schedule! 

19408 International Boulevard
SeaTac, WA 98188
Overflow Parking available at Alaska Airlines Headquarters Lot

FRIDAY Sept 9th
Meet and Greet with the Racers
4:00 pm to 7:00 pm

SATURDAY Sept 10th
All Day Racing
10:00 am to 4:00 pm

SUNDAY Sept 11th
9/11 Commemoration
New Folks in Boats
Seafair J-Series Gold Cup Trophy
9:30 am to 4:00 pm

Seattle Outboard Association (SOA) and SEAFAIR Community Events are partnering together this year to bring back the American Power Boat Association (APBA) hydroplanes, runabouts, and tunnel boats to Angle Lake September 10th and 11th for a sixth running of the Frank Hansen Memorial Races!

The same as in prior years, there will be two full days of boat racing excitement on the west leg of the lake from 10:00 am until 4:00 pm each day. Spectators will again be welcomed into the Race Pits** for self guided tours. However, what is new this year - 
  • The weekend event has been expanded to include a Friday for visitors to Meet and Greet the racers, their families and take photos with the boats! (This is a social event only, there'll be no racing Friday).
  • "New Folks in Boats" is a program providing aspiring racers with an introduction to the sport of outboard motor boat racing with an opportunity to attend the required driver certification training with on-hands boat operations. 
  • The Zone 3 Fire Cadets will present the colors at the 9/11 Commemoration event, local performing artist Izzy Parker will sing the National Anthem.
  • Angle Lake is now the race location for this years Seafair J-Series Gold Cup Trophy Race and will be presented on Sunday, Sept 11th.  

Portions of the western leg of the lake will still be off limits for public access; however there are plans  to anchor a couple of the ALSC Barges to form a ‘log boom’ on the eastside of the course, allowing boats to anchor up and welcoming spectators to bring their tables and chairs to watch the race action up close!

Sectators and race enthusiasts from around the lake will be able to tune into FM 90.5 on Saturday and Sunday to hear all the race announcements broadcast from the tower! 

If you’d like to know about the boats, races and drivers, you're invited to download a courtesy copy of ‘Hydro Basics’ authored by John M. Adams. John built his first outboard hydroplane at age 16 and actively raced for over 20 years in Region 10 with the Seattle Outboard Association. He is currently a retired driver and helps as a crew member of Adams Racing.   

** Note: Entry into the race pits requires spectators to signed a waiver and wear close toed footwear.

Community Police Academy 2022

Want to know more about law enforcement in your area? The SeaTac police department offers access for interested citizens to gain essential knowledge of behind-the-scenes police operations!  

A Police Academy for our Citizens

Enrollees who graduate from the free citizen's academy will have an increased understanding of law enforcement's role in the criminal justice system and will gain an appreciation of the many challenges law enforcement faces in today's complex society. The academy is a 9-week, once-a-week class on Thursday evenings that allows community members to get an in-depth look at the Police Department and Sheriff's Office's special units. These include the K9 unit, Air Support, Search and Rescue and many more. 

Academy classes begin on September 22nd and will be held each Thursday evening from 6-9 p.m. at SeaTac City Hall, Burien Police Station, including field trips throughout the county.

Individuals who successfully complete the course on November 17th will receive a certificate of completion and a photo with police staff.

To apply or receive more information on the citizen's academy, SeaTac residents may contact Community Service Officer Regina Burke at 206-507-2148 or by email at

Picture This, If You Will...

Imagine a warm summer evening in August where no less than 120 costumed neighbors and guests board a fleet of pontoon boats destined for one of four locations on a lake. Their objective? To sample light hors d' oeuvres and imbibe in paired libations. 

Now imagine this scene repeating three times over! After which, all converge onto a final destination where desserts, snacks, Jell-O shots, and additional refreshments are served, and effortless conversation flows as the sunshine begins to wain at the end of the evening.  

Hard to picture? Fret not, as we have images to share depicting such an event! 
Click HERE to view photos captured from that evening. 

Next year, Tapas will be returning to the East / West leg of the lake. Three homes have already committed to playing host next year. Therefore we're seeking one more tapa and one dessert station to be ahead of schedule. Please get in touch with Jill Carroll when you're willing to commit!