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Help Keep the Spark Alive! Support Our Community 4th of July Fireworks!

Calling all Angle Lake patriots!

For many years, we've enjoyed a dazzling display of fireworks on the 4th of July, a cherished tradition that brings our community together. Unfortunately, this year, our private-public partnership with the city has ended.

To ensure this tradition continues, we need your help! We're aiming to raise a minimum of $25,000 to secure a spectacular fireworks display for our Independence Day celebration in 2025.

Here's where you come in! We're seeking pledges of support from at least 250 households willing to contribute a minimum of $100 each.

Important Note: Pledges will only be converted to actual donations once the minimum goal of $25,000 commitments is reached. There are no funds currently available to cover any potential shortfalls so please only pledge if you can commit making your indicated donation amount.

Why We Need Your Help

A magnificent fireworks display is a significant undertaking, requiring professional planning, licensing, and of course, the dazzling pyrotechnics themselves. Without the city's contribution, the financial responsibility falls entirely on our community.

How You Can Help

By committing to a $100 donation or more, you'll be directly contributing to a vibrant and unforgettable 4th of July celebration for our entire community. Imagine the joy on children's faces as they witness the dazzling display lighting up the night sky!

Let's work together to keep this tradition alive!

Here's what you can do:
  • Spread the Word! Share this message with your friends, neighbors, and family. The more support we have, the brighter our celebration will be!
  • Make Your Pledge Today! Simply email to confirm your commitment.
  • Stay Updated! We'll keep you informed on our progress towards reaching the $25,000 pledge goal.
Together, we can ensure that the spirit of Independence Day continues to shine brightly over the waters of Angle Lake in the City of SeaTac!

Angle Lake Lights Up! But is the Future Bright for Fireworks?

This year's 4th of July celebration at Angle Lake Park was a resounding success! We owe a huge thank you to the Angle Lake Shore Club for stepping in and sponsoring a dazzling firework display that capped off a day of family fun.

However, as we celebrate the vibrant display over the lake, a shadow of uncertainty hangs over our beloved fireworks tradition. As many of you know, the City Council supported a shift toward funding an Electronic Drone Show, ultimately eliminating funding for the traditional private-public fireworks display this year.

The Angle Lake Shore Club's last-minute sponsorship ensured a spectacular show, but the future remains unclear.  Can we rely on private sponsorships every year?

This is where we, the Angle Lake community, come in.

For generations, an All-American Traditional 4th of July fireworks have been a cornerstone of our lakeside celebrations. The dazzling lights reflected on the water, the shared "oohs" and "ahs" – these memories are woven into the fabric of our community spirit.

We urge you to join us in voicing your support for the continuation of this cherished American tradition.

Here are some ways you can help:

  • Contact the City Council: Let them know how much the fireworks mean to you and urge them to find a way to secure funding in the future.
  • Spread the Word: Talk to your neighbors, friends, and family about the importance of keeping the fireworks tradition alive. Consider making a pledge of financial support to ensure a display in 2025.
  • Join the Conversation: Attend community meetings and voice your support for future fireworks displays.

Together, we can ensure that the skies over Angle Lake continue to light up with joy, not just on the 4th of July, but for many years to come.

Comments for the Shore Club Executive Board may be sent to:

Angle Lake Fireworks: the End of an Era?

For as long as anyone on the lake can remember, Angle Lake has always had fireworks every 4th of July. This article delves into the rich history (albeit brief telling) of this community tradition, from its humble beginnings to a potential uncertain future. 

From Backyard Celebration to Community Spectacle

In the way early days, when there were few homes, consisting mostly of summer cabins, many around the lake would produce their own personal 4th of July fireworks displays. 

With the formation of the Shore Club in 1933, leaders from the organization would go door to door collecting donations for a common, community show. One founding member, the late Bud Jones, shared his recollection of the early days. On Independence Day, after gathering donations, he together with a couple neighbors and a gaggle of kids would load up in his pickup truck and head to the reservation to purchase as many firework products as the money collected would buy. They would then return to set off the fireworks in the evening – also recalling that the product had much shorter fuses than today and mildly complained of singed ankles! 

In later years, Jones explained that the State implemented legislation that required licensed pyrotechnicians to perform detonation of fireworks. Bud then decided he’d get a license… the problem was, he failed the test on several attempts. So, the year following the new ruling a pyrotechnic was hired to help produce the show – however, according to Jones, they sent a girl who didn’t have a clue what she was doing so he suggested that she step aside to supervise while he proceeded to set off the charges. 

Another long-term resident, Shirley Stevens (raised from a small child on the north end of Angle Lake), recalled that the community wanted to keep the fireworks show to themselves, keeping county and eventually city government out of it in fear that they would take over the display, reducing community pride in producing their own display. But over time as huge crowds continued to gather at the public park and the products and supporting vendor contracts became more expensive, it was decided that it was only fair for local government to start chipping in on a show that the public was benefiting from, as well. 

A Collaborative Effort

After much repeated wrangling the council at the time agreed to support the show with a nominal contribution of $2,500. This continued for several years until Lonnie Goulet took over as president. Always one to make improvements where opportunity exists, he was determined to make the show bigger and better, producing a larger show provided a much-improved visual experience for the thousands now gathering in the park. Year over year, Lonnie and others from the community delivered public comments to the council justifying an increased spend and each year were faced with resistance but where eventually granted more funds, ultimately reaching as high as $10,000 annual many years later. 

This continued well until such time that the show outgrew the capabilities of the single vendor able to provide a launch platform to produce displays from the center of the lake, ultimately it was decided that the contractor had to go and was fired as a result. The city then stepped in to host a show from the docks located at the public park. This filled the gap but was considered inadequate because the significant safety clearance area required a third of the park to be closed off from public access, which included the entire beach, and produced a much smaller display overall. 

The solution, Goulet suggested that the club members come together to pool private member donations to build their own platform. Local fire officials advised that 1,600 sq feet surface area would be necessary to launch from (which included an onboard manned boom shack for pyrotechnicians to operate from). The result is that club resources, with matching funds from 5 identified ‘owners’ would produce a total of seven 10’ by 24’ barges (240sqft valued at over $10,000 each) to operate as interconnecting platforms to meet the space requirements necessary. The club completed this task in just over a years’ time. 

Once complete, the city agreed to return the show to a center lake location, allowing for a display nearly three times as large as the dockside show and allowing the park, in its entirety, to reopen to public access. This worked well… until Covid hit. 

The plan before Covid was to produce a never-before-seen display on Angle Lake to celebrate the thirtieth-year anniversary of the city’s incorporation. With remote firing capabilities, the idea was to launch from 3 individual locations around the lake – North Leg firing smaller 3” shells and cakes, Center Lake consisting of our typical 6” shells and cakes, whereas the Western Leg would fire 8” shells. With the pandemic shut down, the city celebration passed without fanfare, but when the fireworks returned in 2022, the club set forth with the plan – the city providing almost 2/3 funding with the club supplying the rest including in-kind material use and labor to produce the show. This resulted in an amazing experience for all who witnessed it.

An Unforeseen Turn of Events

Fast forward to 2024. As a result of a single resident sighting a complaint against the annual outboard motor boat and hydroplane races, referring to a 1930’s supreme court ruling which stated ‘a single resident/property owner could not restrict or incumber another owners use of their property’ – at the time of the early 20th century ruling it was considered that Angle Lake was non-navigable waters and therefore, the adjacent property owners had rights beyond the high water mark and out to the center of the lake. The claim then was that restricted use of the surface waters to support the boat races prohibited property owners’ rights. The city interpreted this as a risk and as a result not only determined that park use supporting boat racing would be denied, but also that Fireworks, Open Water Swim Races, Organized Sailboat Races and any other activities requiring a restricted course or area would also be unsupported. 

The complainant’s intent was to shut down the annual boat racing event, but the unintended consequences impacted the fireworks, as well. The city would not risk any potential lawsuit brought forth due to supporting a restricted surface lake use in any way and determined that an Electronic Lighted Drone Show would be a better solution. This display is said to not require restricting lake surface use and impacts a much smaller portion of the public park area than a firework display from the docks requires. 

The Future: Uncertain But Not Hopeless

To Lonnie Goulet’s credit an account consisting of excess fireworks donations over the years were accumulated into a reserve fund in anticipation of a day when the city would pull out of the standing public-private partnership. That day has come. 

As a result of the city’s decision to pull out and produce their own drone show, the Shore Club Executive Board and Volunteers determined that a ‘final show’ would be produced in 2024 using the targeted fireworks reserve funds. A single combined platform will again be positioned at the center of the lake (elbow) for all to see.

Is this the final show? A few major challenges exist for producing future fireworks displays. One challenge is the eventual loss of the Angle Lake RV Park property use for load in and staging operations and the other is that our current vendor has stated that it requires no less than a $25,000 contract to produce a display – and this minimum is expected to rise year over year as inflation continues. Unless additional funding sources can be secured (City Partnership, Title Sponsorship) $25k is a lot for one neighborhood to come up with each year. 

The future of Angle Lake's fireworks is uncertain, but the community's spirit and history of innovation offer hope. Can the tradition continue? Only time will tell.  

Attention Angle Lake Residents! Get Ready for 4th of July Fun!

The Angle Lake Shore Club is thrilled to announce our 4th of July schedule of activities and locations. Get ready for a day packed with events for the whole family, all happening right here on beautiful Angle Lake.

We are also thrilled to announce that the Shore Club Members will host this year’s phenomenal fireworks display immediately following the City of SeaTac lighted drone show.

4th of July Festivities: Celebrate Independence Day lakeside with the community parade, races around the lake, and a dazzling fireworks display!

  • Bud Jones Memorial Race ‘round the Lake and Family Fun Walk 
  • Angle Lake Manor Community Parade
  • Standup Paddleboard Poker  
  • Water Sports Races
  • Evening Festive Boats Parade
  • Lighted Drone Show and Fireworks Display

Plus, don't forget to save the date for:

Saturday, August 10th: It's the Annual Tasty Tapas event! Embark on a unique roving dinner party by boat around the lake. Savor delicious tapas and enjoy the company of fellow Angle Lake residents. 
(Tickets on sale now!)