It's Here! The New ALSC Store Front is Open!

Hey everyone,
We're bursting with excitement to finally announce the launch of our brand new ALSC Store Front!

This has been a long-awaited project, and we're thrilled to finally offer a one-stop shop for all your ALSC needs. Whether you're a dedicated member looking to renew or simply a Shore Club enthusiast who wants to show off your support, the store has merchandise to offer!

Here's what you can find at the new ALSC Store Front:

  • Membership Renewals: Renewing your ALSC membership is now easier than ever! Simply head over to the store and take care of it in a few clicks. Your continued support is vital to our mission of providing unique family friendly social events in effort to build a stronger community.

  • ALSC Merchandise: We've got some select of ALSC branded merchandise options, perfect for showing your Shore Club pride. Initially offering t-shirts and flags and adding additional items in the future.
Head over to the ALSC Store Front today! Using the QR Code above or by clicking on the following link:

PS Spread the word! Share this exciting news with your friends and neighbors.

The ALSC Newsletter Arrives with a Splash!

Calling all Shore Club enthusiasts! Buckle up because we've got a newsletter chock-full of exciting news that's sure to make waves!

Inside this issue: 

A Message from the President: Embracing Change and Looking Forward

In this issue, we're honored to feature a special message from our esteemed president, John Bennett. Get ready for some insightful words about embracing positive change within our traditions, ensuring we stay on the cutting edge while cherishing our legacy.

Spotlight on Our Superstars: Recognizing Remarkable Volunteers

Our incredible volunteers are the heart and soul of the Angle Lake Shore Club, and we're dedicating a section to celebrating their tireless efforts! We'll be shining a light on some of their most impactful contributions and expressing our deepest gratitude for their unwavering dedication.

A Look Back, a Leap Forward: Recap of Past Events and the Road Ahead

Get ready for a whirlwind tour of all the amazing events that made this past season unforgettable! We'll be reminiscing about the highlights, the laughter, and the memories we created together. But fret not, this is just the beginning! We'll also be offering a sneak peek at what exciting events await us on the horizon.

Don't Miss Out! 

This newsletter is just a small sampling of the exciting treasure trove of information, inspiration, and a whole lot of fun! Don't wait – head over to our blogsite and subscribe today! We promise you won't regret it.

Double the Dazzle! Fireworks & Drone Show Light Up Angle Lake

Dear Neighbors and Shore Club Members, 

Mark your calendars!  The Angle Lake Shore Club is thrilled to announce our annual fireworks spectacular on July 4th 2024!  This year, we’re coordinating with the City and throwing an extra exciting event filled with pixelated drones and fireworks.  

The evening’s festivities will kick off with a dazzling drone show, choreographed to music and presented by City of SeaTac Parks & Recreation Department, followed by the fireworks grand finale, hosted by ALSC.  

At 9:45pm, set your eyes toward the west end of the lake for the drone show and look east toward the ALSC fireworks display at approximately 10:10pm.  

This will be an unforgettable event and the first of its kind for our city! Start planning your 4th of July parties at Angle Lake and enjoy this very special evening with family and friends.   

Everyone is welcome! 

This event wouldn't be possible without the tireless efforts of the Angle Lake Shore Club Board, financial support from our ALSC members, and coordination with our City officials. 

Join us as we celebrate Independence Day 2024 - See you there! 

John Bennett
Angle Lake Shore Club

Dim the Lights and Help the Bats: Why Your Outdoor Lighting Matters

Evenings are a beautiful time to relax on the patio or enjoy a cup of coffee on your porch. But the bright lights we use for security and ambiance can have unintended consequences for our nocturnal neighbors – bats.

Bats are fascinating creatures that play a vital role in our ecosystem. They're incredible insectivores, consuming vast quantities of mosquitoes, moths, and other flying insects that can be bothersome or even harmful to humans.

Unfortunately, the bright lights we use around our homes can disrupt bat activity in several ways:

  • Disrupted Night Vision:  Unlike the image of a blind bat, most bat species have good eyesight, but it's adapted for low-light conditions. Bright lights can be disorienting and make it difficult for them to navigate and hunt effectively.
  • Delayed Emergent Time: Bats are most active at night, emerging from their roosts to feed after dusk.  Bright lights near roosting areas can delay their emergence, reducing their foraging time.
  • Habitat Abandonment: In extreme cases, persistent bright lights can make an entire area unusable for bats. They may abandon roosts altogether, seeking darker areas for raising their young and resting.

Simple Solutions for a Bat-Friendly Environment 
There are some easy steps you can take to minimize the impact of your outdoor lighting on bats:

  • Use Motion-Sensor Lights:  These lights only turn on when they detect movement, providing security while minimizing unnecessary light pollution.
  • Shield Your Lights:  Choose fixtures that cast light downwards, preventing it from spilling out into the surrounding environment.
  • Use Warmer Light Bulbs:  Cooler, blue-toned lights are more disruptive to wildlife. Opt for bulbs with a warmer color temperature, like yellow or orange.
  • Reduce Light Intensity:  Consider using lower wattage bulbs or dimming existing lights where possible.

By making small changes to your outdoor lighting, you can create a more bat-friendly habitat. Remember, a healthy bat population helps control insect pests and contributes to a balanced ecosystem in your backyard.

Together, we can help bats continue their valuable work while still enjoying the beauty of our outdoor spaces at night!

SeaTac Prepares for Additional TOD Projects Around Angle Lake Station

Over a decade ago, the City of SeaTac set the wheels in motion for transit-oriented development (TOD) in the Angle Lake Station area, aiming to leverage the existing light rail station and major commercial road [1]. This prime location is ideal for high-density housing projects.

One specific area poised for transformation is the former "The Firs" mobile home park, situated directly south of the Angle Lake Station on International Boulevard, next to the International House of Pancakes (IHOP).

Plans surfaced last fall proposing a mixed-use development on this vacant land at 20446 International Blvd. This proposal hinges on a zoning change from the city, which recently issued a determination of non-significance under the State Environmental Policy Act (SEPA).

Local hospitality investors own the roughly 6.5-acre, L-shaped property. UIL Architects, on their behalf, formulated a plan to section the property into new development parcels on the northeast and west sides.

The northeast portion, facing South 204th Street, could potentially house a seven-story apartment building with 85 units and a parking structure with 157 stalls.

Meanwhile, the western section on International Boulevard could see the construction of a seven-story, 160-room hotel with a surface parking lot offering 234 spaces.

Nestled within the former Firs property, behind the IHOP and Sleep Inn, lies a separate vacant lot at 20406 International Blvd. This nearly 2-acre property is under separate ownership by DevCo and Heartland Construction. While a seven-story, 155-unit apartment building was once envisioned for this space, Peak Commercial Partners recently listed it for sale at $5 million.

With the zoning change seemingly on the horizon, the possibility exists that the owners of The Firs may put their northeast parcel on the market. This could pave the way for a single developer to undertake both apartment projects concurrently. 

Source: 2013 Commissioned Study for recommended TOD planning.