The One That Didn't Get Away!

The Return of the Angle Lake Shore Club Fishing Derby

The Shore Club continues to return our activities to in-person events. On May 15th, the Todd and the Langenbach residences on the northwest leg of the lake became the site for our ever-popular annual Fishing Derby, Community Barbeque, and Raffle Drawing for 2022. 

Even though the rain was relentless and would not let up, it was terrific to witness the crowd gathered were as happy to meet new neighbors and greet familiar ones as they were as anxious to win some fabulous prizes in our raffle contest! 

Bruce Bryant attempts to enter this
'Filet of Sole' into the oddest fish category!

Overall there were 19 fish brought in for measuring, not including the many that got away! And I'm happy to report several were released alive back into the lake after recording. Actually, it appeared that Richard and Robin Farmer kept bringing in and releasing the same fish several times! After a while, we teased that we would tag the fish to make sure it wasn't the same one being returning for measurement. 

Our 'resident expert' Richard Rock surprisingly came up empty this year; however, our 'consistent Chow' Murphy took first place for longest fish, bringing in the 17 3/4" Rainbow Trout for measuring. With that, she netted the $122 top prize. Young Mr. Carroll brought in the only Perch among all other Trout, awarding him the prize for most odd fish.

As a result of many of the fishing categories going unawarded this year, we shifted the unclaimed remaining prizes over to the raffle table for inclusion in the drawing. Pam and Dave Yoruzu stand out from the many winners as their luck helped them pull in several prizes each. However, the top raffle prize of an electric bicycle went to Katherine Evans-Race. 

Overall, even considering the merciless drenching, this year's Derby was a welcomed opportunity to finally get back together and get acquainted/reacquainted with our neighbors. Event photos captured by our club photographer, Tani Rae Standridge, are available to view through this LINK

Check back regularly as more photos, including a special video, are expected to be added in the near future.

Have a Whale of a Time at the Fishing Derby

We're back with some Good Food, Great Fun, Amazing Prizes…  
Oh, and Fishing!

Sunday, May 15th is the date when our annual Fishing Derby will return.  If you’ve attended past Angle Lake Shore Club Fishing Derby’s, you’re already aware that this event is about so much more than just fishing – it’s about neighbors meeting one another, building a greater sense of community around the lake. 
A single $5 Fishing Derby Raffle Ticket purchase is required to participate in the event. The ticket entitles the holder to:
  • Entry into the Fishing Competition. Largest Trout caught wins $122 Cash! Other merchandise prizes will be awarded per predetermined age, gender and species categories. NOTE: Twisted Lake, Twisted Rules! Largest fish is based on length. Longest fish wins the top prize. In the event of a tie, the next longest fish wins the prize!  
  • Food. A continental breakfast will be available at 9:00 AM at the host site and a barbecue lunch at Noon consisting of hot dogs, hamburgers, fixings, and sides will also be provided. Plus, if we're lucky, we'll catch a few giant salmon to munch on!
  • Prizes. This year our grand prizes will include an Electric Bicycle; an Exercise Machine; and numerous other prizes including ALSC Event Tickets for the ever popular Tasty Tapas and the Member-only exclusive Christmas Party. 
All of that for Just $5! However, why not improve your chances of winning a raffle prize while also increasing support for our community events. Please be generous and consider purchasing our best deal – 10 tickets for just $20! All money collected goes to cover the fishing event expenses; any surplus funds carry over to benefit our other ALSC programs like the Polar Plunge, Easter Bunny Dock Hop, the Halloween BooBoat and Christmas Santa Cruise.  

Our board members will continue going door to door this week selling tickets. If you miss them you can still purchase tickets at the event. If we miss you, please feel free to use the online ORDER FORM to purchase tickets and/or make a contribution to our fireworks show. 

(UPDATE) Easter Picture Status... Sent by Hare-Mail!

As our Easter Bunny, Rabbit De Niro, was preparing for a return to his regular work at IHOP, he penned a note to the Shore Club recapping the “egg-cellent” experience he enjoyed during each of the 10 different dock stops, handing out a total of 35 “ear-resistible” baskets to the awaiting children on Angle Lake.  

He also mentioned that he is anxious to share with everyone the photos from the event, however he currently is having difficulty locating the files on his ‘floppy’ disk. He apologized for the delay but promises to send them as soon as they are located. 

He requests your patience and thanks you for your understanding. 


Editors Note: SUCCESS! 

The photos have been located and are now on line to view or download as you choose. 
Click HERE to access the album.

We'd also like to take this opportunity to give a BIG THANK YOU to a few select members who had donated their time on Easter Sunday to help make this event a big success. Please join us in thanking:

  • Jim Todd - Pontoon Boat Captain
  • Robyn Todd - Bunny Handler
  • Bruce Bryant - First Mate and Deckhand
  • Jennifer Marcum - Club Photographer
With their help they were able to help create a memorable childhood experience to last a lifetime. 

In-Person Activities Return Easter Weekend!

We are all very ‘hoppy’ to announce that many traditional Easter activities are returning to an in-person format. Events are being held on Saturday and Sunday. Masking is recommended but no longer required, and you might still consider maintaining distancing of six Peeps apart!

SeaTac Easter Egg Scramble

The City of SeaTac Parks & Recreation is offering an in-person Egg Scramble this year from 9:00 until 11:00 am. This free event is being held at the SeaTac Community Center in North SeaTac. It will be a fun twist on the traditional Egg Hunt. Kids 10 years and younger will enjoy participating in crafts, visiting the face painter and balloon artists, receiving a goodie bag, and of course, the Easter bunny will all be available to greet all participants. Puget Sound Fire will also be on-site, offering tours of the fire engine.

Shore Club Easter Bunny Dock Hop

On Sunday, April 17th, the Easter Bunny will head south to Angle Lake. Between the hours of 9:00 and 11:00 am, he’ll be circling the lake by way of a pontoon boat, hopping from dock to dock with his basket full of eggs and ready to hand out treats to any eagerly awaiting children and their families.

If you have young children at home and would like to ensure a visit from the Easter Bunny, please contact Jim Todd via email no later than Friday, April 15th, to request a stop. Send an email to providing your name, address, and an indication of how many children are expected to be present.

Please also note:  If you have a gift basket that you wish to have personally presented to your child by the Easter Bunny, please have these baskets delivered to Nancy Erickson at post 40 before the deadline of Friday, April 15th as well.

Happy Easter Holiday and Spring Welcoming!

Fishing Prohibited at Angle Lake?

Protesters from the organization, “People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals”, are demanding a ban on fishing at Angle Lake, otherwise will aim to disrupt the scheduled fishing derby.   

Could the Angle Lake Shore Club Fishing Derby wind up being a real snoozer? Just days after the Spring Newsletter was posted announcing May 15th as the scheduled date for our Fishing Derby, the ALSC Board received a faxed memo from PETA threatening to release a substantial amount of sleeping pills into the lake if a ban on fishing is not approved.

The faxed document included a copy of the letter sent to the SeaTac Parks & Recreation Department Director  demanding that fishing be banned. The letter lays claim that the violent act of fishing and its consequences do not complement the peace and tranquility of Ange Lake. They state fish are thought to have sufficient brain capacity to experience fear and pain. They cite concern that fish being torn from the water suffer results in a miserable underwater world experience for the many orphaned fry left behind.

The organization then threatens that if fishing is not prohibited, they plan to sabotage the Angle Lake Shore Club Fishing Derby in protest. The notice states that the organization promises to disrupt the event by dissolving sleeping pills into the lake, thus knocking out all the fish for the day and sparing them from anglers’ hooks.

Since Washington State Department of Fish and Wildlife is responsible for stocking the lake, we contacted Tu Morrow, Biologist with DFW, asking if a ban is possible. Morrow informed us that Angle Lake is subject to King County regulations and Washington State Shoreline Management rules; however it is not a state park, nor is it a nature preserve. It is a municipal recreation area, and by definition, the recreation area accommodates a wide variety of recreational pursuits -- including fishing. At the time of this writing, SeaTac Park staff has promised that no restriction will be placed on fishing at Angle Lake. Instead, police patrols will be posted at the Angle Lake Nature Trail and Public Boat Ramp, ready to intercept any PETA members suspected of carrying armfuls of tranquilizer tablets.

The Shore Club has confirmed that they are going forward with plans to host the Annual Fishing Derby and Community Barbecue on Sunday, May 15th. The Club requests that any neighbor who witness an individual illegally discharging materials into the lake to immediately report this to local authorities. The ask is that you refrain from dialing 911 and instead use the dedicated phone number that has been set up to receive the fastest possible response. 

Please call 206-ITS-JOKE or (206) 482-5653 to report any suspicious activity. 

(Postscript:  This is an April Fools Joke)