Seeking Volunteers for Water Quality Surveys

Are you interested saving Angle Lake from the horrors of dense weed infestations?

The King County Noxious Weed Control Program would like to invite you to attend a free training program to help prevent the spread of noxious weeds in our lake.

The 2015 Lake Weed Watcher Training
Saturday, June 27, 2015 (9:30 am – 11:30 am)
Lake Desire Community Clubhouse
18118 172nd Ave SE Renton, WA 98058

The Lake Weed Watcher Program trains volunteers to survey for aquatic weeds in small lakes in King County, Washington. Volunteers are trained to identify both native and non-native aquatic plants.  The goal of the project is to watch for populations of invasive weeds that are not currently known to occur in King County or that have a very limited distribution, but have the potential to spread and cause damage.  Detecting these weeds early allows us to stop them before they get too entrenched to remove.

The training will cover:
  • Plant identification
  • Survey method
  • Data entry and submittal
The County Program provides:
  • Training in survey methodology and plant identification
  • All necessary survey equipment (other than that mentioned below)
  • Plant identification materials
Volunteers need to provide:
  • A small boat (e.g. canoe) and a place to launch it (if you don't live on a lake we can help you choose a lake with a public boat ramp)
  • Personal flotation device (PFD) and any other required water safety equipment
  • Ability to attend one this training session
  • Approximately one field day in early July and one field day in late August or early September
The majority of the session be in the “classroom” however will also include time at the waterfront at the end of the training for more plant ID and equipment use training.

“We’ve had good participation in the program last year and hope to expand participation this year” says Joe Neumann, Noxious Weeds Control Specialist with the Department of Natural Resources, King County. “The training is open to returning and new volunteers. Please feel free to relay this invitation to anyone interested in helping keep lakes healthy.”

To sign up for the training, contact Joe Neumann or at 206-477-4331. Ben Peterson can still be reached at or 206-477-4724.

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Community Yard Sale! Memorial Day Weekend

The Angle Lake Manor has planned the annual Angle Lake Community Garage Sale for Memorial Day Weekend!  The dates selected are May 22nd, and 23rd and 24th. Advertising will be placed in the local papers with additional online postings on Craigslist to help promote the event. The Angle Lake Community will be described as the area between 188th Street on the North; 200th Street to the South; International Boulevard at the West; and Military Road to the East.

Signs will be posted at all street corners throughout the area and will remain up through Sunday, May 24th for those wanting to continue selling through the entire weekend. If you’d like more information or want a sign for your yard (while supplies last) please contact Oren Hadaller at (206) 878-6745.

This event is expected to draw hundreds of value hunters into our area seeking bargains. If you’ve been thinking about ridding yourself of some of your excess goods, don’t put it off any longer – this is the perfect time to sell it! Plus, we've even provided you with some great tips to make your sale most successful - click here to reveal the flyer.

And what's even better? There is no cost to you to participate. 

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Community Survey Results Meeting

At the beginning of April, the City of SeaTac invited the community to participate in a 2015 Resident Satisfaction Survey. The information collected through this survey would be used as the basis to assist staff members gauge whether our city is providing programs, services and amenities needed and desired by members of the community with a goal of ensuring SeaTac is a more livable community.

Regardless if you had participated in the prior survey or not, you are invited to join other community members to review and discuss the results of the survey.

Resident Satisfaction Survey Community Meeting
Bow Lake Elementary 18237 42nd Ave. So.
Thursday, May 21, 2015 
6:00 – 6:30 PM Dinner
6:30 – 8:00 PM Community Conversations

If attending, please RSVP by emailing Soraya Lowry at or calling the RSVP line: 206.973.4817

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Last Call! Are You On Board?

The shore club is rallying our neighbors to band together in an effort to finance, build and/or harbor the firework barges that are necessary to continue our 4th of July tradition with fireworks over Angle Lake. An information meeting will be held on Tuesday evening, May 19th to discuss the proposal in detail with those who have an interest in supporting this effort.

Firework Barge Kick Off Meeting
Tuesday, May 19th at 6:30 PM
Home of Steve and Debbie Beck
19244 – 39th Ave So., Angle Lake Manor

It’s been a difficult couple of years where our neighborhood fireworks display has resulted in disappointment. Our previous stalwart contractor who had executed flawless displays for years began falling considerably short in delivering the quality shows that we had grown accustomed to. After giving a second chance with no better results, the Shore Club was forced sever our business relations with Eagle Fireworks due to their unprofessional and negligent execution of the past two displays. Since that time the club has been faced with the challenge of filling a very large gap that was created with the absence of a legitimate platform from which to launch the firework show from.

If the task were only to replace the previous barge with a like solution – that would be one thing. However the rules, regulations and safety requirements associated with fireworks have become exceedingly stringent that the shore club is now required to produce a surface large enough to establish a minimum 6 feet distance between the pyro-technicians and 3” mortars and a minimum distance of 32 feet for the 8” shells.

“We need to move forward with our plans to secure our own floating platform from which we can stage future fireworks shows from the middle of the lake for all our members to see” proclaimed Lonnie Goulet, Shore Club President. “To accomplish this we need to build approximately six (6) individual barges designed and constructed to fit together forming a modular temporary floating platform measuring approximately 1,400 sf. This size of platform will be sufficient to stage the larger displays that we’ve all become accustomed to.”

To accomplish this goal, we need the participation and support from club members and neighbors who share a passion toward re-establishing our traditional fireworks show over the center of Angle Lake. This includes individuals who can support the effort financially; with volunteer labor; and/or committing to becoming a site location to store a barge. 

If you harbor a passion for this long time community tradition and want to help re-establish and sustain it, we encourage you to make plans to attend the upcoming informational meeting. RSVP is appreciated. Please reply via email ( or contact Fuzz Hill at (206) 972-7220.

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