Music in the Park at Angle Lake

This is a reminder that the Sunday Evening Music in the Park concert series at Angle Lake is now in full swing and we just received notice that the series has been extended with a final performance concluding on August 14th. Boat parking will continue to be an available option if you chose to arrive by water, otherwise overflow parking for land transportation will be available courtesy of the Alaska Airlines Group in  their corporate headquarters parking lot immediately north of the park.

Whichever method you prefer to arrive by, be sure to bring your lawn chairs and/or blankets to sit on, some snacks or refreshments if you choose and prepare to kick back and enjoy a lazy summer evening filled with music. Please take note that the audience area is surrounded by tall fir trees – where the shade can be considered a blessing during hot summer days or a source of discomfort during the cooler evenings! So be sure to also bring a jacket if you're susceptible to chill… otherwise you might likely find yourself sitting wrapped up that blanket you brought instead of sitting on it!  

Attend Tasty Tapas For Free!

What can possibly be better than Tasty Tapas?  Attending Tasty Tapas for free!!!  Interested?  Then all you have to do is call Jim Todd and let him know that you’re interested in hosting a station!  Seriously folks, due to unfortunate circumstances we have come up short and are now desperately seeking two additional stations. 

If you've already attended either of the first two Tasty Tapas you know how much fun it is to go to various locations to sample delicious hors d'oeuvres while engaged in great conversation with neighbors from our community and their invited guests.  Now consider how much more fun it can be when everyone is coming to you, giving you the opportunity to show off your culinary skills and your bar tending prowess.  Maintaining the maximum number of visitors to no more than thirty per stop helps ensure a quality experience for the guests as well as the station hosts.

Hosting a station is relatively easy and can be made even easier by recruiting extended family to help or even collaborating with your immediate neighbors to pull it off as a group effort.  Host volunteers are provided a generous budget to help cover all food and beverage costs. Hors d’oeuvres don't need to be elaborate but should be relatively simple snacks that are enhanced when partnered with a complimentary beverage.

With the Tasty Tapas scheduled for Saturday, August 13th our time is short.  We are targeting to have all locations identified no later than Friday July 29th.  If you do decide to host or just need additional information, please contact Jim Todd for further details.

Angle Lake Clean Sweep

Volunteers from the Angle Lake Community will gather at the public park boat launch and set out at 9:00 AM for the first annual Angle Lake Clean Sweep event.  The City of Seatac Parks and Recreation Department will  provide garbage bags and trash collection tools to the group in support of their effort to scour the public spaces on the southwest end of the lake to rid the area of the litter. If you've traveled this end of the lake recently, you no doubt realize what an enormous job this is going to be to gather all the trash that has accumulated in this area. However, the burden may be significantly lessened on each individual if enough folks volunteer to help. 

DATE: Saturday, July 23rd
TIME: 9:00 AM until NOON
PLACE: Angle Lake Park

The team will be split up into groups where walkers will be assigned to concentrate on the surface areas, while waders and snorkelers will be committed to clearing the shallow waters of the shoreline and three adventurous individuals decked out in scuba gear will gather debris from the deep! Boat transportation is available to carry anyone who is interested catching a ride to the park and back or if anyone has any larger items they need help in delivering to the park by boat they should call Judy Williams to arrange for pick up. 

Although the bulk of organized effort will be focused mainly on the SW end of the lake, it is not intended to discourage residents from taking their own initiative in forming teams to collect litter from neighborhood streets in their area and bringing it to the park collection point prior to 12:00 noon where the City will assist in disposing of it.

This is a good opportunity to get out in some nice weather, teaming up with your neighbors in doing great things for the community.  At this time the only thing missing is YOU!  Won't you please consider joining us.

America’s Night Out On Crime – August 2nd

National Night Out is a program designed to generate support and participation in local anticrime efforts, by strengthening neighborhood spirit and continue building police-community partnerships.  Neighborhoods throughout SeaTac are invited to join forces with thousands of other communities nationwide for the “29th Annual National Night Out Against Crime”.

From 7:00-10:00 PM on Tuesday, August 2, residents in neighborhoods throughout SeaTac and across the nation are asked to lock their doors, turn on outside lights, and spend the evening outside with neighbors, friends, and police.  Many neighborhoods throughout SeaTac will be hosting a variety of special events.  For information on events in your area please contact Officer Doug Reynolds, Community Crime Prevention Officer at 206.973.4904.

If you’re already planning to form your own neighborhood Night Out activities we encourage you to register your event by completing and email the following ELECTRONIC FORM no later than July 23rd. Registering your event before the deadline will enable SeaTac Police and Fire Officials to schedule a visit to your location for an opportunity to share additional valuable information on how to effectively combat crime in your area and share other promotional goodies with your group (while supplies last!). 

Let’s all plan to collect in the streets with our neighbors on Tuesday, August 2nd prepared to have a good time and to send a message to criminals letting them know our neighborhoods are organized and are fighting back.

"It's Beginning To Look A Lot Like..."

“ …Election Time!”
You may have noticed campaign signs popping up like weeds along the roadside? And with a strong likelihood that many more will surface in the remaining weeks leading up to the City Council election  you can sure tell it’s beginning to heat up for a very active election season in SeaTac!  That is because four of seven seats are up for election plus the proposition for an elected mayor will make another attempt at passage again this year on the November ballot.

The council positions and candidates are as follows:
Position 1: Gene Fischer (incumbent); Barry Ladenburg
Position 3: Terry Anderson (incumbent); Othman Hiebe; Sandra Cook-Bensley
Position 5: Dave Bush; Michael Kovaks
Position 7: Mia Gregorson (incumbent); Erin Sitterley

A few candidates have indicated that it takes some serious cash to fuel an election where campaign budgets can run around eight to ten thousand dollars per candidate to purchase yard signs, leaflets, postcards, postage, etc..  To cover these costs, candidates will normally solicit their supporters for donations whereas other may hold fundraising events.

In the case of candidate Mia Gregorson, she is inviting all potential supporters to join her for a fundraising dinner which will provide guests with the opportunity to meet with other supporters and discuss the future of SeaTac.  A minimum $10 cover charge gets you in the door and provides you dinner,  all other contributions above that amount goes toward her campaign expenses.  Gregorson’s Re-Election Dinner will be held at Pabla Punjabi Palace 15245 International Blvd. on Friday, 6 – 8 PM.  

Elections are one of those liberties that are still not common practice in many other parts of the world.  We urge you to take advantage of this unique right, encourage you to invest time to research the issues and the candidate backgrounds and to fulfill your duty as a citizen by voting for the candidate(s) you feel will best represent your interests in local government affairs.     

Seeking Your Feedback On The 4th

This past Monday, July 4th the citizens of the United States of America took time to honor and celebrate the historic declaration of separation from the rule of the British Empire, which created the birth of our independent, self governed nation. To honor this occasion, numerous volunteers from the Angle Lake Community planned, organized and executed family friendly events hosted throughout a fun filled day and  climaxed with the big fireworks display over the lake.  

We’d like to acknowledge the herculean effort undertook by the many volunteers and recognize and thank the lake area residents for their financial donations and the additional funding from the citizen’s of the City of Seatac. None of this would have been possible without the generous support from each of these organizations.

And now, in effort to wrap up this event, we’d like to receive input and feedback from you regarding the celebration events! We’re asking you to leave your comments right here on the BLOGSITE or by clicking this LINK to complete a brief online survey.  The survey will remain in effect until Wednesday, July 13th.

Your responses will remain anonymous if you wish, however, feedback is taken more serious if the author is identified - whichever you choose your input is greatly appreciated!

NOTE: To leave your mark - click on the comments link below, enter in what you wish to say in the comments box, type the validation phrase, choose an identity, then Publish Your Comment and your good to go! 

Celebrate America's Freedoms

What a gorgeous day Saturday turned out to be! Sunshine and a high temperatiure of 81 degrees recorded at SeaTac, the first time since September 3, 2010. Welcome summer! Hold the confetti for now though, a slight downturn is on the way for Sunday. But don’t fret, July 4th still looks great! Look for a few morning clouds, then lots of clearing with highs in the mid 70s. Any clouds that remain should have bases well above the range of fireworks, so viewing should be excellent-much better than last year!

Independence Day Schedule of Activities
10:00 AM - Parade at the Angle Lake Manor
11:00 AM – Run Around the Lake starts at Post 36 on Military Road. (11:00 start for Walkers / 11:30 for Runners)
01:00 PM – Judging of Decorated Docks and Prize Awards
03:00 PM – Swim Races for Awards and Prizes
05:00 PM – Boat Races for Awards and Prizes
10:00 PM – Fireworks Show

The Board Members of the Angle Lake Shore Club wish to remind our neighbors that discharge of private fireworks is prohibited within SeaTac City Limits and encourage you instead to take the money you would have spent on personal fireworks and donate it to support the Big Show!

Have a Happy and Safe Independence Day Celebration.