Ready to Make the Jump into 2011?

With Christmas now just a recent memory, you might still consider it to be a bit too early to start thinking about next year.  However it may just take these extra days for you to muster the necessary “courage”(?) to participate in the next big community event - the Third Annual New Year’s Day Polar Bear Plunge hosted by our friends over at the Angle Lake Manor Club.

Angle Lake Manor Club Beach
3417 So 194th
Saturday, January 1st, 2011
Gather at 9:30 am – Plunge at 10:00 am Sharp
Earlier this year nine brave (?) swimmers entered the frigid waters of Angle Lake with the goal of ushering in 2010 with a big splash (and we’re pretty sure that nine of them also made it out of the water, too!). Now with two years experience in the bag, the plan is to expand this event by welcoming all Lake Area Residents and their guests to join together for this family fun celebration.  A small gift will be awarded to the first 25 participants that meet the Polar Cub Club requirement of swimming to the platform and back. Interested swim participants are encouraged to come in costume (i.e. Togas, Tutus, Tiaras and/or Crowns!) or in the least, gender appropriate swim attire is required!

Hot Coffee and Cocoa will be available for participants and spectators to enjoy before the plunge.  We gratefully acknowledge our friends at the Starbucks Coffee Company at Five Corners in Burien for their generous donation!

Hints and Safety Tips:
  • Dress Up in costume over your swimsuit to add whimsy
  • Come Early. Parking is limited. Carpool or come by boat.
  • Anyone with heart problems should consult your health care provider before participating. If you don't participate, you’re still welcome to join us and watch.
  • Do Not Drink. Alcohol does not warm you up. It accelerates hypothermia.
  • Do Not Stay In The Water Longer Than 15 Minutes. Body heat is lost 25 times faster in the water than in air.
  • Keep Your Outer Clothing On until swim time and remove any wet clothing before getting back into dry clothes.
  • Have Fun!

Seasons Greetings!

(A Letter From The Editor)
Sitting here in the calm of night, peering out the window at all the surrounding Christmas light, I reflect back on the year we had – the fun at the Fishing Derby; the excitement of the fireworks show on the Fourth of July; the tasty treats and surprise entertainment with the Floating Tapas, the camaraderie and display of athleticism at the Horse’n’around Classic, the stories and the many, many laughs exchanged during the Christmas Party, and the challenges we endured making our way around the lake on the Christmas Cruise.

I consider how fortunate I am to live in this active community of ours and am thankful for the many opportunities afforded to me to become acquainted with such wonderful neighbors.  I cherish these memories and the new friendships made that I am confident will stay with me through my lifetime…  and suddenly it occurs to me, all these recollections and relationships were accumulated within just a single year! And then I begin to get excited thinking about what the next year will bring!
(click on the photo)
I am sending a deep felt and sincere Thank You to all my neighbors for welcoming my family and me into your extraordinary community. I look forward to gathering with you again soon and meeting more of you next year.

Wishing you a Very Merry Christmas. A Safe, Happy and Prosperous New Year!

A Christmas Story (Based on True Facts!)

Santa’s (Last Resort) Christmas Helpers took to the water on Friday, December 17th to help spread yuletide cheer with our lakeside neighbors. The flotilla included the traditional two holiday barges operated by Captains Jim Todd and Bruce Bryant who were accompanied by their respective First Mates Robyn and Kathy and each with guests onboard. 

Shortly after setting sail, the group had the misfortune to be visited by some guy named "Murphy" and suffered the ill effects of his infamous "Law".  As luck would have it, the Bryant Vessel was running low on battery power to run the onboard lights and the Todd Ship propulsion system was beginning to fail.  But not to fear, the Christmas Spirit, mixed with a little ingenuity from the commodore staff, had the boats tethered together in no time so that the Bryant Boat with it's plentiful engine power propelled the two barges through the night and the Todd Craft with ample electrical supply was able to light both along the way.  But the combined girth made it too challenging to navigate onto the beaches to visit with the revelers waiting at the various bonfires.  The crew became increasingly troubled with the idea that the many neighbors who tended to bonfires on the beach would not be rewarded with a visit from the helpless elves bearing holiday enthusiasm and succulent treats.

But as something akin to the situation that Santa faced on that dreaded foggy evening, without notice a small zippy fishing boat with colorful lights circling it's rim came rushing out of the darkness toward the group.  Everyone began to question who it could be and not until they were along side the barges was it known that the dingy was under the command of Russ and Patti Austin. It proved to be the perfect solution – the barges would pass by the beach as close as possible sharing holiday greetings and Christmas music while Russ and Patti nimbly cruised up with an offer of homemade almond rocca ® to those friends who waited patiently on the beach.  The goal of helping spread Christmas Cheer was ultimately fulfilled due to good neighbors coming together to deliver a solution.

The Christmas Cruise Captains, First Mates and their guests wish to express their great appreciation for the people who turned out on the beaches, their participation truly made the event very enjoyable.  Next year we hope to continue to add more boats and be able to make more stops along the way.   Photos of the cruise are available for viewing HERE.

Christmas Cruise Friday, December 17th

If you missed your chance to make merry at the annual ALSC Members Only Christmas Party, the Shore Club is presenting another opportunity to welcome in the holiday season as the Lake Community will join together Friday, December 17th at around 7:00 PM for the Third Annual Christmas Cruise!
We encourage all interested Boat Owners to decorate your vessels with 12 volt lights and ornaments and join together with other boaters in the middle of the “L” to form a flotilla for travel along the lakeshore.  Onboard you’ll enjoy the festive lights and music, sing Christmas carols, share snacks and imbibe in holiday spirit(s) of your choosing. If you have room on your boat to carry additional passengers, please email the blog team and let us know how many extra seats you may have.

For those folks who are more interested participating from dry land, we encourage Shoreline Participants to build a beach bon fire signaling the traveling group to stop by and share some merry with you! Who knows, our substitute Santa’s may present you with a special treat – provided you’ve been especially good this year of course! Or if there’s space available, you may be invited on board to help spread cheer to other stops along the way.

It would be an extra special holiday gift to the Angle Lake Shore Club Board if we can get maximum turn out for this event!

This is it – the final Shore Club event for the year, let’s make it a fun one.

Plenty Reason to Celebrate!

The days ending November and leading into December were highlighted with a couple significant events which lend good cause for celebration!

Monday, November 29th. The many weeks of campaigning, meetings, petitions and conversations concluded with the City Officials conducting a Special Council Meeting to deliver a final vote for approval of the 2010 Comprehensive Plan.  After some additional debate and discussion, the council voted to approve all items included in the draft plan except for Map Amendment 4. By way of unanimous vote the council decided that the Lindstrom proposal for a rezone to Industrial would be denied and the property will remain with the current Medium Density Residential designation. It was mentioned that the decision was heavily influenced by the strong collective voice that was presented by the neighborhood. Thank you to all area residents who had  invested their private time to support opposition in preventing this particular map amendment change from occurring.
Saturday, December 4th. The annual ALSC Members Only Christmas Party was held this year at the home of Jim and Robyn Todd. Several of the more tenured residents commented frequently on what a wonderful job the Todd’s have done in renovating this house into the exquisite home it is today. The party was well attended by what seemed to be nearly one hundred guests enjoying a full hosted bar, tasty hors d’oeuvres and delicious buffet dinner served by Bakeman’s Restaurant.  The evening included a brief Shore Club meeting to recap the years events, the year’s best and worst list (weather topped both lists!) and recognition of service to Shirley Stevens and selection of Mr. and Mrs. Christmas. The party was scheduled to end at 8:00 PM but the guests were so wrapped up into having fun it was well past that time when the bar was finally shut down and folks began heading home…  “Time really does fly when you’re surrounded by such wonderful neighbors and having the time of your life!” For those of you who attended, we hope you had an equally wonderful time. Photos of the event are available for viewing HERE.