Help Name The Station

Every day, Sound Transit is making progress toward the goal of extending the Link light rail system between the Sea-Tac Airport and South 200th Street. During the project's early phases, the station was given the temporary or working name of S. 200th Street. The project is now approaching the time for the Sound Transit Board of Directors to choose and adopt a permanent name for the station.

Over the past few months, project representatives have been gathering input from community members and stakeholders about potential permanent station names.  The objective is to be in a position where the Sound Transit Board could formally adopt a permanent station name as early as September which is the same time the design-build construction project for the guideway and station is expected to be awarded. As part of the naming process, Sound Transit is collecting feedback via a web survey to present to the Board on the proposed choice of a station name.

Here’s your chance to help name the new link light rail station.  If you’d like to be a part of the process in choosing a future permanent name for this station, please click the link below to learn more about the station naming criteria and weigh in with your thoughts by completing the survey no later than Monday, Sept. 17.

If you have comments on any of the proposed names for the station on the South 200th Link Extension, please take a moment to send an email to

Crime Survey Complete

Thank you everyone who responded to our request for participation in the online Angle Lake Crime Survey!  A total of sixty (60) individuals took the time necessary in providing responses to the ten questions to help form a baseline understanding of the current perception of crime in our area, determine the degree of impact the average resident feels it is having on their way of life in this area of SeaTac, and supplying us with great ideas regarding what they are doing as homeowners to help combat crime within their immediate neighborhoods.

The Survey Results
A summary of the survey responses is as follows:
  • Of the 60 respondents, 56 felt crime was an issue in their neighborhood
  • With regard for how police were handling crime in their area: 33% were satisfied whereas 67% were neutral or expressed dissatisfaction.
  • When asked if they currently participate in an active block watch, 56 said they do not. However 78% of those surveyed indicated they’d be very interested or somewhat interested in forming an organized block watch and 75% expressed they would be willing to volunteer additional time to work toward crime solutions.
A Call to Action
Viewing the results above, it is clear from the responses that people are willing to invest additional time in partnering with other residents in formulating solutions to reduce their risk of becoming victims of further criminal activity.  These surveyed responses acted as the catalyst for Council Member Pam Fernald to spring into action, responding to a request for help in opening a dialog with the new Crime Prevention Office Rich Rowe and to assist in coordinating and hosting a crime prevention meeting at city facilities for residents concerned about crime.  

Community Crime Prevention Meeting
Council Chambers at SeaTac City Hall
Wednesday, August 29th 6:30 – 7:30 PM

The evening agenda will include information on crime prevention relating to home break-ins plus additional steps to take to prevent criminal activity along the lake shore, share key information on starting a block watch in your area and discussion regarding the benefits and proven effectiveness of forming block watches. There will be a question, answer and comment period at the end of the meeting as an opportunity for residents to address any unique circumstance or experience they are faced with. 

Please make plans now to attend this beneficial workshop and please encourage your neighbors to do so, too!

Angle Lake Crime Survey

There are so many things to be thankful for living in this neighborhood: neighbors who care about the area, the camaraderie that is experienced through the various Shore Club events, the Friday Night social hours on the ‘El” (which last Friday looked like a small floating city of folks out enjoying the company of their other neighbors), opportunities in boating, sailing, fishing and swimming that living on the lake affords, and of course the simple beauty of our natural surroundings and the view it provides.

However, the neighborhood does have a problem and it appears to be increasing… what I am referring to is the rise in the frequency that criminal activity is occurring in our neighborhood. We’ve heard the news reports of breaking and entering which resulted in the assailant being shot by the homeowner; we learned of instances where home and car windows as well as overhead lights have been shot out, we’re aware of the recent property thefts occurring along the lakeshore, we’ve witnessed the results of mail theft seeing postal materials strewn about the culverts and walkways along our streets.  And now it appears that even our City Government is not immune to the problem of property crime in our area either. I just learned on Saturday that sometime during the morning hours the Angle Lake Park restrooms were broken into and all the copper piping was removed… rendering the restroom inoperable, requiring portable restrooms to be deployed until the plumbing can be replaced.

Crime can have negative effects on community morale as well as business growth and development.  Fear of being victimized by crime affects purchasing habits, community involvement and tourism. Preventing crime is the responsibility of those who seek a safe, peaceful environment.  Learning effective ways to deter crime is the first step to securing and maintaining low crime rates.

I, like many of you, am frustrated at hearing the increasing number of reported crimes occurring within our area, of experiencing crime as a victim of it and not hearing of any viable solutions, sorry but I don’t think an armed posse of vigilante residents is necessarily the right way of going about it! (…hello? …Zimmerman???)

While the police services are doing what they can, let’s face it – their services are mostly reactive at best, after the crime has been committed and I’ve seen little done toward preventing it from occurring.  Therefore, I’d like to call upon the stakeholders of our neighborhood, the property owners who care most about this community and ask that we begin brainstorming possible solutions; I’d also like to ask that you respond by taking the following online survey to get a baseline understanding of where the majority are at when it comes to preventing crime. 

The survey consists of 10 questions to respond to with opportunity to provide additional detail if you prefer.  Thank you in advance for taking the time to respond to this survey.