Second Attempt at a Second Event

Back in August, we were treated to a wonderful evening featuring our favorite retro classic rock-n-roll music performed on the lake by Steve Olson. Neighbors came in boats and on floats and drifted all about Lisa and Bill Edward’s dock enjoying all the hit tunes. Many begged for Steve to come back and plans had been set for a repeat performance back in early September! But alas, this is 2020 after all and the event was forced to cancel due to the unhealthy air conditions created by the wildfire smoke drifting up from Oregon and California. 

It is with great pleasure that we can now announce that Steve Olson is scheduled to make his return to the lake for a second concert this Friday, October 2nd! The weather promises to be warm and seeing one another floating around at a safe distance will be wonderful. Come out and join us for one last hoorah on the lake before the fall weather sets in. 

The music will start before 5 pm and go to 7 pm Friday, October 2nd. The location is the 7th house east of the Angle Lake Public Park on the north shore of the lake. Donations are encouraged. Cash will be accepted at the concert or can be made electronically at

Share Your Experience and Talents

You have your own unique set of skills, knowledge, and experience. Sharing knowledge and experience can foster vision in others and strengthen personal relationships. 

When you share with others, it helps deepen your own knowledge and engrains what you know. New conversations and opportunities can arise just from that gesture, offering even more opportunities to grow. Volunteering on a City Advisory Committee provides a great opportunity to share!

Citizen Advisory Committees

While there may be many different reasons why an individual might want to join a citizen advisory board, our committee volunteers seem to all share the same interest in getting involved in both local politics and the issues facing their community.

Citizen advisory boards serve a number of purposes including allowing for an in-depth examination of issues. Also having volunteer citizens involved in the decision process, citizen advisory boards can act as a conduit to communicate the thoughts and ideas held by the community members to their local government officials. 

Recognizing the broad diversity that comprises our community, the goal of our citizen advisory committees is to recruit members from the full spectrum of the city with different backgrounds and experiences who may bring a broad range of ideas and expertise to public decision making. Doing so further enhances the deliberative nature of the local government. 

In addition to opportunities to share personal experiences to influence decisions on local issues, committee members may learn or improve their leadership skills and can be used as a way to obtain the first experience in politics and government. This affords citizens the opportunity to experience political life without having to run for office.

Apply Today!

The City of SeaTac is seeking to fill open seats on a limited number of citizen advisory committees. Applications will be accepted up to close of business at 5:00 PM on Monday, September 28.

The following positions are accepting applications:
  • Community Services Advisory Committee (1 position)
  • Arts, Culture, and Library Advisory Committee (3 positions)
  • Senior Citizen Advisory Committee (1 position, age 55 or older)
  • Sidewalk Advisory Committee (1 position)

If you are interested in learning more, please refer to the city website or contact the city clerk at 206.973.4661 or

UPDATE: Music Performance is CANCELLED


As you have probably already guessed, the live performance scheduled for today is CANCELED due to our current weather conditions. It saddens all of us that this is necessary but out of concern for our family, friends and neighbors health - it is the appropriate decision.

Let's hope for RAIN, but let's also hope that it is just long enough to freshen the environment so that we can go back to enjoying the glorious remaining summer days while they last!

Take care, enjoy your weekend.


Join us again lakeside in front of Bill and Lisa Edwards home in the North End of the Western Leg of Angle Lake for an encore performance by Steve Olsen this Friday, Sept 11th from 5 to 7 PM.

Due to popular demand and numerous requests received, Steve Olson (aka: “FiremanOly”) will be back at the Edwards Dock this Friday, Sept 11th, for sunset music on the lake from 5-7 pm. Come join waterside... swim up, float up, paddle up or boat up for a great time spent with neighbors out on the lake, enjoying some great tunes together.

Donations are greatly appreciated and can be made via the Venmo Application sent to @firemanoly or placed in the floating hat that will be passed around...thanks for supporting local musicians and let’s hope this continues to bring other great talents onto the lake again soon. 

SPECIAL NOTE: In honor of Patriot Day, we are encouraging all attendees to consider wearing Red, White, or Blue clothing and/or fly the American Flag in memory of the people killed in the September 11 attacks of the year 2001.