Community Garage Sale

June 10th and 11th are the dates set for the annual Angle Lake Community Garage Sale.  Times announced are from 9:00 AM until 4:00 PM.
Our friends at the Angle Lake Manor Club are coordinating this event. They will be purchasing advertising in the Little Nickel; Highline Times and posting on Craigslist to help promote the event. The Angle Lake Community will be described as the area between 188th Street to the North; 200th Street to the South; International Boulevard to the West; and Military Road to the East.  

This event is expected to draw hundreds of value hunters into our area seeking bargains.  If you’ve been thinking about selling some of your excess goods, don’t put it off any longer!  There is no cost to you to participate.

Thai 'ing One On

Submission by Fuzz Hill, ALSC Blog Site Manager on special assignment.

The misses and I found ourselves child-free Wednesday afternoon so we figured we deserved a nice dinner together away from the home.  “You want to try Thai” she asks me, followed up with the question if I wanted to try old Thai or new.  She was referring to the two local Thai restaurants out on International Boulevard, the older looking establishment near the 7-11 south of 188th street and the restaurant located in the new WallyPark Complex next to SeaTac Airport.  "We" decided to try the new one called Mango Thai Cuisine and Bar.

Mango is the newest and most exciting Thai restaurant in the Seattle area. Opened for only a short time, Mango has already received quite a few favorable mentions in the Yelp Reviews. My wife and I found the décor to be very elegant with earthy over tones, the dining experience divine, and the linen napkins made it all the more exquisite.  The meals served were ample enough to share family style.  We ordered the Pad Thai with Prawns of course, accompanied with the Yum Nua Rare Beef Salad on the side of the Combo Plate containing wontons, fresh rolls and prawn rolls.  The staff were highly attentive and friendly; dish preparation and display delighted the eye; the freshness of ingredients pleased the pallet; the menu prices were moderate running between 8 – 15 dollars per plate.  The lunch combinations menu offered twelve different exciting meal pairings with the majority being offered at less than $10 a plate.

Nearing completion of our dinner meal the Manager approached us to ask how we enjoyed the food.  His sincerity was genuine as latter into our conversation we learned that he, Pak, is the proprietor of this family owned restaurant and introduced us to his daughter who tends the bar.  Pak revealed the he was a major contributor in establishing three prior locations jointly operated with other family members, with this fourth restaurant being his first solely independent location.  Pak mentioned that much of his current clientele consists mainly of transient business travelers and expressed how he is looking forward to serving the local residents who he enjoys building lasting relationships with through repeat business. 

Pak has an established policy that any employee of Alaska Airlines is given a 10% discount off their bill.  Pak  extends this discount offer of 10% off to any patron who dines with them and mentions the Angle Lake Shore Club.  Mango is open Monday through Sunday from 11 am until 10 pm.

Community Volunteers Needed!

It takes a considerable amount of effort to throw a party for the entire City of SeaTac and their guests!  A lot of planning and energy is required to stage the 4th of July Celebration - organizing the parade, coordinating the Foot Race Around the Lake, including the other water based races for swimming and boating!  Let alone the enormous amount of activity necessary to pull off one of the largest fireworks displays in the South Seattle area!

Although only supplemental funding is received from our city government (which we are truly grateful for!) the rest of the planning, coordinating, managing, preparing and executing is all firmly placed on the shoulders of community volunteers!

Committee Leaders are fully engaged in the planning of each of their respective events and additional assistance is always needed (and appreciated) to help in executing these activities.   However, where help is needed immediately is in the area of fundraising.  Every year we require a small army of volunteers (aprox 24 individuals) to help canvas the neighborhoods surrounding the lake.  If a single resident could solicit donations from 20 homes in their immediate neighborhood this would definitely help to make light the work and will assist us to complete the fundraising cycle in record time!

PLEASE contact us if you can help assist in this area.  We will provide all necessary training, materials and identification credentials to help you succeed in these efforts.  Email us at or contact any ALSC or ALMC board members for additional information.

Where Our Wild Things Are

Want to know how to attract butterflies to your yard? How to care for your yard in a way that helps the wildlife found in and around Angle Lake?  You will learn this and more at the Backyard Wildlife Festival from 9  a.m. to 3 p.m. on May 14 at Tukwila Community Center, 12424 42nd Ave. S. This event is free.

The festival will offer a variety of activities and educational opportunities centered on how to attract and support wildlife through garden and landscape practices, and creating and preserving wildlife habitat in our region. Local celebrity gardener Ciscoe Morris will be this year’s keynote speaker, There will also be a workshop on efforts to certify the Northwest as the first wildlife habitat region in the country. Participants can also learn how to create their own certified backyard wildlife habitat.

For more information, call 206-285-8707, Ext. 109 or visit the National Wildlife Federation website.

Gardening Club Looking To Take Root

During the last Fishing Derby Barbeque, a number of avid hands-in-the-dirt gardeners shared their passion for gardening and came to a unanimous determination that a gardening club should be formed where like minded dirty types can share tips, ideas, seeds and cuttings as well as make new friends and learn something new.  If you love gardening, belonging to a community of people who share your affinity for digging in the dirt is a wonderful pastime. 

Becky Johnson is hoping to locate local gardeners who would be interested in helping to form a gardening group comprised of neighbors in the Angle Lake area. Please contact Becky Johnson at or 206-852-1952 with ideas about frequency, format, name, etc
A few things to consider when starting a garden club
  • What are you going to be called
  • Where should you meet. You might want to check with a locally owned garden supply store and see if they have an area you could use.
  • How often you want to meet
  • What format the meetings should take, do you want a speaker every month or every other month etc)
  • Decide on a committee (you are better off having 4 keen people than 8 that just moan & talk and don't do anything)
  • Have fun, learn, and make some new friends!