New Year’s Day Polar Bear Plunge

Our neighbors at the Angle Lake Manor Community Club once again hosted the traditional New Year’s Day Polar Bear Plunge into the lake! A total of 9 "Brave Souls" (or feel free to conjure up your own description!) arrived already suited up to take the annual plunge, while several of the less courageous cheered the swimmers on!

The swimmers lined up along the shoreline hand in hand, mustering courage for the eventual entry into the lake.  To qualify for the coveted Polar Bear Plunge bragging rights participants had to not only enter the water but were required to make their way to the swim platform and back.

While the air temperature outside was a tolerable 51 degrees, the water temperature had to be a bit colder than that judging from the shouts, screams and gasps for air from the swimmers as they entered the water shortly after 10:00 AM.   With only one goal in mind, get to the platform and back, the whole swim took less than 10 minutes.  At the end all participants lined up for a final photo op, that and so we could get an official head count confirming all swimmers had successfully made it out of the water!  Additional photos of the event may be viewed here.

If asked today if the swimmers would do it again, I am not sure how many of them would say yes... however, ask again tomorrow and I'd bet they would all respond "without a doubt!"...  see you again next year!

Strong Gusts Bring Down More Than Just Leaves

The sun was shining brightly with not a single cloud visible in the sky the afternoon on Saturday, December 26th, however intermittent wind gusts of 25 mph or more were enough to bring down more than just pine needles and dead leaves.  A downed limb was discovered to be partially blocking the northbound lane of Military Road at fire post marker number 40.

A quick call into 911 to report a non-emergency road obstruction in Sea-Tac resulted in a transfer from King County Emergency to the Sea-Tac Fire Department.  After a brief exchange of detailed information, it was just a few short minutes before an engine dispatched from Station #45 was on the scene.  Firemen used a chain saw to divide the large limb into two sections and together with a resident they were able to drag the ivy encrusted limb off the road and into the adjacent ditch.

When asked if it is normal procedure to request help from the fire department when limbs are brought down by high winds, the fireman indicated that normally City of Seatac road crews would be dispatched but for high traffic areas such as Military Road, they are called upon.

A local resident expressed appreciation for the quick response and service by the fire crew.  Total turn around from initial call to final resolution was an outstanding mere15 minutes.

Hearing Examiner’s Decision on Angle Lake Estates Preliminary Plat

The undeveloped parcel of land on the NE shores of Angle Lake located at 4041 S. 188th Street is the site for a proposed 10 lot subdivision.  A copy of the Angle Lake Estates Preliminary Site Plan may be viewed here.

In November, Public Hearings were conducted regarding three distinct processes included in this proposal.  On December 15th the Hearing Examiner issued decisions on these processes. Detail of these decisions are available within the City Manager's Weekly Report, which include specified deadline dates for any additional appeals.

All questions regarding the Hearing Examiner decisions should be directed to Jack Dodge, Principal Planner at (206) 973-4830.

When The Weather Outside Is Frightful

The National Weather Service has predicted the 2009-2010 winter weather to be a season influenced by warmer El Nino’ conditions... but judging from the recent record cold temperatures, it appears to me that someone might have missed that memo!

Either way, the Road Maintenance Officials with the City of SeaTac have compiled a list of priority roads that will be plowed during times of heavy snow to assist drivers in safe navigation throughout the city. A visual map detailing which roads will be cleared can be viewed here.

As a reminder, the following roads within SeaTac will most likely be closed when unsafe conditions (snow and ice) are present:
  • So. 180th Street east of Military Road So. (aka: Levitz Hill)
  • So. 200th Street west of 28th Ave So
  • 37th Place So east of Military Road So.
Vehicle operators will need to use alternative routes during times of road closures.  Additional road closure information for other King County roads may be accessed through their website.

Sunday, December 20th: Christmas Boat Tour

The Angle Lake Christmas Boat Tour set sail the evening of Sunday, December 20th. Two vessels decorated with lights ablaze were present to help spread a little Christmas Time Cheer with residents along the lake shore.  On board the first boat were Captain Bruce Bryant and First Mate Kathy while Captain Jim Todd and First Mate Robin were joined by the Hill Family on the second ship.

The evening temperatures were very mild, however, as expected for December in the northwest, a light drizzle was present when we set sail.  The sprinkles seemed to clear up shortly after our departure and made for a very pleasant evening!

With music broadcast from the stereo speakers, carols being sung and even a bit of dancing, the crews were all fired up to help wish all a very merry Christmas along our route.  Many residents responded with friendly waves, cheers of encouragement and often flashing their holiday lights in return.  One family ventured onto their dock to cheer us on and were rewarded for their effort when the Todd boat floated along side and Fuzz handed the spectators gift bags filled of homemade almond rocca and ginger bread men!

Photos of the event may be viewed here.
The Crew hope they were successful in making your evening a little bit brighter (both literally and emotionally!). Merry Christmas from the members of the Angle Lake Shore Club.

Send Us Your Favorite 2009 Lake Life Memories

Have you got a favorite memory to share from this past year?  A story about the one that got away during the Fishing Derby; a special event like a lakeside wedding; the magical time spent with family and friends under the Independence Day Fireworks; the story about the neighbor who almost went overboard during the Floating Tapas; or any other great times along side the shores or out on the water!

Send us an EMAIL containing your favorite photo, video clip or a descriptive story of the memory made and we will share the best items here in a future posting.

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