New Year’s Day Polar Bear Plunge

Our neighbors at the Angle Lake Manor Community Club once again hosted the traditional New Year’s Day Polar Bear Plunge into the lake! A total of 9 "Brave Souls" (or feel free to conjure up your own description!) arrived already suited up to take the annual plunge, while several of the less courageous cheered the swimmers on!

The swimmers lined up along the shoreline hand in hand, mustering courage for the eventual entry into the lake.  To qualify for the coveted Polar Bear Plunge bragging rights participants had to not only enter the water but were required to make their way to the swim platform and back.

While the air temperature outside was a tolerable 51 degrees, the water temperature had to be a bit colder than that judging from the shouts, screams and gasps for air from the swimmers as they entered the water shortly after 10:00 AM.   With only one goal in mind, get to the platform and back, the whole swim took less than 10 minutes.  At the end all participants lined up for a final photo op, that and so we could get an official head count confirming all swimmers had successfully made it out of the water!  Additional photos of the event may be viewed here.

If asked today if the swimmers would do it again, I am not sure how many of them would say yes... however, ask again tomorrow and I'd bet they would all respond "without a doubt!"...  see you again next year!

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