Sunday, December 20th: Christmas Boat Tour

The Angle Lake Christmas Boat Tour set sail the evening of Sunday, December 20th. Two vessels decorated with lights ablaze were present to help spread a little Christmas Time Cheer with residents along the lake shore.  On board the first boat were Captain Bruce Bryant and First Mate Kathy while Captain Jim Todd and First Mate Robin were joined by the Hill Family on the second ship.

The evening temperatures were very mild, however, as expected for December in the northwest, a light drizzle was present when we set sail.  The sprinkles seemed to clear up shortly after our departure and made for a very pleasant evening!

With music broadcast from the stereo speakers, carols being sung and even a bit of dancing, the crews were all fired up to help wish all a very merry Christmas along our route.  Many residents responded with friendly waves, cheers of encouragement and often flashing their holiday lights in return.  One family ventured onto their dock to cheer us on and were rewarded for their effort when the Todd boat floated along side and Fuzz handed the spectators gift bags filled of homemade almond rocca and ginger bread men!

Photos of the event may be viewed here.
The Crew hope they were successful in making your evening a little bit brighter (both literally and emotionally!). Merry Christmas from the members of the Angle Lake Shore Club.


Chuck Pefley said...

Sounds like a bunch of fun on the water! Well done!!
Is this to be an annual parade?

Angle Lake Shore Club Blog said...

Thank you for your inquiry. This was only the second season for this boat cruise and the current organizers (Bruce Bryant and Jim Todd) are working to make this an annual event.