McMicken Hieghts Community Safety Meeting

Our neighbors to the north are hosting a Community Safety Meeting and you are cordially invited!

Residents of McMicken Heights have arranged a meeting with SeaTac Crime Prevention Officer Rich Rowe and Kent Regional Fire Authority representative Kyle O’Hashi to help answer questions in the areas of home burglaries, mail theft, vehicle break ins, and other safety concerns impacting our neighborhoods.

WHEN: Thursday, January 30th at 7:30 PM
WHERE: Fire Station #46, 3521 So. 170th Street

Bring your questions and your concerns – leave with new ideas and answers to help mitigate crime in our area. 

Gather the 12s this Sunday!

UPDATE: The Road to the Super Bowl runs through SeaTac!

WOW!  Can you believe the Seahawk / Super Bowl Mania running through this city!  THANKS to the to Thousands of 12th Man Fans that turned out as a show of support of the local team!

And this is the way that the 12s show their support and cheer on their favorite NFL Team...

No Seahawks game this Sunday?  No problem.

The Seahawk 12th Man Fans will be gathering to line SeaTac's South 188th Street this Sunday when the Seahawks team buses pass through en route to SeaTac Airport and Super Bowl XLVIII.

WHAT: Seahawks Super Bowl Send-Off
WHERE: South 188th Street, SeaTac, WA
WHEN: 10:30 a.m. (start lining up at 10 a.m.)
WHY: Go Hawks! Why else?

Team buses will make their way from Virginia Mason Athletic Center to SeaTac Airport around 10:30 a.m., traveling along SeaTac's South 188th Street, where 12s will line the roadway beginning at 46th Ave. South and extending west toward 28th Ave. South. Wave your 12 flags, flaunt your favorite blue and green getup, showcase your signs of support, and let the club hear your cheers as they make their way out of town.

Parking is available at the nearby Tyee Educational Complex, Chinook Middle School, Bow Lake Elementary School, SeaTac City Hall.

Angle Lake Station Area Plan Update

City of SeaTac Staff is working with Sound Transit to coordinate the design and construction of the South Link light rail extension, which will extend light rail from the current light rail station at Sea-Tac Airport south to the Future Angle lake Station, located at South 200th Street and 28th Avenue South. This 1.6-mile elevated guideway and station will open in late 2016, the same time as University Link and four years earlier than originally envisioned.

With the goal to encourage transit-oriented development in the Angle Lake Station area, the City had contracted with Urban Land Institute to create a report which provides unbiased, pragmatic advise to the City regarding what form transit oriented development can take and how best to support desired community and economic development in this area of the City. A copy of the Technical Assistance Panel Report can be viewed HERE.

It is now being reporting in the SeaTac Winter Newsletter that City staff has initiated a project for the creation of the plan that will guide future development adjacent to Sound Transit’s Angle Lake Station. Key to this development planning effort is to form an understanding of the community’s vision for how the area can become a more walkable, bicycle-friendly, transit-oriented neighborhood that encourages healthy lifestyles and creates a thriving economic community within the city. 

In the upcoming weeks the Angle Lake Shore Club Blog will help introduce the members of the city’s station area planning team and identify how SeaTac residents, businesses and other stakeholders in the community can submit their ideas and provide suggestions to contribute toward a community supported plan. 

ALSC Membership Guidance Poll

(Update: Originally posted on December 23rd, 2013. With the Membership Poll scheduled to conclude on January 15th the publish date has been updated to push this important issue to the top of stack. No other text has been changed from the original post.)


At the 2013 ALSC Christmas Party we conducted our customary year end board meeting open to all members in attendance. As announced previously on the blog the fireworks committee presented different options regarding the future of our long standing fireworks show advising those in attendance that these options would be presented to all our active membership in the form of a survey or ballot so that the board could act in accordance with what the majority of the members decided.

Therefore all Angle Lake Shore Club Members in ‘active status’ as of December 27th, 2013 will be mailed an official ballot to be received before the first of the year. On that ballot there will be 4 different options to vote on regarding the future of our annual fireworks show. Included with the ballot is additional information to help each member decide which option they feel is in the best interest of the community. Each ‘Individual’ membership (those who pay $5 per year) will be entitled to submit one ballot vote whereas a ‘Family’ membership (those who pay $10 per year) will be allowed to submit two ballot votes. Members will have two weeks to decide on an option and vote. All votes received on or before January 15th will be tallied and retained by our treasurer Judy Williams.

A quick summary of the options is as follows:
  • Option One – Turn the fireworks over to the City
  • Option Two – Maintain ALSC control over fireworks and downsize show to our current budget
  • Option Three – Maintain ALSC control over fireworks, increase suggested fireworks yearly donation and issue capital call for securing TFP
  • Option Four – Continue to partner with the City and negotiate the best deal we can with the City and (if approved) take advantage of their offer to use the new dock sections at the park as our TFP.  
After we tally all the votes we will act upon the option with the most votes, however in the event that there is no clear majority the board will take the two most popular options and make a final decision based on a vote by the board.  Results will be announced on this blog site as soon as possible and also in our spring newsletter.  Thank you all in advance for your participation in this matter.  

A copy of the official ballot package may be viewed HERE.

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Fire at Angle Lake Restroom Building

You might have already heard about the 3-alarm fire that burned the Burien Annex on December 10th? It has been confirmed that the fire was intentionally set in or adjacent to an outside porta-potty, according to the King County Sheriff’s Office. A full report may be accessed on the B*Town Blog Site.
Photo courtesy Public Information Officer David Nelson.
Following on the heals of that incident, the City of SeaTac is reporting that around 2:00 AM on Thursday, December 26, a fire was started in a portable toilet at Angle Lake Park. The portable toilet had been placed adjacent to the restroom building while the restrooms were temporarily closed in order to repair pipes that broke during the recent spell of cold weather. The fire damage is estimated at $40,000 and the City has filed a claim with the insurance company. Even with the fire damage, the restrooms are open and functional until full repairs can be completed.