Major League Entertainment

If you are looking for some Major League Excitement at a Minor League Price, look no further than the Starfire Sports Complex located just down the road from our Angle Lake neighborhood! Starfire is the official training facility and administrative home of the Seattle Sounders FC and their presence at this venue is a truly unique format in professional sports.

Visitors coming to this facility have an unprecedented opportunity to get up close and personal with the players. On training days the Sounders walk about openly throughout the campus as they move between locker rooms, lunchroom and fields—and most training sessions are open for the public to come watch. This close proximity of fan to player continues when Sounders games come to Starfire.

I witnessed for the first time Wednesday night Sounders match play in the US Open Cup. I quickly discovered that the small, three thousand seat facility places the fans quite nearly on top of the field—so close that players often share hugs and high-fives with spectators after a big goal. It’s easy to get caught up in the excitement with flags waving, a virtual sea of scarves and several hundred Emerald City Supporters performing their orchestrated song and synchronized cheers. Very entertaining to watch and so loud you’d swear it was piped through the public address speakers. The fan induced energy that rages through the stadium rivals—if not surpasses—that of the largest soccer facilities in the country.  It can be quite a menacing environment for the opposing team. In fact, the Sounders have never lost an Open Cup game played on the Starfire pitch, including the win this week of 5 goals to 1 over the Atlanta Silverbacks!

In addition to an intimate seating arrangement, the field offers a beer garden and concession stands, while the complex also offers sit down dining in the MAD Pizza restaurant and bar, with additional hot beverages served in the CafĂ© Siena.  Located at Fort Dent in Tukwila, Starfire is extremely convenient to get to from the first off ramp off Interstate 405 from I-5, where even in heavy traffic it only takes mere minutes to get there from SeaTac. For more information visit the website at

If you've attended Sounder match play here before, please leave a comment to share your expirence with others. I think you’ll be hard-pressed to locate a better entertainment value!

Is It Quiet Around Here?

Are you noticing that it has become a little quieter around here with respect to aircraft departures? If so, then you are experiencing the effects from one of two scheduled temporary runway closures at SeaTac Airport. The runway closures will not reduce the number of flights scheduled or impact passenger traffic it will only diverting more daylight departures and arrivals onto the western most third runway, furthest distance from Angle Lake. 

May 14 – June 20 Closure Details 
Runway 16L-34R (the longest runway and closest to the terminal) will be closed during this period for taxiway and ramp pavement improvements as well the relocation of FAA Instrument Landing (ILS) Localizer antennas. These projects have been coordinated to proceed together to reduce the length of the closure. 

July 20 – August 8 Closure Details 
Runway 16C-34C will be closed during this period to replace deteriorating concrete surface panels. This work will allow the continued safe operation of the runway until full reconstruction slated for 2016. Approximately 19 panels will be replaced. This number represents less than one percent of the approximately 4,000 concrete panels that make up the center runway.

Did You Know? 
Runway 16C/34C was originally constructed in 1969, with a 20-year design life. The Port began a Runway Improvement Program in 1994 to rehabilitate and extend the useful life of the runway. More than 650 concrete panels have been replaced since the beginning of the program. The cost of the project is anticipated to be approximately $662,000.

Firework Collections Start in June

Memorial Day Weekend is traditionally viewed as the kick off to summer and summer here on Angle Lake means 4th of July fun and fireworks! We are extremely pleased to report that the City has again committed to contributing ten thousand dollars toward the big community event, however that only covers half the amount budgeted for this year show. The other half we still rely heavily on the monetary gifts and volunteer time donated by the neighbors around the lake.

Lonnie continues the tradition of striving for higher targets!
Toward this effort, we are seeking volunteers located around the perimeter of the lake to help with the collection of the fireworks contributions by calling upon the neighbors in their immediate area.  Our goal is to secure one volunteer per each 20 households to help keep the work light for those involved in collections.  Lonnie will again be supplying necessary materials, credentials and training for those participating so they are well prepared to provide the best possible answer to any questions they may receive. If you are available to help, please contact Lonnie Goulet by phone at 206-878-8306 or send an email to:  We need to have all volunteers identified no later than June 8th so that we can begin our collection effort on or around June 15th.

If you are unable to assist in the collection effort, we still need your help to make the show a huge success by contributing freely to this cause.  This year’s suggested donation shall again be $75.00 per household located on the lakeshore; $50.00 for those living just off the lake; and $25.00 for all others; of course these are simply suggested amounts, any donation will be appreciated so please do not feel shy to donate more if you are able.  If you are planning to host a large gathering of family and friends then please consider a donation of $200.00 or more.  It really is a small price to pay for the luxury of having front row seats to one of the best shows in the South Seattle area!

PLEASE NOTE: The ALSC Blog Team has received the following EMAIL from SeaTac Community Crime Prevention Officer Doug Reynolds reminding everyone that SeaTac has a total ban on private fireworks display and that there will be extra emphasis patrols on the lake this year to enforce the ban.

Why risk having an investment in a personal display confiscated, why not consider applying what you would normally spend toward the community show instead?   

Neighbors Rescue Troubled Boater

On Tuesday, May 15th, Katie Pochapan stood at the window of her mother’s home at Post 61 and saw a person swimming behind a mostly sunken boat. At first she thought he was there with purpose, but then began to suspect he might be in trouble and need help. 

Katie rushed over and knocked on the door of a neighbor, Mary Ryding and asked if she was watching what appeared to be a boat sinking on the lake with a man in the water beside it. Katie asked if Mary had a boat to borrow so that she could lend assistance to the man if any help was needed. 

By the time the two reached the shoreline they could see that it was an elderly man of about twenty yards out who was trying to keep hold of some equipment while struggling to swim to shore. Only the front of the boat was sticking out of the water now.
Katie jumped into the borrowed kayak and paddled out to the man. Fortunately the man had a life jacket on so Katie suggested he grab hold of her boat so she could tow him to shore. Two additional neighbors, Jim and Ronnie Lang from post 68, came onto the scene in a row boat and proceeded to tie some rope to the bow of the sunken boat and starting pulling it toward the Mays dock. 

It was described as being very, very difficult to move the boat and somewhere along the way, Ronnie ended up with a broken rib! It was discovered later that the boat held three large batteries and it is assumed that the engine propeller was dragging on the lake bottom, helping to reason why it was so hard to tow it toward the shore.

By the time that Katie had the victim to shore, he was very cold, shaken up and a bit disoriented. He indicated that the cause of the sinking was due to the bottom of his boat giving way and it began to take on water quickly. Katie and her boyfriend helped him out of the water and brought him into her mother’s home where he rested and got warmed up. After a short spell they drove the man to Angle Lake Park where Katie recovered the man’s truck and followed him to his home. 

Later in the day, the gentleman’s son and grandson came to retrieve the boat and belongings from the water. No further word has been received from the victim or his family. We assume everything is fine thanks to the help from these alert and responsive neighbors.

Incidents of Crime Continue

Unfortunately, another incident of burglary has been reported having occurred today in the north end neighborhood along 188th Street.  Russ and Patti Austin sent an email to the blog team informing us that sometime between 2:00 and 3:00 pm this afternoon their 2010 twenty horsepower Honda outboard motor was stolen from off their boat parked in their driveway. 

The Austins ask that if anyone saw an unfamiliar vehicle or witnessed any suspicious activity having occurred near the home and driveway at post 59 to please contact them at 206.431.9460 or provide the information to the SeaTac Police Department.

See It, Report It, Stop It!

A check of website which documents incidents of crime occurring locally shows the number of occurrences is on the rise.  Numerous incidents of breaking and entering, robbery, and thefts from and of vehicles are being reported. 

Each one of us in the community should accept the obligation to help protect our neighborhoods by keeping a vigilant watch out for anything that doesn’t look right.  Do not hesitate to first call and report to Emergency 911 anything that appears out of the ordinary and then use your neighborhood directory to call your neighbors to alert them to.  

By working together with our neighbors in forming block watches and remaining alert to what is occurring in our area we can help extend the effectiveness of our local law enforcement, making things very inconvenient for the crooks and begin driving them out of our neighborhoods. Your help is very much appreciated.  

Springtime at Angle Lake

The weather here at Angle Lake has been spectacular recently. Cloudless skies, bright sunshine, warm temperatures, flowers blooming everywhere – and the return of our resident American Bald Eagle family are sure signs that Spring has finally Sprung here at Angle Lake.

Boating, fishing, kayaking, swimming and diving activities have certainly picked up around the lake as the weather has warmed and the Eagle’s have certainly provided some interesting entertainment for those lucky enough to be witness their hunting and fishing techniques.

The enclosed video was captured on Mother’s Day morning and exhibits two of the adult eagle’s prowess and collaborative skill in pursuing their prey.

Brazen Criminal Activity Reported

BREAKING NEWS: The following report was sent to us by Maegan Yapp, Shore Club Publisher requesting assistance from the community to help locate this perpetrator.

Maegan writes: "I would like to share the following information pertaining to an event that took place roughly 2 hours ago (est. 2:00PM PDT) and request help from our neighbors in finding the individual involved in this crime.  

I live at post 20 and my parent's vehicle was parallel parked with the driver side facing south 198th street.  My mother and I were moving furniture from the back end of the SUV, when a 1989-91 Charcoal Grey Honda Accord pulled up next to the driver side and climbed into the car, grabbing my mother's purse.  We were nearly 10 feet away when this took place and attempted to grab the purse from the man. He was able to slam his door and take off, going East on S. 198th Street. The incident has been reported with the King County Sheriff's office.  

Suspect: Hispanic Male; 30-35 years old; Height 5’10”–6’; Short Black Hair, Slightly stocky.
Vehicle: Honda Accord; Dark Charcoal Grey with Shiny Rims. License Plate: AEV0348.

Please keep a vigilant watch for this person because this could very well be an individual that is targeting our neighborhood. If you sight anyone resembling this description or see the vehicle in our area, please call 911 to report it immediately.