Is It Quiet Around Here?

Are you noticing that it has become a little quieter around here with respect to aircraft departures? If so, then you are experiencing the effects from one of two scheduled temporary runway closures at SeaTac Airport. The runway closures will not reduce the number of flights scheduled or impact passenger traffic it will only diverting more daylight departures and arrivals onto the western most third runway, furthest distance from Angle Lake. 

May 14 – June 20 Closure Details 
Runway 16L-34R (the longest runway and closest to the terminal) will be closed during this period for taxiway and ramp pavement improvements as well the relocation of FAA Instrument Landing (ILS) Localizer antennas. These projects have been coordinated to proceed together to reduce the length of the closure. 

July 20 – August 8 Closure Details 
Runway 16C-34C will be closed during this period to replace deteriorating concrete surface panels. This work will allow the continued safe operation of the runway until full reconstruction slated for 2016. Approximately 19 panels will be replaced. This number represents less than one percent of the approximately 4,000 concrete panels that make up the center runway.

Did You Know? 
Runway 16C/34C was originally constructed in 1969, with a 20-year design life. The Port began a Runway Improvement Program in 1994 to rehabilitate and extend the useful life of the runway. More than 650 concrete panels have been replaced since the beginning of the program. The cost of the project is anticipated to be approximately $662,000.

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