Firework Collections Start in June

Memorial Day Weekend is traditionally viewed as the kick off to summer and summer here on Angle Lake means 4th of July fun and fireworks! We are extremely pleased to report that the City has again committed to contributing ten thousand dollars toward the big community event, however that only covers half the amount budgeted for this year show. The other half we still rely heavily on the monetary gifts and volunteer time donated by the neighbors around the lake.

Lonnie continues the tradition of striving for higher targets!
Toward this effort, we are seeking volunteers located around the perimeter of the lake to help with the collection of the fireworks contributions by calling upon the neighbors in their immediate area.  Our goal is to secure one volunteer per each 20 households to help keep the work light for those involved in collections.  Lonnie will again be supplying necessary materials, credentials and training for those participating so they are well prepared to provide the best possible answer to any questions they may receive. If you are available to help, please contact Lonnie Goulet by phone at 206-878-8306 or send an email to:  We need to have all volunteers identified no later than June 8th so that we can begin our collection effort on or around June 15th.

If you are unable to assist in the collection effort, we still need your help to make the show a huge success by contributing freely to this cause.  This year’s suggested donation shall again be $75.00 per household located on the lakeshore; $50.00 for those living just off the lake; and $25.00 for all others; of course these are simply suggested amounts, any donation will be appreciated so please do not feel shy to donate more if you are able.  If you are planning to host a large gathering of family and friends then please consider a donation of $200.00 or more.  It really is a small price to pay for the luxury of having front row seats to one of the best shows in the South Seattle area!

PLEASE NOTE: The ALSC Blog Team has received the following EMAIL from SeaTac Community Crime Prevention Officer Doug Reynolds reminding everyone that SeaTac has a total ban on private fireworks display and that there will be extra emphasis patrols on the lake this year to enforce the ban.

Why risk having an investment in a personal display confiscated, why not consider applying what you would normally spend toward the community show instead?   

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I would just like to thank Steve Beck for loaning me one of his suit and ties for this photo shoot even thought it was a little tight around the arms, loose in the waist and short in the seam along with the tie being too short. Ooops, did I say short? Meant vertically challenged I guess.