Go Jump In A Lake!

Once a year for the past 7 years, when the frigid waters of the Angle Lake are at their coldest, a unique breed of creature migrates to the private shores of the Manor Community Beach to engage in a strange and glorious ritual. They are called Plungers, their event is Polar Bear Plunge and it’s an Angle Lake tradition. Raising awareness and charitable donations for the Tukwila Emergency Food Bank, these unique creatures dive into the icy lake and celebrate the occasion the only way they know how—by freezing their buns off!

A Reason to be Freezin’
Please consider joining the ‘courageous’ few who’ll symbolically dive into the new year by literally diving into the frigid waters of Angle Lake for the annual Polar Bear Plunge. Original justification for this act was simply because it was a crazy, wacky thing to do. However, sensible reason to justify this act has been added in effort to support a food drive to help reduce hunger in our area. 

We are encouraging all participants and spectators to bring cash or check donations to be given to the Tukwila Pantry to assist their effort in providing meals to members in community who suffer from hunger.

When you think about it, $50 in the average family household may produce a couple meals at best but according to the Tukwila Pantry website, they have the ability of turning $50 into 500 meals! That’s an incredible use of limited resource. However, the website also reports that the Tukwila Pantry Emergency Food Bank operations serves nearly three thousand households representing some nine thousand individuals. That requires a lot of $50 contributions and that is where we all can help by offering any size of financial contribution. 100% of your donation will go to the Tukwila Pantry to serve toward these needs. Non-perishable packaged food donations will also be accepted.

A Chance to Win
To encourage participation, a raffle drawing will be held for a chance to win one of several Angle Lake Shore Club T-Shirts being offered. Simply by showing up to the event at the Manor Beach on New Year’s Day you will be entitled to one raffle ticket for a chance to win; Showing up in costume (regardless if you’re planning to plunge or not) will earn you a second ticket; bring a donation of ten dollars or a non-perishable food item and you’ll receive another raffle; and finally – taking the Plunge will earn you yet another ticket for an additional chance to win a prize! 

Angle Lake Manor Club Beach
3419 South 194th Street
January 1st, 2013

11:00 AM Gates Open, Light Refreshments Offered
11:45 AM Raffle Prize Drawings
12:00 PM The Big Plunge
01:00 PM Conclusion

A fire will be burning to warm by and hot coffee and other refreshments will be available for participants and spectators to enjoy before the plunge. A small commemorative gift will be awarded to all participants that enter the water. Special recognition will be given to each participant that achieves Polar Cub Club status be swimming to the dive platform and back!

Hints and Safety Tips:
  • Dress Up in costume over your swimsuit to add whimsy
  • Come Early. Parking is limited. Carpool or come by boat.
  • Anyone with heart problems should consult your health care provider before participating. If you don't participate, you’re still welcome to join us and watch.
  • Do Not Stay In The Water Longer Than 15 Minutes. Body heat is lost 30 times faster in the water than in air.
  • Keep Your Outer Clothing On until swim time and remove any wet clothing before getting back into dry clothes.
  • Have Fun!
A filmed overview from the early years is available for viewing at the following link: http://bit.ly/16VAELw

Last years photos are available at this link:

That's A Wrap!

Another year full of fun community events, 2014 closes with the traditional visit from Santa Claus!
While most may assume a lakeside shore club is busiest during the summer months, however on Angle Lake things really get busiest around Christmastime! 

At the beginning of December, members of the Shore Club gathered at the McGarah home for our annual Members Only Christmas Party. This year we welcomed many new members and neighbors who’ve chosen to make Angle Lake their home. We also took this opportunity to award Ed and Jeannie Montry as Mr. and Mrs. Christmas in recognition for their many years of club participation and lake stewardship and our elections resulted in the retention of all existing board positions with the extension of another annual term. Special mention needs to be made in recognizing Julie Hill for her outstanding efforts in planning, organizing and executing another great gathering and a huge thank you is given to all the members who pitched in to help before, during and after the event.  And of course thank you to Jean for offering your beautiful home for us to gather in. Pictures from the Christmas Party may be viewed by clicking this LINK.

The following week, Santa made his annual trip to Angle Lake for a visit with the children in the area. After a brief chat and a quick inspection to verify the kids’ promise of having been brushing, flossing and cleaning their ears on a regular basis, Santa awarded them with a small gift bag for their effort. This event was made possible by Steve Beck’s connection to Santa, our boat captains Bruce and Lonnie Goulet and our ALSC members whose contributions cover expenses. Pictures of the Santa Cruise may be viewed by clicking this LINK. Or click on the video below to witness some of the highlights of Santa’s Visit.

While we're saying farwell to 2014, it won't be long before we're at it again! Next up is the Polar Bear Plunge on New Year’s Day, January 1st. Specfic details will be shared right here on this blog and on our facebook page. We hope that you’ll join us! 

Until then, Merry Christmas from the ALSC Board to each of you and your loved ones.

Santa Is On His Way!

In addition to the annual journey that Ole’ Saint Nick endures every 24th of December, Santa Claus is also scheduling a special visit to the Angle Lake Community this Friday, December 12th!

As the reindeer continue to rest up for the big trip on Christmas Eve and the elves up north continue to prepare the sleigh, Santa is planing to make a special lap around Angle Lake via pontoon boat. He will be joined with a group of other festive boats decked out in holiday lights, broadcasting Christmas music and spreading cheer with all who gather at select locations along the lake shore.  
When: Friday, December 12th 
Where: Pre-Selected Docks on Angle Lake
Begin: 6:00 PM  
End: 8:00..ish… 
or when we get too cold, too wet, too tired, or our glasses run dry...

Since the need for Santa to be up north is great this time of year, the number of locations he’ll visit is limited. The route will depart from the Beck Residence (19244 39th Avenue South) at 5:45 PM and will travel counter-clockwise around the lake and will make a stop at each of the following locations:

Schedule of Stops:
6:00 PM     Marlys Patton 3771 So 194th Street (Jill 824-7058)
6:30 PM     Angle Lake Mobile Home Park (John 920-1917)
7:15 PM     Bonnie Warner 19653 Military Road So (Bonnie 824-1599)
7:45 PM     Dave Gutierrez 19003 46th Ave So (Maritza 595-1698)
8:00 PM     Steve Bell 18446 37th Ave So (Rhonda 909-9641)
NOTE: All times are approximate and regardless of rain, only strong winds will require canceling this event. Please contact Julie (355-6460) if you'd like to ride on one of the boats.
We encourage all who are interested visiting with Santa to gather at the above locations. Also as an added safety precaution, we are requesting that everyone remain on the beach prior to Santa’s arrival. Santa’s Elf Helpers will arrive just ahead of Santa to great guests and then permit a limited number of visitors out to the end of the dock at one time. Parents and Guardians, we’d appreciate your help in complying with this request. Santa will then sail in and have a quick visit with the kids, learn of their Christmas dreams and wishes and capture a digital photo to share via email with the parents. A full lap around the lake will take a couple hours so watch for us, waive, flash your Christmas or porch lights as a sign of welcome for our special guest and his hapless but well intentioned elf helpers. 

A super huge thank you to Julie Hill who helped bundle the gifts bags for the kids and special recognition to Jim Todd; Lonnie Goulet; and Bruce Goulet for all the effort it took to pull this event together to spread heartwarming cheer to all within our community. And Special Thanks to Steve Beck for his scheduling efforts in getting Santa Claus to visit during this peak time of year! 

The entire Angle Lake Shore Club Board wish for you and your family a Very Merry Christmas!  

I'm Five Years Old!

Do you recall what it was like to be turning five years old?  You were still very young, full of energy, gaining independence, and building confidence to take on the world!
Well let’s see how that might compare to a blog site turning five years old. That’s right; the Angle Lake Shore Club Blog reaches a new milestone in celebrating a fifth year anniversary of existence this weekend.

Five years ago on December 7th, 2009, the Angle Lake Shore Club Blog was launched with the sole purpose of being the club's primary communication vehicle for sharing timely information among residents who live on or near the shores of Angle Lake in SeaTac, WA. The objective was to create a platform where Shore Club Members could become frequent visitors to the site, actively participate by submitting relevant human interest stories of life around the lake, contribute news and photos to the Blog Team via an established dedicated email address; and by freely posting comments regarding any of the published articles. 

Although the blog hasn’t nearly achieved the level of participation the board was hopeful for, I do have confidence that the blog has become a good source to refer to when members want to catch up on what’s happening in their neighborhood. While the information posted is intentionally limited to the immediate neighborhood, being an internet publication does not limit its exposure.
Recorded Vistor Locations
Our web statistics indicate that the blog has been viewed at one time or another from every content on earth with the exception of Antarctica! Total page views since inception are numbering over 68,500 to date – with the 2011 Angle Lake Fishing Derby post generating the most views at 14,164 (go figure). The blog can also boast having a total of 67 subscribers who receive posts automatically delivered to their inbox when stories are published.

Along the way new pages have been added and have remained – Crime Reports; Annual Events; Photo Albums; and MultiMedia Slide Shows – while other published pages had served their usefulness and eventually were removed from view – Fireworks Preparations; Lost-n-Found; Classifieds; and Forum. The intent is to always keep only what is recognized as beneficial to the community. 

New tools have also been introduced to accompany our blog – Facebook, Twitter, and Nextdoor.com have been implemented as popular alternative forums for which people appear to be more comfortable participating in and it seems that they have more so come to rely on the blog to be a source for receiving information than a platform to contribute to.   

Over the past five years the communication posted through the blog has aspired to be non-political, non-religious, and unbiased but I’m sure at times may have been controversial – but who would know?  Rarely does anyone every leave a comment!  Maybe this time you will?  

Please consider leaving a comment sharing your opinion about this blogs usefulness; suggest where improvements may be made; express how it may have benefited you; or offer any other encouragement to consider carrying on for another five years!

But for now, Happy Fifth Birthday to Us!

A Few Spots Still Available!

The ALSC Members Only Christmas Party is this Saturday and if you haven’t made your reservations yet – don’t fret!  We still have a few spots left open and we’ll be accepting payment at the door. To access a copy of the ticket order form CLICK HERE.

Saturday, December 6th - 4:00 PM: Members Christmas Party 
The McGarah Residence will be the site for this year’s Members Only Christmas Party. All active members are welcome to join for an evening of socializing, munching, imbibing, singing and participating much laughter! The event will feature mouthwatering hors d’oeuvres, fully catered dinner, hosted bar, and hired entertainment – we’re also bringing back the ever entertaining ‘photo booth’ as well! The annual members meeting will be held to nominate board members, hold elections, introduce new members, recognize generous volunteers and share information about the 4th of July Fireworks Show for 2015. 

Food Drive
We’re also requesting that guests bring a non-perishable food item or two to be donated to Northwest Harvest Food Drive.  We hope to collect enough food to help feed many of the less fortunate who are hungry and in need of good nutrition.  Cash / Check donations will also be accepted.  Please consider making a generous gift.

Going Big in '15 - '16

With additional announcements being released this week regarding another major construction project in the Angle Lake area, it is looking like 2015-16 are going to be very active years for significant growth in the neighborhood!

Projects announced earlier included two hotel complexes next to Angle Lake and a major project adjacent to the $383.2 million Sound Transit Light Rail Station.  These projects include the 140 room Marriott Extended Stay “Beacon” style hotel being constructed adjacent to Angle Lake Park; Seattle-based Ariel Development to build a $25 Million Hyatt Place Hotel on the bare lot referred to as the ‘Hughes Property’;  and Wright Runstad’s plan to build a multi-structure campus consisting of over one million square feet of mixed use on the current SeaTac Park and Fly lot west of the proposed station which may eventually become the chosen site for the new FAA Regional Offices.

And now, city of SeaTac officials have announced Monday that AVS Communities will be building “The Reserve at SeaTac”, a 289-unit senior-living apartment complex near the Angle Lake light-rail station. Construction of the apartment project will be sited on a former car sales lot at 19707 International Blvd. S., is scheduled to begin early next year and be done in the summer of 2016.

The Reserve at Seatac Senior Housing

This is the sort of transit-oriented development (TOD) that city and regional officials have been planning since light-rail service to South King County arrived five years ago in the depths of the recession. Despite upzoning property to allow taller, denser development, not much TOD building has occurred in SeaTac until now. 

Newport Beach, Calif.-based AVS's project will go up three blocks from the light-rail station. AVS President Christopher Santoro said in a press release that "being in the middle of an exciting new transit district and providing a catalyst for other development helps with our goal of community building."

AVS builds "amenity rich, affordable housing options" for seniors, according to the company, which has been developing projects in on the West Coast and Missouri for more than 20 years. In Washington, the company has properties in Bellingham, Mount Vernon, Everett, Spokane, Silverdale and Tacoma.

"With the plans by Wright Runstad and new hotel projects in the area, this location is proving to become what we always knew would be an attractive investment decision for all types of real estate development," said SeaTac City Manager Todd Cutts.

The Angle Lake Station will be the southern terminus of the Puget Sound region light rail until 2023. The system currently is being expanded east to the Overlake area of Redmond and north to Lynnwood. The Angle Lake Station is scheduled to open in 2016 and will have a plaza, a 1,050-stall parking garage and some commercial space.

Sound Transit has released a 3-D animation that shows how trains will operate on the 1.6-mile elevated guideway between the airport and the Angle Lake Station.

Social Party of the Year

Not to be confused with any particular Socialist Party!  What I’m referring to is the always popular annual Angle Lake Shore Club Members Only Christmas Party being held on Saturday, December 6th at the lovely McGarah Residence! A copy of the invitation may be viewed by clicking HERE.

We’re rapidly approaching capacity seating for our upcoming Members Only Christmas Party and ask that you consider reserving your tickets by Saturday, November 29th to guarantee spots for you and your guest(s). After which time, tickets will be sold on a first come, first served basis until sold out.  

The evening is set to kick off with a mix and mingle, allowing guests to get caught up while snacking on delicious hors d’ oeuvres and imbibing in a limitless supply of beverages served up by our extremely congenial and highly entertaining bartenders, Bruce and Sandy Goulet. Club President, Lonnie Goulet will chair a short meeting at around 5:00 PM to provide a year in review status; give an update regarding progress for the 2015 fireworks display; introduce new members; elect officers; recognize outstanding volunteers and present the awards for Mr. and Ms. Christmas!  

At the conclusion of the meeting, attendees will break for dinner and feast upon a delicious Italian Cuisine catered by Bakeman’s Restaurant who have received awards as a Seattle Best Restaurant, as Best Lunch Counter by Seattle Weekly, featured on KCTS Channel 9 'Check, Please!' and KING TVs ‘Evening Magazine’ where owner Jason Wong is recognized as Seattle’s own version of the Seinfeld Soup Guy!

This year’s menu will feature regular and gluten free choices:

  • Marinated Asparagus 
  • Roasted Italian Vegetables 
  • Prawns and Cocktail Sauce
Dinner Menu
  • Italian Bread, Rolls with Butter
  • Caesar Salad 
  • Caprese Salad
  • Rigatoni w/ White Sauce 
  • Penne Pasta Alfredo w/ Chicken and Gorgonzola
  • Meatballs and Italian Sausage w/ Onions, Peppers and Tomatoes
  • Breast of Chicken Piccata with Lemon Butter and Capers 

Local entertainer Mary Courtney will tickle the ivories throughout the evening and will lead the crowd in Traditional Christmas Music Sing-A-Long and we’ll also be offering the ‘Picture Booth’ to capture some unique and hilarious holiday photos. 

Tickets are just $30.00 per person and include everything listed above to help create a wonderful and memorable evening spent with friends and neighbors. Order Form is available via this LINK.

Filling the Holiday with Hope and Joy

ALSC Member Pattie Lenz had submitted the following article addressed to all within our community.

As the Christmas Holiday nears the spirit of generosity tends to increase for many of us. It is during this time of year, we wish to extend an invitation for you to join us in helping financially strapped families from our area to make Christmas special for their children. The need is great and is growing each year.

Pattie can easily recall many heartwarming stories and pleasant experiences witnessing the thrill and delight in a child’s face when they receive an unexpected gift from someone who cares. You too can help spread this joy by:
  • Organizing a toy drive in your place of business.
  • Volunteering to shop or assist parents with shopping.
  • Referring a local family you know that needs help.
  • Purchasing an unwrapped toy or two for children 0-11 or give gift cards ($25.00) for youth 12-18 from Fred Meyer; Target Stores; or H'n'M and donate them to the Angle Lake Family Resource Center.
Please bring toys, gift cards and/or monetary donations to the Angle Lake Family Resource Center located at 4040 So. 188th Street by December 2nd.  They will be accepting donations between the hours of 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM.

For more information concerning the Holiday of Hope, please contact Zak Eskenazi at the Angle Lake Resource Center by phoning 206-816-3241 or by email at fre-vista@lcsnw.org.

Major Development Open House this Wednesday

Representatives with Wright Runstad will be at SeaTac City Hall on Wednesday, November 12 at 3:00 PM for a public open house to discuss the firm’s plans for a large scale development adjacent to the new Angle Lake light rail station. 
Wednesday, November 12th
3:00 PM Open House
4:00 PM Presentation 

Announced Plan for Major Development

Wednesday, November 5th, Wright Runstad President Greg Johnson said that his company is under contract to buy a seven-acre site just west of the Angle Lake light-rail station. Johnson said his company will pursue development of the property whether or not Wright Runstad is awarded the FAA contract which is looking for 300,000 square feet of office space in a new or existing building within 10 miles of the agency's current office in Renton.

"We've got plans for over 1 million square feet," Johnson said during a Bis Now panel discussion before hundreds of members of the real estate industry. Even though Wright Runstad has had designs on the site for several years, it's believed this was the first time it was publicly discussed.

This is the opportunity that the city of SeaTac, which surrounds the airport, has been pining for for years. SeaTac prepared for years for the arrival of light-rail in the city. Officials updated zoning to accommodate large-scale development and invested in infrastructure. Unfortunately for SeaTac, the light-rail line between downtown Seattle and South King County opened in 2009 when the economy was in the worst recession since the Depression.

The property that Seattle-based Wright Runstad has under contract today is a large surface parking lot. Johnson said it's owned by a limited liability company that Tom Dantzler, a member of the city of SeaTac's Planning Commission, is involved with. Wright Runstad has had it under contract "for quite some time," Johnson said, explaining that his company tied it up three or four years ago after the FAA first started looking for a new regional headquarters.

Wright Runstad is working with Seattle architecture firm NBBJ on a master plan for the property. He envisions a campus with office, retail and hotel space. According to a presentation that federal officials gave to developers interested in the FAA facility, the government plans to award the contract on March 30, 2015, with the facility opening Sept. 1, 2017.

Johnson said that even if his company doesn't land the FAA assignment, he still wants to develop the SeaTac property. Wright Runstad has a long-term contract to buy the site, though Johnson did not provide specifics. But with the large airport-parking lot on the site, it would provide a revenue stream while Wright Runstad waits to develop the property, he said.

Sound Transit is spending $383.2 million to extend the light-rail line 1.6 miles south of Sea-Tac Airport to South 200th. Trains will run on an elevated guideway between the airport and Angle Lake station. A 1,050-stall parking garge and plaza will be part of the Angle Lake Station, where the city would allow 10- to 12-story residential, retail, office and hotel towers. Johnson indicated that a maximum height for buildings could actually vary from 15 to 18 stories due to sloping on the site .

"Housing has potential, but I think the stronger markets are office, hotel and retail," said Johnson, whose company often focuses on developing projects near mass transit. Wright Runstad developed the 1201 Third Avenue tower above the downtown Seattle transit tunnel, and is developing a $2.3 billion mixed-use project called the Spring District next to a future light-rail station in Bellevue.

Open House and Study Session Presentation

Cindy Edens, the Senior Vice President and Director of Development for Wright Runstad will be at City Hall on Wednesday, November 12 at 3:00 PM for a public open house to discuss the firm’s plans for a large scale development adjacent to the new Angle Lake light rail station. 

Wright Runstad, one of the largest developers on the west coast has plans for a million square foot mixed-use development that could include office, hotel and retail on the seven acre site which is currently a park and fly lot. Ms. Edens will be available to discuss the current thinking on the master plan for the site, the company’s long-range transit oriented vision for the area and share her views on why the site was attractive to Wright Runstad. The location has also been submitted for consideration as the new site of the FAA Regional Headquarters which would bring over 1,000 jobs into the City. 

Ms. Edens will also be making a presentation at the City Council Study Session at 4:00 PM following the open house.

Amended Rules with Late Plant

Anglers are discovering good fishing conditions at Angle Lake during this fall season. Residents have had the pleasure of watching the fish jump throughout the evening hours.

The Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife announced amended recreational fishing rules at select waters in Island, King, Snohomish, and Thurston counties.  Angle Lake is one of sixteen select inland lakes where these new rules will apply.

This action will increase the daily bag limit for trout to 10 fish with no minimum size requirement applied. The effective dates for these amended rules are now through to one hour after official sunset on Feb. 13, 2015. The increased capture limit applies to trout only.

Reason for the action: The Department will increase fall and winter recreational fishing opportunity in inland waters throughout the Puget Sound region by stocking more than 300,000 catchable-size (10 to 12 inches) or larger Rainbow Trout.

Angle Lake has received nearly 9% of the total stock available from the following plantings to date:
Fish per
King County - Region 4
Oct 28, 2014
King County - Region 4
Oct 14, 2014
King County - Region 4
Oct 14, 2014
King County - Region 4
Apr 02, 2014
King County - Region 4
Mar 17, 2014

Regardless if you fish, watch people fish or like to simply watch the fish jump in the evening, enjoy this extra fall activity on the lake.

The Hunt Is On!

Do you fancy you have a bit of Jack Ryan in you?
Here is your opportunity to test yourself and perhaps win valuable PRIZES!!!

Scavenger hunts evolved from ancient folk games and gained popularity in the United States with a series of exclusive New York parties starting in the early 1930s. The scavenger-hunt craze among New York's elite was satirized in the 1936 film My Man Godfrey, where one of the items socialite players are trying to collect is a homeless man! And now, the scavenger hunt is being brought to the Angle Lake Area and you’re invited to join in the crazy good times! 

WHAT:  An Angle Lake Scavenger Hunt
WHEN:  October 25, 1-4pm (12:45 for instructions, race starts at 1PM).
WHERE: Begins at Todd house, 3910 S. 192nd St. and takes place in Angle Lake neighborhood.
HOW:  Teams of 1-2 persons will be given route maps and photos of public locations.

YOUR MISSION: Find each location and take a selfie or a picture of your teammate on your phone or digital camera and bring back the results.
WINNERS: Will receive valuable prizes, and all can partake in light refreshments following.
THE JUDGES: Your hosts, Robyn & Jim Todd.
LIMIT: To help maintain a quality experience, there will be a limit of 20 teams allowed to participate. To join in the fun, be sure to register before October 25th.  Register by sending an email to jimmijett@msn.com or call 206-226-9965.  

COST: Free to participate.
Be there or be square.

Public Affairs, Not Politics

Disclaimer: It is the position of the Angle Lake Shore Club and its governing board to remain neutral in the affairs of politics and religion. However, governmental administrative decisions which may result in having an impact on the community, both positive and/or negative, shall occasionally appear within this blog. The presentation of this information is intended to remain neutral with the objective of delivering unbiased information to inform the receiver and enable them to form their own opinion on the reported manner. 

Proposed Utility Tax
Statements are being made declaring that it will not be possible to maintain the basic City service levels and fund capital improvements without a new source of revenue.  Agenda Bill #3648 proposes an Ordinance to create a new Chapter 3.90 of the SeaTac Municipal Code related to the establishment of a Tax on the Gross Revenues and Certain Utilities Operating within the City to provide revenue for City Services and Capital requirements. The tax shall be levied on the utility, not the customer, and must be paid from utility revenues. However, the utilities will likely pass the cost of the tax onto the customer.

The Ordinance will generate an estimated $2.7 million per year. The revenue generated will be deposited into the City's General Fund, to be used for funding general City services or capital facilities as the City Council directs through the budget process.

The utility tax is expected to apply to the following service types billed to addresses within SeaTac City Limits:
  • Electricity 
  • Water 
  • Sewer 
  • Stormwater 
  • Natural Gas 
  • Communications: Telephone, Mobile Phone, Paging 
  • Cable TV 
  • Solid Waste (garbage)
The proposed tax will be 6% of revenues. If each of the service providers chose to pass this added expenses on to you, the consumer, estimating the impact of this proposal on your own household can be made by adding up the annual cost of each of the utilities you consume from the list above, then multiply this total by .06 (6%) to calculate the total potential cost to your household for the year.

Public Comments
If this matter is important to you, Public Comments are received at the beginning of the Council Study Session this Tuesday October 14th at 4 p.m. and/or the Regular Council Meeting on the same date at 6:30 p.m. (both meetings are at City Hall in the Council Chambers). If you are unable to attend these meetings you can send the Council Members an email letting them know your opinion of this proposal.

Further detail is available for review on pages 84 – 92 contained within the Council Study Session / Regular Council Meeting Packet.

Step Into The Future

Two events are being held this week to discuss the future of SeaTac as a city and about the accessibility improvements planned in and around the upcoming Angle Lake Light Rail Station.

Wednesday, October 8th:  SeaTac 2035 Open House

The City of SeaTac is hosting an Open House about the future of our city. Washington’s Growth Management Act requires periodic updates to the Comprehensive Plans and the City is in the process of reviewing each element of the current plan and proposing amendments in what is recognized as a Major Update. 

Community Planners invite you to join the Open House to share your thoughts and ideas about land use, transportation, housing, parks and other aspects of city development for the next 20 years. 
  • When: Wednesday, October 8th from 7:00 pm until 8:30 pm.
  • Where: SeaTac Community Center, 13725 24th Ave South, SeaTac 98168

Saturday, October 11th:  “Walk-n-Talk” Tour of Angle Lake Station 

The public is invited to attend the Angle Lake Station Area Walk-n-Talk on Saturday, October 11, 2014, from 10:00am to 12:00pm. The walk will begin at Angle Lake Park with opening remarks from SeaTac Mayor Mia Gregerson.   Learn how Sound Transit is working to make the Angle Lake Station more accessible for people of all ages and abilities, and receive an update on the City’s efforts to create a community supported plan to guide future development in the area.

The walking tour is sponsored by the non-profit Feet First and is a FREE interactive event.  The Walk-n-Talk will include stops at locations near the future Angle Lake Station including Madrona Elementary and future development sites. Sound Transit, City staff and other speakers will provide information on the community’s vision for creating a more walkable and transit oriented neighborhood, and the improvements Sound Transit is planning for the area. 
  • When: Saturday, October 11, 2014, from 10:00 am to 12:00 pm.  The walk will start shortly after10:00am and take approximately one hour. The walk will end with a hosted reception.  
  • Where: Meet at Angle Lake Park at 19408 International Boulevard, SeaTac, WA 98188, at the picnic shelter closest to International Boulevard. 
  • Register: This event is free, however you must pre-register in advance on-line at the Feet First Walks website; or by calling Feet First at 206.652.2310 ext. 5; or emailing jules@feetfirst.org.

Tyee Golf Course Announces Closing

Back in the mid-1960's three friends - George Geyer, Airline Pilot; George Puetz, Astute Golfer; and Roy Moore, Trucking Professional; came together to brainstorm the idea of creating and operating a public golf course. In 1966 that dream became a reality as the Tyee Golf Course opened as a top shelf golf complex. 

For years the facility featured an 18 cup course with some interesting holes for championship caliber play; a driving range to hone a swing; a pro shop offering a rich assortment of golf related merchandise; a restaurant for entertainment and a lounge for improving one's recollection of the just completed round of golf - where the reported score probably improved with each new round of drinks! 

It was then as it is now, the noisiest course in the world with jets landing and taking off at just a few hundred feet overhead. And just about every golfer in this area has played Tyee, the unique track at the south end of Seatac Airport.

In 1990, Mark Olson was hired as the course Golf Pro where he operated the pro shop until 1999 when Roy Moore made the decision to retire and Mark decided to take ownership of the property lease.

In the past decade the course has adapted to changing conditions. In 1999 the restaurant and lounge were forced to close and the driving ranged was shuttered.  In 2001, the golf course was shortened to 17 holes; subsequently reduced to 12 and finally adjusted to 9 holes to make way for the airport expansion of the third runway and other various port projects.

In 2011 while entering the third year of a five year lease, the FAA had completed a study of Sea-Tac airport operations and advised the Port of Seattle to shut down the golf course at that time.  With the help of Jolene Culler, ‎Senior Property Manager at Port of Seattle and with additional support from City of SeaTac Parks Director Kit Ledbetter, an agreement was reached to let Mark continue Tyee Course operations through the end of the existing five year agreement.

November 2014 is when that 5 year lease agreement will expire and Mark Olson has announced that the Tyee Golf Course will officially close their doors for the last time on October 26th, ending a nearly 50 year run supporting the game of golf for local enthusiasts and organizations throughout the south end and to visitors passing through the airport looking for a quick pick up round during their travels.

The course will remain open through the month of October and is accepting Tee Time Reservations through the Tyee Golf Course Website.  An 18 hole round cost $15 or less, depending on day and time selected.

Once vacated, the land that is owned by the Port of Seattle will be transformed into a habitat to attract native animal species, discourage open space where Canada Geese prefer to accumulate and to expand the Ports beneficial insect program which encourages bee colony expansion and increased dragon fly populations.

It is always unfortunate to see economically viable businesses leave SeaTac. We'd like to take this opportunity to recognize Mark for his effort in continuing to operate this golf course in our neighborhood for the past twenty-five years and wish him all the best in whatever his future brings.

Steinke Wins Gold... Again... and Again!

Angle Lake neighbor Courtney Steinke achieved several top place finishes again this year!  

Courtney Steinke loves to compete in athletic events.  Year over year he has shown up to participate in the ALSC Bud Jones Memorial 5k Run around the Lake and year over year, Courtney has taken the award for first place finish in his division!  Quite an accomplishment for any athlete however, it is an extremely impressive achievement when you consider Courtney’s age – a spry 82 years old!

Mr. Steinke is also recognized as a perennial champion at the National and State level as well. In 2011, Courtney participated in the Korean War National Veterans Golden Age Games held in Des Moines, Iowa. Steinke competed in the horseshoe toss, high jump, bowling, discus, long jump and shot put winning medals in four of the six events. 

Courtney had also recently participated in the Washington State Senior Games held near Olympia, July 24-27. Steinke competed in bowling, long jump, standing long jump and a 50 meter race, garnering a gold medal, three silver medals and a bronze medal for his efforts.

Congratulations Courtney for your outstanding athletic achievements!  We look forward to presenting you with another First Place ribbon for senior men’s division again at next year’s Race around the Lake!

Are You Up For The Challenge?

Swimmers numbering in the hundreds will gather on the shores of Angle Lake on Saturday, September 20, 2014 eager to participate in a 1 and 2 mile open water competition swim! Have you got what it takes to be part of the contest?

Swimmers Gather For A Briefing Before The Race

The Last Gasp of Summer is the annual US Master Swimmers competition hosted by Blue Wave Aquatics and Valley AquaticsSwim Team and held on the East-West Leg of Angle Lake. Now in its 4th year, the organized swim is the last open water event of the season for youth and master swimmers to compete.

USMS Master Swimming
USA Youth Swimming
§  1 Mile wetsuit
§  500 Meter non-wetsuit [9-12 yrs]
§  1 Mile non-wetsuit
§  1 Mile non-wetsuit
§  2 Mile wetsuit
§  2 Mile non-wetsuit
§  2 Mile non-wetsuit

Day of Race registration is $80 and requires a One Day USMS registration fee of an additional $20. Entry includes one event, swim cap, participation gift and hosted lunch. Maximum number of athletes participating for the Last Gasp of Summer is 300. Family members are welcome to cheer on their swimmers and enjoy lunch after, donations will be accepted.

Early Registration includes everything listed above but also includes a long sleeve performance shirt included in the entry fee! Early registration closes at 11:59 PM PST on September 18th.

Saturday, September 20th
8:30 – 9:30 AM
Pre-race check-in for both races
8:45 AM
Briefing – Officials, Kayaks, Lifeguards
9:30 AM
Mandatory Meeting for ALL swimmers
10:00 AM
Start of 2 Mile Race
10:15 AM
Start of 1 Mile Race
10:45 AM
Start of 500 Meter Race (USA Swimming)
12:00 Noon
Awards, Picnic Lunch

Visit the Last Gasp of Summer Website for more race event information.


Local favorite, the huge 12th Man Flag was taken down only after a few short days on display. 

The other night as I met with the May’s to talk about plans for the upcoming new ALSC Christmas Tree Lighting Event, I asked Rodger why he had taken down his iconic ‘12th Man’ flag? His response was troubling. Rodger informed me that someone had stole it!

He went on to explain that due to the damage left behind he was led to believe that someone climbed onto his fence to take down and remove the 18’ x 25’ flag – Yes, that’s right - eighteen feet by twenty five feet! It is an exact copy of the flag that is on display at Century Link Field in Seattle.

It is perplexing to me to consider how someone, on a busy main thoroughfare like South 188th Street, could even have the ability to climb up, straddle a flag pole to take this gigantic flag down, fold it up and cart it off down the street without ever being seen?  And that is where I’m hoping one or more of you may have witnessed some activity related to this crime!

If you happened to have been in the area of 42nd Ave South and South 188th Street on Sunday, September 7th between the hours of 9 pm and Monday 6 am and have any information relating to this crime, please contact Rodger May.  Any information leading to an arrest and/or recovery of the flag will be rewarded.  

I’m hoping the power of the REAL 12’s can pull together to recover this flag and get it flying again in it’s rightful spot – showing everyone that the Spirit of the 12’s is strong here on Angle Lake!

International Festival Moves to September

The International Festival in SeaTac has historically been a kick off to summer.  This year however with the move to a new weekend date in September the festival can now be considered as a kick off to the new school year! Regardless of the date, the intent of the festival remains unchanged and that is to celebrate the cultural diversity found within the city of SeaTac. 

The weekend festival includes a variety of ethnic and cultural dances and bands from around the Pacific Northwest, arts & crafts vendors and food vendors, a children’s play area and a family fun run. Admission is free and all events take place at Angle Lake Park. 

Arrive by water to avoid parking hassles! Take advantage of the new opportunity for boat parking by tying up to the new dock situated next to the boat ramp at Angle Lake Park.

Festival Hours
Saturday, September 6 - 10 a.m.-8 p.m.*
Sunday, September 7 - 10 a.m.-5 p.m.*
*Children's area opens at noon each day. Buy a wristband and play all day! ($5 per day)

Live Entertainment 
Listen to the hottest popular performers in the Pacific Northwest. Different types of ethnic and cultural music will be performed, as well as entertainment for kids. Entertainment begins at noon on Saturday and runs through Sunday afternoon. 

Entertainment Schedule
Noon - Spirit of Ojah (Ghanaian highlife)
1:00 p.m. - Teresa Anderson (Top 40's)
2:00 p.m. - Mark Iler (60's & 70's Rock & Pop)
3:00 p.m. - Kristin Dunlap (Belly Dancing)
4:00 p.m. - Alma Villegas (Latin)
5:00 p.m. - Nicholas Drummond - (Upbeat Alt-Folk)
6:00 p.m. - Freddy Pink (Classic R&B hits)

Noon - It's a Zumba Party (Free Zumba lesson)
1:00 p.m. - Scott Lindemuth (Jazz, Electric Blues, Rock)
2:00 p.m. - Shake it Up! ("The Cars" cover band)
3:00 p.m. - Kevin Jones (Roots Electric/Acoustic Rock)
4:00 p.m. - Cordaviva (Styles of African diaspora)

Sunday, 9:00 a.m.-1:00 p.m.
5K, 10K, 12K. Start and finish at Angle Lake Park.
Visit the American Volkssport Association Website for more details.