Steinke Wins Gold... Again... and Again!

Angle Lake neighbor Courtney Steinke achieved several top place finishes again this year!  

Courtney Steinke loves to compete in athletic events.  Year over year he has shown up to participate in the ALSC Bud Jones Memorial 5k Run around the Lake and year over year, Courtney has taken the award for first place finish in his division!  Quite an accomplishment for any athlete however, it is an extremely impressive achievement when you consider Courtney’s age – a spry 82 years old!

Mr. Steinke is also recognized as a perennial champion at the National and State level as well. In 2011, Courtney participated in the Korean War National Veterans Golden Age Games held in Des Moines, Iowa. Steinke competed in the horseshoe toss, high jump, bowling, discus, long jump and shot put winning medals in four of the six events. 

Courtney had also recently participated in the Washington State Senior Games held near Olympia, July 24-27. Steinke competed in bowling, long jump, standing long jump and a 50 meter race, garnering a gold medal, three silver medals and a bronze medal for his efforts.

Congratulations Courtney for your outstanding athletic achievements!  We look forward to presenting you with another First Place ribbon for senior men’s division again at next year’s Race around the Lake!

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