Tyee Golf Course Announces Closing

Back in the mid-1960's three friends - George Geyer, Airline Pilot; George Puetz, Astute Golfer; and Roy Moore, Trucking Professional; came together to brainstorm the idea of creating and operating a public golf course. In 1966 that dream became a reality as the Tyee Golf Course opened as a top shelf golf complex. 

For years the facility featured an 18 cup course with some interesting holes for championship caliber play; a driving range to hone a swing; a pro shop offering a rich assortment of golf related merchandise; a restaurant for entertainment and a lounge for improving one's recollection of the just completed round of golf - where the reported score probably improved with each new round of drinks! 

It was then as it is now, the noisiest course in the world with jets landing and taking off at just a few hundred feet overhead. And just about every golfer in this area has played Tyee, the unique track at the south end of Seatac Airport.

In 1990, Mark Olson was hired as the course Golf Pro where he operated the pro shop until 1999 when Roy Moore made the decision to retire and Mark decided to take ownership of the property lease.

In the past decade the course has adapted to changing conditions. In 1999 the restaurant and lounge were forced to close and the driving ranged was shuttered.  In 2001, the golf course was shortened to 17 holes; subsequently reduced to 12 and finally adjusted to 9 holes to make way for the airport expansion of the third runway and other various port projects.

In 2011 while entering the third year of a five year lease, the FAA had completed a study of Sea-Tac airport operations and advised the Port of Seattle to shut down the golf course at that time.  With the help of Jolene Culler, ‎Senior Property Manager at Port of Seattle and with additional support from City of SeaTac Parks Director Kit Ledbetter, an agreement was reached to let Mark continue Tyee Course operations through the end of the existing five year agreement.

November 2014 is when that 5 year lease agreement will expire and Mark Olson has announced that the Tyee Golf Course will officially close their doors for the last time on October 26th, ending a nearly 50 year run supporting the game of golf for local enthusiasts and organizations throughout the south end and to visitors passing through the airport looking for a quick pick up round during their travels.

The course will remain open through the month of October and is accepting Tee Time Reservations through the Tyee Golf Course Website.  An 18 hole round cost $15 or less, depending on day and time selected.

Once vacated, the land that is owned by the Port of Seattle will be transformed into a habitat to attract native animal species, discourage open space where Canada Geese prefer to accumulate and to expand the Ports beneficial insect program which encourages bee colony expansion and increased dragon fly populations.

It is always unfortunate to see economically viable businesses leave SeaTac. We'd like to take this opportunity to recognize Mark for his effort in continuing to operate this golf course in our neighborhood for the past twenty-five years and wish him all the best in whatever his future brings.


Anonymous said...

I worked for Roy Moore for two years or so in the early 1980s. Roy is a very creative man who loved to start new enterprises.He taught me two very important things; 1)know who is in charge,and 2)golfers will put up with most anything except lousey greens!I credit Roy for giving me entry into the golf course "industry"in which I still work today (at North Shore golf course in Tacoma) Rich Gerlt

UniGolf said...

This actually answered my downside, thanks right here on this post. I will likely be coming again to your weblog for extra soon.

Unknown said...

Played there for years. Some of my greatest memories. God bless you Ron.

Unknown said...

Miss this course. Please reopen this challenging course!

Unknown said...

I lived in the neighborhood that use to run alone the eastern fence on the angle lake side. I use to dig tunnels in the blackberry bushes that protected the course from tresspassing. I used those tunnels to retrieve lost balls and sell them back to the golfers as they were about to walk into the pro shop, the manager saw me (after chasing me off a couple times) and he started buying my good golf balls ...i sold them 10cents for scratched and 25 cents for brand new looking balls. This was 85 to 89, 7-10 years old making my money. The neighborhood was torn down in the late 90s and concreted over...sad to see the course gone too...my childhood home.

Unknown said...

It was voted the worlds noisiest golf course at one time