Tasty Tapas Reservations Due by Aug 9th

Tasty Tapas – Saturday, August 16th. 4:00 PM until 8:00 PM

If you have not yet signed up for the Tasty Tapas Float Around, our late summer lakeside main event, you must act now to reserve a spot otherwise you may very well miss the boat as seats are filling quickly! The fun starts at 4 PM SHARP and runs until 8:00 PM. Open to ALSC Members Only and their invited guests. Cost is $25 per person.

To access a copy of the flyer with Order Form, CLICK HERE

During years prior, Tapas have been attended by Gilligan and his fellow castaways; Cleopatra returned from the dead to join us with her minions; a group of gondoliers gathered to give out goodies to arriving guests; and even a Tropical Island populated with Pacific Islanders floated onto the scene – one can only imagine who, or what, might appear this year!

Tasty Tapas has proven to be an evening full of fun, food, and a great opportunity to meet with neighbors and make new friends. Participants will be assigned to start at one of four dinning stations set up around the lake for guests to visit only by boat. Each of the four locations will present a themed selection of appetizers and liquid libations to tickle your taste buds. Throughout the evening at set intervals, groups will receive a signal to depart for another station until all four stations have been visited. Be sure to pace yourself and save room for the grand finale fifth station where all participants will come together to enjoy a bonfire, dessert and coffee where all can mingle.

You are encouraged to take your own boat around the course (No drinking and driving please!) For those who do not have a boat, cannot find a ride or require assistance there will be pontoon boats acting as taxis to ferry tasters from stations to station. If you require a pickup please call Jim Todd at 206-226-9965 or emailing him at jimmjett@gmail.com.

Sparkling Cleanliness Radiates Outward

It all began a mere four years ago, when a select few Shore Club Members introduced a plan to focus a combined community effort toward clearing the mounting litter, trash and debris accumulating on the undeveloped city parcel known as the Hughes property located on the western shore of Angle Lake. The ‘Clean Sweep’ was formed and the initial job proved to be much larger than originally anticipated requiring most of the team to remain concentrated on that single area during this first outing.

Returning the following year allowed the team to touch up the shoreline along the Hughes Property and to expand the focus to the remaining areas around the lake where discarded sinks, radiators and other garbage was gathered from below the surface waters.  The year after volunteers were able to expand out and cover surface streets and public right of ways surrounding the lake where mattresses, tires, discarded clothing and more cans, bottles, and trash were gathered.

This year nearly 30 club members and friends gathered at the Angle Lake Park boat ramp to collect bags, trash grabbers and gloves furnished by the City of SeaTac Parks Department.  The group then split up with part heading out to the main streets and thoroughfares and the rest equipped with snorkels, fins and dive tanks to take on the job of clearing the shoreline and deeper waters of Angle Lake.

When complete, the trash recovered filled the back end of a Parks Department flat bed service truck. Content consisted mostly of litter, cans and bottles, a few tires but also included a few unique finds recovered from under the water. That which included half a wooden boat; a lawnmower with grass catcher still attached; plus a Browning 30 caliber machine gun acquired adjacent to the fishing docks at the public park.
Lonnie Goulet displays his most unique find!
At the ALSC hosted volunteer recognition luncheon, police were dispatched to investigate the find and although the gun was no longer in working order, regulations required that the officer recover the weapon with claims that it would be included into a ‘Peace Brick’ type program where it and other weapons would be melted down into commemorative plaques and other ornamental items.

Clean Sweep is now a well established annual program having a noticeable positive impact in our community. Thank you to all who volunteered and congratulations to Raffle Prize winners: Curtis Steinke; Debbie Beck; Annie Goulet; and Mark. Images of the event are available for viewing in our online photo album.

Work Hard, Play Harder!

The Angle Lake Shore Club sole mission is geared toward providing unique events year round as an opportunity for Angle Lake area residents to help build a stronger, happier, safer community through collaborative work and cooperative play. Prime examples of this are exhibited in our two community offerings coming up next. 
Clean Sweep – Saturday, July 26th. 9:00 AM until 2:00 PM
Joining together in hard work for the common good warms the heart and the resulting laughter warms the soul! Members from the Angle Lake Community will gather at the public park boat launch at 9 am to collect bags, tools and instructions before setting out to rid the area of debris during the fourth annual Angle Lake Clean Sweep! The volunteers will split into groups where walkers will be assigned to concentrate on picking up litter on shores and throughout the neighborhood streets; waders and snorkelers will commit to clearing the shallow water of trash; and the more adventurous individuals decked out in full scuba gear will gather refuse from the deep! At 1:00 PM volunteers are asked to join together at the Manor Club Beach Lot for a hosted lunch and drawing for raffle prizes in appreciation for their efforts. Contact Judy Williams for further information and assistance.

Tasty Tapas – Saturday, August 16th. 4:00 PM until 8:00 PM
When it comes to play, our neighbors certainly got what’s going on! During prior years, Tapas were attended by Gilligan and his fellow castaways; Cleopatra had come back from the dead to join us with her minions; a group of gondoliers gathered to give out goodies to arriving guests; and even a Tropical Island populated with Pacific Islanders floated onto the scene – one can only imagine who, or what, might appear this year!

If you've attended Tasty Tapas you know how much fun it is to go to various locations to sample delicious hors d'oeuvres while engaged in great conversation with neighbors from our community and their invited guests.  Now consider how much more fun it can be when everyone is coming to you, giving you the opportunity to show off your culinary skills and your bar tending prowess. We’re seeking a couple station hosts along the East-West Shores. Hosting a station is relatively easy and can be made even easier by recruiting extended family to help or even collaborating with your immediate neighbors to pull it off as a group effort.  Host volunteers are provided a generous budget to help cover all food and beverage costs. Hors d’oeuvres don't need to be elaborate but should be relatively simple snacks that are enhanced when partnered with a complimentary beverage. 

To volunteer or get questions answered, please contact Jim Todd, otherwise if you plan to attend be sure to send your payment in no later than August 9th to secure a spot in this summertime favorite!

A Day Dedicated to Celebrate Our Freedom

Judging from the many, many smiling faces appearing across the breadth of photos captured during our various 4th of July events here at Angle Lake, I think I’m safe to say the majority of our neighbors had a fantastic time coming together to participate in the various events held to celebrate our nation’s birthday! Our online photo album contains pictures of the parade; 5k walk/run; swim and boat races; dock decorating competition; and patriotic boats parade.

The warm temperature of the morning must have certainly been an encouragement for the large number of folks turning out to decorate their cars, bicycles, carts, wagons, and selves in preparation for parading the streets of Angle Lake Manor and to end up enjoying frozen treats and participating in the patriotic sing along.

Then it was over to post 37 on the eastside of the lake for the Bud Jones Memorial Walk / Run Race around the Lake.  Approximately 15 walkers left the starting line promptly at 11:00 AM followed by around 20 runners at 11:30 AM.  The fastest time to complete the course this year was 0:19:46 and recognition was given by awarding the trophy to Tyler Moran in honor of this achievement.

By afternoon, all lake front homeowners were applying the finishing touches on their decorations in time for the judges to assess their work in determining the most visually impactful and spirited display in competing for cash and merchandise awards.  Landing the top spot this year was the Siedenburg Family whose patriotic decorations and live rendition of the National Anthem stole the show and resulted in their winning the $100 Top Prize! 

Later in the day it was over to Gregg and Marsha Louvers’ at post 46 for the swimming and boating races.  Folks gathered on the shore to cheer the contests to victory where silver dollars were awarded to the winning youth participants. 

Approaching evening dusk, our first ever patriotic boat parade was an outstanding success.  Each participating boat owner took the initiative to deck their boat with varying themes in red, white and blue and displaying old glory in ultimate splendor. This proved to be a great way to spread the spirit and enthusiasm to the holiday celebration.

And finally as the sun set, the load speakers gave rise to anticipation of the fireworks show staged from the park piers this year.  While smaller shells created a lower elevation show – the lower elevation created new visual effects not possible from a higher altitude show.  The fan effects, multi-burst, mini finales leading up to the grand finale were performed with perfection and the pyro technicians received a huge cheer and applause from the crowd in expressive appreciation.  And with the conclusion of the fireworks display brought closure of the day filled with memories of another outstanding Independence Day on Angle Lake.