When Is Too Much - Too Much?

Stressed Out - Who Us?
Your Angle Lake Shore Club Board of Directors has been extremely busy these past few months working their “to do” list. Dividing attention (or more appropriately, multiplying focus) among the hydroplane race proposal; securing barge commitments and drafting build schedules; and now planning the Tasty Tapas, as well. The following is a quick status update on each of these initiatives:

Hydroplanes at Angle Lake
Sub-committee members from the ALSC attended several Land Use and Planning (LUP) Committee Sessions and held various meetings with SeaTac City Manager and Parks staff. A lakefront homeowners survey was created and responses were collected. With 97% of all the waterfront homes accounted for, the final numbers revealed 77% strongly in favor; 9% indifferent; with 14% against.  These survey summary results were shared with the City Council and Staff Leadership. A good number of residents showed up and delivered positive comments during the July 26rh Regular Council Meeting in show of support for the event. After some council deliberation, an ordinance to revise park code was introduced waiving the 5 knot (8 mph) speed limit for a one time, single permitted event to occur prior to November 2016, after which time the revision will be automatically repealed. This allows for the trial event to be executed and re-evaluated before any extension of the ordinance is considered.  The races are scheduled for the weekend days of September 10th and 11th.

Fireworks Barges
Design plans have been received and evaluated. Material costs have been calculated and through the diligence of several Barge Committee Members, the costs are coming in around $1,200 per barge less than forecast (a savings of around $8,500 total)!  It’s now come time to run down the list of homeowners who had previously expressed interest and confirm their commitment through a paid deposit. The first of two barge builds are scheduled for late August.  Please contact Jonathan Standridge before August 20th if you are interested in assisting in the construction of the initial barges or if you can help in some other way.

Tasty Tapas – August 13th! (…maybe)
Right now, the Tapas Committee Chair is reporting that the event is one station short and no commitment yet on a host location for the dessert station. A Go / NO Go decision will be made on August 3rd. The grim reality is that with time running short the Tapas may be forced to be canceled this year.  If you are interested in hosting a tapas station or have the ability to host the dessert station (accommodate approximately 90 people), please do not hesitate to call Jim Todd before August 3rd.

Busy – you bet! But we do it because we enjoy knowing that our community is a better place because of what we do!  Thank you for your support.

The Cleanest ALSC Event of the Year!

It only happens once a year. The Cleanest, Most Family Friendly Event on the Angle Lake Shore Club calendar is happening this Saturday, July 23rd. That is when Shore Club Members and neighbors are invited and encouraged to join together with other volunteers for the Annual Angle Lake Clean Sweep.

The ALSC will be helping all lakeside residents with property clean-up and trash removal. We will also be clearing our streets of trash and are hoping for enough volunteers to cover the area between International Blvd on the west to Military Road on the east, and from S 188th Street on the north to S 200th Street on the south. Last year we were able to clean 8 miles of streets and with your help, we look forward to doing that again.

Date: Saturday, July 25th
Clean up: 9:00 AM until 1:00 PM

If you live in this area, please considering meeting at the Angle Lake Park Dock at 9 AM to grab some heavy-duty trash bags and a trash grabber and join your neighbors in the fun. We are hoping all residents will volunteer to help their neighbors, and band together in cleaning up our neighborhood. 

We will also be doing clean-up of the shore line and lake bottom at the public park and are looking for divers to help with the junk on the lake bottom. If you know anyone who dives, please contact Judy Williams at (206) 419-4637. We will pay for the air in their tanks and invite them to join us afterward for our picnic lunch and raffle. 

After the clean-up from 9AM to noon, we will provide a picnic lunch at the Angle Lake Manor Club Beach with food and a raffle of ALSC shirts. We hope to make this a grand day that will show real benefits for all SeaTac residents who love our neighborhood and the lake and enjoy using it. In the meantime, please feel free to survey your area of the lake, lake-bottom and surrounding streets and open spaces and think about any problems that may need to be addressed in your area.  

A special note of appreciation toward the City of Seatac who will help with the disposal of all the trash collected from the lake and our streets.

7/13 Predictions Correct - Storm in SeaTac

The Seattle Storm Women's Professional Basketball Team will headline this year’s Group Health Community Practice on Wednesday, July 13 at the Tyee Educational Complex. The event, which takes place from 6:00 PM to 8:00 PM, is FREE and open to the public. It will mark the third consecutive year in which the Storm will hold an open practice at the Tyee Educational Complex. 

Hosted by the City of SeaTac and Seattle Southside Regional Tourism Authority, the Community Practice is a fun event for kids and families to go behind the scenes at a Storm practice. Fans can watch the team and participate in some of the drills directed by the coaching staff. The event will feature meet-and-greets with Storm players and coaches, games and contests with prizes, an appearance from Doppler the mascot and a special performance by the Storm Dance Troupe. 

All attendees will receive a pair of tickets to the September 11 game against Los Angeles, and the first 200 participants will go home with their choice of a free t-shirt or junior sized basketball courtesy of Group Health Cooperative. 

“Storm community practices in SeaTac have been such a great way for the youth and families in our community to connect with the players and participate in healthy activities,” said Joseph Scorcio, SeaTac Acting City Manager. “It is an honor to have these extraordinary role models join us for the third year in a row. Hosting the event alongside Group Health and the Seattle Southside Regional Tourism Authority has been a great way to engage the community.” 

A flyer for the event is posted on the city website and can also be viewed HERE.

WALPA is Awarding One Lake Association Scholarship

* * * * * * * *    Due August    *    5th    *    2016    * * * * * * * *

In 2016 the Washington Lakes Protection Association (WALPA) is offering a lake association scholarship. This scholarship is intended to allow members of a lake association to send a representative to the annual conference to learn from our presenters and sponsors, and network with WALPA members, to take information back to their association. The recipient will be expected to give a presentation at the conference on the lake association and its goals and to write a short article for Waterline after the conference summarizing their experience.

All scholarship applications will be reviewed by the Scholarship Committee, composed of individuals from academia, industry and government. Committee members who have a personal or institutional affiliation with the applicant will not judge that applicant. A winning applicant will be chosen based on financial need and the aspirations of the association.

A qualified applicant must be an active member of a lake association organization or community group who is willing to attend the 2016 WALPA conference in Bellingham.

Lake association applicants should describe their role in the association, its size, annual income from membership, and current activities. Most important, the application must outline the association's direction and goals. Applicants should also clearly state how attending the conference will help the association and how information obtained at the conference will be shared with their membership. The application should be no longer than one page. Please include an email address and mailing address on the application.

All applicants should send materials in a single Adobe Acrobat PDF file clearly identified by the applicant's last name to Ellen P. Preece, chair of the scholarship committee, at eppreece@wsu.edu.  Applications are due by 17:00 PDT on Friday August 5, 2016. The Scholarship Committee will contact applicants by the beginning of September to let them know the status of their application. 

Further detailed information about the WSLPA Annual Conference can be viewed at their website: http://www.walpa.org/annual-conference/

What's That Floating On The Lake?!

If while out on the water this summer you’ve noticed some red and white floats on the east-west leg of Angle Lake, upon closer inspection you’ll see that that these buoys are marked with the words “UW Research”.

The following letter was sent to the Shore Club email providing an explanation and purpose of these floats:

To residents around Angle Lake,
My name is Vincent O. Jobin and I am a graduate student at the School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences at the University of Washington. My advisor, Dr. Julian Olden, and I are leading a new research project (in collaboration with King County's Lake Stewardship Program) investigating the patterns, drivers and ecological consequences of water level fluctuations in lakes around the county. As part of the Lake Stewardship Program, volunteers have monitored nearly 60 lakes for water quality, water temperature and water level for some part of the past 20 years. Your lake is part of this Program and volunteers are still actively monitoring water levels on a frequent basis. Using this data, we intend to understand how past trends in water levels changed in response to precipitation, temperature and other attributes of the lakes, and then use this knowledge to study the role of lake level fluctuations in influencing the plants, animals and food webs they form.

One aspect of the project is to understand how changes in water levels affect the lakes' temperature. In summer, most lakes in the region stratify, i.e., they have a distinct warm water layer on top of a cooler one and these rarely mix. Changes in water level could affect this stratification and may have consequences for water quality. To investigate, we have installed temperature loggers in 15 lakes around King County, including Angle lake. These digital thermometers are attached to a leaded rope with an anchor on one end and a red and white floater on the other. They record temperature at regular intervals, keeping track of the temperature in the lake throughout the year. The float is large enough to be seen by anyone boating on the lake. We clearly identified our floats with “UW Research” as well as a phone number to call if found. We will come by regularly to check on them, perform maintenance and make sure they stay just at the surface as water levels go down during the summer.

As residents, you are the first affected by lake water quality and we believe that it is our duty to share our knowledge and findings. If you have any questions, please contact me by phone or email. We have launched a website so you can learn more about the project: http://lakelevels.weebly.com/. It will be updated throughout the summer.

We welcome your feedback in our endeavor and look forward to sharing the results of our work with you. We thank you in advance for your help and support.

Vincent O. Jobin
PhD student
University of Washington
Phone: 206-939-8721
Email: vjobin@uw.edu

Julian Olden
Associate Professor
University of Washington
Phone: 206-616-3112
Email: olden@uw.edu

Website: http://depts.washington.edu/oldenlab/

A Fabulously Fantastic Fourth!

Hope you too had a wonderful 4th of July!

Our Shore Club Photographer and reigning Queen of the ALM HOA! - Tani Rae and her minion Jonathan Standridge spent a better part of their holiday capturing moments and memories through pictures. From the looks of it, many of you did have a great time with the parade, singing along, participating in the Bud Jones Memorial Walk/Run Around the Lak and enjoying frozen treats!

To view the array of photos from the 4th of July simply click on the following hot link: 

To view our entire collection of Angle Lake Shore Club photos from other events and prior years, simply choose the ‘Shore Club Photo Album’ located under the Additional Links heading on the right side of this page. If you have any photos that you’d like to share with the community, please email them to us at anglelakesc@gmail.com and we’ll include them into our photo albums.