When Is Too Much - Too Much?

Stressed Out - Who Us?
Your Angle Lake Shore Club Board of Directors has been extremely busy these past few months working their “to do” list. Dividing attention (or more appropriately, multiplying focus) among the hydroplane race proposal; securing barge commitments and drafting build schedules; and now planning the Tasty Tapas, as well. The following is a quick status update on each of these initiatives:

Hydroplanes at Angle Lake
Sub-committee members from the ALSC attended several Land Use and Planning (LUP) Committee Sessions and held various meetings with SeaTac City Manager and Parks staff. A lakefront homeowners survey was created and responses were collected. With 97% of all the waterfront homes accounted for, the final numbers revealed 77% strongly in favor; 9% indifferent; with 14% against.  These survey summary results were shared with the City Council and Staff Leadership. A good number of residents showed up and delivered positive comments during the July 26rh Regular Council Meeting in show of support for the event. After some council deliberation, an ordinance to revise park code was introduced waiving the 5 knot (8 mph) speed limit for a one time, single permitted event to occur prior to November 2016, after which time the revision will be automatically repealed. This allows for the trial event to be executed and re-evaluated before any extension of the ordinance is considered.  The races are scheduled for the weekend days of September 10th and 11th.

Fireworks Barges
Design plans have been received and evaluated. Material costs have been calculated and through the diligence of several Barge Committee Members, the costs are coming in around $1,200 per barge less than forecast (a savings of around $8,500 total)!  It’s now come time to run down the list of homeowners who had previously expressed interest and confirm their commitment through a paid deposit. The first of two barge builds are scheduled for late August.  Please contact Jonathan Standridge before August 20th if you are interested in assisting in the construction of the initial barges or if you can help in some other way.

Tasty Tapas – August 13th! (…maybe)
Right now, the Tapas Committee Chair is reporting that the event is one station short and no commitment yet on a host location for the dessert station. A Go / NO Go decision will be made on August 3rd. The grim reality is that with time running short the Tapas may be forced to be canceled this year.  If you are interested in hosting a tapas station or have the ability to host the dessert station (accommodate approximately 90 people), please do not hesitate to call Jim Todd before August 3rd.

Busy – you bet! But we do it because we enjoy knowing that our community is a better place because of what we do!  Thank you for your support.

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