Neighborhood Alert: Possible Prowling

A member recently wrote the Shore Club Board to report several suspicious behaviors witnessed within the Manor Neighborhood.  A young white male was observed coming out from between neighbor’s houses. He was a stranger and it seemed odd that he would be between the two houses.

Another neighbor lakeside on S 194th had a young man knock on his door and ask to come in and use the phone claiming his phone batter was dead. When told ‘No’ and denied entry, the kid left and quickly jumped into a car driven by another kid and took off. A third neighbor across the street said she had noticed 2 kids, strangers, driving around and stopping at houses.

Please be aware that this type of behavior is occurring in our area, be vigilant toward it and if you witness or encounter similar incidents, note the critical details (what was witnessed, gender, race, height, build, clothing, make/model of car if one is involved, and direction of travel) and call it in to report it.

If a crime is in progress or you have an emergency, of course call 911.  To report a neighborhood problem or a crime that is not an emergency, call the King County Sheriff's Office Communications and Dispatch Center at 206.296.3311, twenty-four (24) hours a day, 7 days a week.  You may request an officer to be dispatched to your location.

Something to Consider

Conversations regarding suspicious behaviors seem to nearly always include the question “at what point should we be reporting these suspicious strangers?” followed with concerns expressed about feeling uncomfortable reporting it as it may be considered insignificant and determined a waste of law enforcement time.

Don’t be the one to judge if it is a frivolous report or not - let the dispatcher on duty decide that.  If there are higher priority items, then of course an officer won't respond, however, if there is nothing going on they may just be sitting in a parking lot somewhere anyway! In the least a patrol drive by would increase police presence in the neighborhood - or let's say a crime had occurred earlier and they may still be looking for the suspects???

Use the "It Just Doesn't Look Right" rule. You know what is considered normal in your neighborhood, you know what doesn't look right - trust your instincts and CALL!   Law enforcement officials frequently voice concern about citizens hesitating or failing to report issues - Police Officials say they can't do anything if they don't know about it.

So our job as diligent citizens in effort to help curb crime: 
  1. Be vigilant about what's occurring in your neighborhood
  2. Be a good witness - observe and record accurate descriptions (gender, race, height, clothing, car make/model, etc.)
  3. Call to report it.
One call might not be significant - several may indicate a pattern and prompt more patrols - even if it doesn't lead to an arrest, more police presence will discourage bad guys and gals from hanging around our hood.

ALSC Polar Bear Plunge and Food Drive

2013 celebrates the fifth anniversary of the Angle Lake Polar Bear Plunge and with it we’ll be introducing a new theme with purpose. This coming year, ALSC Polar Plunge will be more than just a reason for members and neighbors to get together, chat and to watch the ‘brave minded and strong hearted’ (?) gather on the lake shore to take the annual winter plunge – this year we’re incorporating a Food Drive which will not only help the local hungry but may also benefit anyone who chooses to participate in this New Year event!

We’ll be collecting any donated non-perishable food items and/or cash contributions to benefit the Highline Area Food Bank whose shelves are expected to be bare after supporting the many needs through the holidays. Spectators and participants will benefit by being eligible to WIN “ALSC Olde Skool” designed T-Shirts and Zippered Hoodies with retail values up to $80 each!    

Simply by showing up to the event at the Manor Club Beach on New Year’s Day entitles you to one raffle ticket for a chance to win; Showing up in costume (regardless if you’re planning to plunge or not) will earn you another ticket; bring non-perishable food items and/or one or more dollars for donation to the food bank, you’ll receive one raffle ticket for each item; and finally – taking the Plunge will earn you another TEN TICKETS for an additional TEN CHANCES to win a prize! 

Hot Coffee and Cocoa is being provided by Starbucks and will be available for participants and spectators to enjoy before the plunge. A small gift will be awarded to the first 25 participants that meet the Polar Cub Club requirement of swimming to the dive platform and back.

Angle Lake Manor Club Beach
3419 South 194th Street
January 1st, 2013

  • 11:00 AM Gates Open, Light Refreshments Offered
  • 11:45 AM Raffle Prize Drawings
  • 12:00 PM The Big Plunge
  • 01:00 PM Conclusion
Hints and Safety Tips:
  • Dress Up in costume over your swimsuit to add whimsy
  • Come Early. Parking is limited. Carpool or come by boat.
  • Anyone with heart problems should consult your health care provider before participating. If you don't participate, you’re still welcome to join us and watch.
  • Do Not Drink. Alcohol does not warm you up. It accelerates hypothermia.
  • Do Not Stay In The Water Longer Than 15 Minutes. Body heat is lost 25 times faster in the water than in air.
  • Keep Your Outer Clothing On until swim time and remove any wet clothing before getting back into dry clothes.
  • Have Fun!
Benefiting our local food bank, winning prizes, enjoying the company of our neighbors and having a Great Time!  That’s the true Reason why we’ll be out there Freezin’!  Hope you’ll plan to join us!  For additional information, contact Fuzz Hill at (206) 972-7220.

Light Rail Station Named

Announced originally in the ALSC Blog back in August, Sound Transit had created an online survey intended to collect community response regarding the future official name for the new station located at South 200th Street and 28th Avenue South of the Central Link line extension in SeaTac. It is rumored that there were well over 500 responses received during the three weeks that the poll had been open.

Four months later, the preferred name of the station was finally announced when the Sound Transit Board of Directors adopted the identity of Angle Lake for the name of the light rail station that will open in 2016.  The press release claims the choice indicates the community preference toward the natural geographic landmark and mentions that resident comments included the name is unique, easier to remember than a numbered street, and geographically accurate in highlighting a local landmark.

With the station’s major artistic theme focus being ‘Environment in Motion’, it is my opinion that applying the name of the community’s most prominent environmental feature, Angle Lake, is the best option and I am pleased that the Sound Transit Board supported this choice.  

The next key item for station identification will be developing the “Stellar Connection” constellation for creation of the way finding station pictogram. A schedule has not yet been identified so I am assuming that this process will still be several years off in the distant future.

ALSC Fun With Benefits

Just two weeks earlier, members of the Shore Club where enjoying an amazing evening at the Annual Christmas Dinner Party hosted at Steve and Rhonda Bell’s home with more than 100 people in attendance. Guests were treated to round trip street parking to front door shuttle service, catered appetizers and full buffet dinner, open bar and some very lively Christmas caroling led by our hired entertainer, Mary Courtney. Immersed in the spirit of the season, Pattie Lenz suggested we consider a Toy Drive collection and our members responded incredibly by contributing $278.00 toward the purchase of gifts to benefit the homeless and under privileged children of SeaTac.  

Then on Friday, December 14th surprisingly under somewhat clear skies, several elaborately decorated boats took to the water to visit select stops around the lake in effort to spread additional holiday cheer and delivering over 70 gift bags to the benefit and delight of the anxious children awaiting their chance to visit with the Father of Christmas himself, Santa Claus. 

Between stops the collection of boats radiated a bright glow over the waters of the lake, drawing folks away from their TVs and out of their easy chairs like drawing moths to a brightly burning flame where they responded to the approaching ships with waiving, cheering and lights flashing.  Whatever reason accounted for encouraging folks to leave the warmth of the indoors and to gathering with their neighbors, family and friends on a December dark night, they had done so and had done it with great fervor, making this a most wonderful closing event of the year for the Angle Lake Shore Club and the community.

We'd like to thank Bruce/Sandy Goulet and Lonnie/Annie Goulet who had invested many hours and personal expense to decorate their boats and we'd like to give recognition to our Captains Bruce Bryant and Bruce Goulet.  Also we’d like to give special recognition to our gift bag stuffers Julie Hill and her mother, Connie Smith.  All you’re efforts were clearly appreciated based on the many compliments and kind comments that viewers expressed.  And of course to a BIG Thank You to Steve Beck who once again came through in arranging our visit with Santa, you really helped to make this evening special for all who attended!

And finally, thank you to everyone who made the effort come out; build the fires; encourage the crowds to gather on your shore, and welcoming us onto your docks and beaches to help spread holiday cheer.  You are the reason why we do this and it is you who help to make this so much fun!  Thank you for being an active partner and taking an active role within your community.

Photos with Santa are available viewing and can be accessed from the ‘Additional Links’ menu located on the right side of this page and clicking the ‘ALSC Photo Album’ link.  If you have photos to share, please email them to the blog address at or contact Clyde Hill within the Shore Club phone directory.

On behalf of the Angle Lake Shore Club Board of Directors, we wish you and your loved ones a Very Merry Christmas.