Light Rail Station Named

Announced originally in the ALSC Blog back in August, Sound Transit had created an online survey intended to collect community response regarding the future official name for the new station located at South 200th Street and 28th Avenue South of the Central Link line extension in SeaTac. It is rumored that there were well over 500 responses received during the three weeks that the poll had been open.

Four months later, the preferred name of the station was finally announced when the Sound Transit Board of Directors adopted the identity of Angle Lake for the name of the light rail station that will open in 2016.  The press release claims the choice indicates the community preference toward the natural geographic landmark and mentions that resident comments included the name is unique, easier to remember than a numbered street, and geographically accurate in highlighting a local landmark.

With the station’s major artistic theme focus being ‘Environment in Motion’, it is my opinion that applying the name of the community’s most prominent environmental feature, Angle Lake, is the best option and I am pleased that the Sound Transit Board supported this choice.  

The next key item for station identification will be developing the “Stellar Connection” constellation for creation of the way finding station pictogram. A schedule has not yet been identified so I am assuming that this process will still be several years off in the distant future.

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Anonymous said...

"This is a small, but good example of the power people have when they choose to participate in their government. Many citizens weighed in with their opinions on how Sound Transit should name the South 200th street station. The overwhelming number of them suggested "Angle Lake", and the Sound Transit board of directors took their advice. Thanks to the community for participating in this small, but symbolic action." Julia Patterson