World's Largest Garage Sale

Rain or shine, big and small, this is the sale that will beat them all! 
That’s right this weekend is the annual Angle Lake Community Garage Sale!  Quite possibly the world’s largest rummage sale!  Imagine numerous garage sales being hosted all within a mile and a half radius from the center of Angle Lake (please note we are only aware of sales taking place on land, no sales are  expected to occur on the lake surface so leave the boat at home and bring the truck!) 
Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
June 29th – July 1st
8 am until 4 pm

This is the kind of sale you’re not going to want to miss. Imagine your grandmother’s estate sale combined with your father’s tool sale bundled with your mother’s moving sale, then add a church rummage sale along with a ‘going out of business sale’ and that’s the kind of stuff you’ll likely see at this huge multi-family community sale.

Get out, meet your neighbors, and get yourself some great bargains.

Celebrate Our Community Cultural Diversity

If you’ve traveled So. 188th Street near the Coluccio property lately you may have noticed the banner hanging over the roadway? Or seen the signs lining Military Road; So 200th; So 176th; So 174th; running up and down International Blvd or received the mailers, read in the newspaper, or seen on the local blogs or… well you get the idea – there’s been a lot of talk about the upcoming International Festival being held at Angle Lake Park - but now it’s time to stop talking and time to start kicking up the FUN!

Saturday 10:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.
Sunday 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Opens at Noon each day

The Rotary Club of SeaTac, in collaboration with the City of SeaTac Parks Department, will play host to the area’s favorite annual event. The International Festival at Angle Lake Park will again offer a rich and culturally diverse line up of staged entertainment throughout the weekend starting at noon on Saturday and running through Sunday Afternoon. A listing of the entire entertainment schedule is available in the International Festival Event Flyer

The festival will also feature a slew of arts and crafts booths with a variety of food vendors offering ethnic dishes. The more actively inclined can construct and compete with their own ‘Delta Dart’ flyer on Saturday from 10 am until 4 pm (while supplies last) with a 5k and 10k Volksmarch being offered on Sunday from 9 am until 1 pm. 

An expanded children’s play area will be operated by the Matt Griffin YMCA staff where kids can have a blast playing on the 3 giant inflatable toys, compete in different games each day and participate in making a dream catcher or bracelet. Face painting will also be available. Entrance into the play area requires purchase of a $5 wrist band and is good for in and out privelidges for the entire day.

And finally, the City has arraigned an area reserved for boat parking for participants wanting to commute to the festival via watercraft. Boat mooring will be offered on the south side of the swimming dock and on the view platform next to the boat launch. We encourage all residents living on the lake to consider arriving to the festival via this option in an effort to help relive car parking congestion at the park.

Potential East Lake Zoning Changes (Again!)

The City of SeaTac Planning Commission and staff are scheduled to meet together as a group again on Tuesday, June 19th to continue reviewing the 2012 Comprehensive Plan Amendments prior to finalizing the Planning Docket.  Among the changes being considered is a zone reclassification request for the parcel located at 19740 Military Road South. 
This is the same property that was previously denied from sighting a wrecking yard operation requiring an Industrial zoning reclassification. Property owner, Mr. Bo Lindstrom is now requesting an update from the current Residential Medium Density (UM-2400) designation to a Residential High Density (UH-900) classification to support his plans to build and operate a senior housing / convalescent center complex on this land.

Although the UH-900 zone is recognized as a multi-family zone the code does allow for apartment or condo use as well.  Density is indicated by the "900" in the zoning designation. It allows 1 dwelling unit per 900 square feet of land area. To achieve a rough estimate for the number of units which may occupy a given space, you'd take the total square footage of the parcel(s) and divide this by 900 to derive the maximum number of dwelling units allowed.  Then multiply by the maximum height allowed (this parcel is approved for structures of up to 55 feet or five stories, assuming 10 feet per floor).

According to public records a sale was completed February 23, 1998 for the purchase of the 79,251 square feet parcel at 19740 with a two-story structure containing 6,200 square feet of living space constructed in 1990. A rezone to Residential High Density allows up to 440 individual units to be built on this particular site. The development would still have to meet all of the other development standards (i.e., provide for the required number of parking stalls, landscaping, maximum building height, etc.) so the actual number of units permitted may be less.

The UH zone is intended as a multi-family zone, the property owner would be eligible to develop any use that the zone allows; the rezone couldn’t specify a specific use that had to be developed. Other uses permitted include some retail space such as food store, book store, espresso stand, with some other applications allowed. However, the code does specify that any retail accommodation need to be small “resident oriented”.

Please consult the City Website for further information; attend the Planning Commission meeting on Tuesday, June 19th; or contact Michael Scarey, Senior Planner with the Department of Community and Economic Development via email: or by telephone to schedule an appointment (206) 973-4750.

Other prior ALSC Blog posts relating to this property can be access through the following links:

Angle Lake Community Garage Sale

Ann Nordquist with additional volunteers from the Angle Lake Manor have just finished up planning for the annual Angle Lake Community Garage Sales!  The dates selected are June 29th and 30th.  Advertising will be placed in the local papers with additional online postings on Craigslist to help promote the event. The Angle Lake Community will be described as the area between 188th Street on the North; 200th Street to the South; International Boulevard at the West; and Military Road to the East.

Signs will be posted at all street corners throughout the area and will remain up through Sunday, July 1st for those wanting to continue selling through the entire weekend.  If you’d like more information or want a sign for your yard (while supplies last) please contact Oren Hadaller at (206) 878-6745.

This event is expected to draw hundreds of value hunters into our area seeking bargains.  If you’ve been thinking about ridding yourself of some of your excess goods, don’t put it off any longer – this is the perfect time to sell it!  There is no cost to you to participate. 

Climate Change Effecting Angle Lake?

It was painfully obvious during the 2012 Angle Lake Fishing Derby that the number of fish caught was not only smaller in quantity but there was also a noticeable difference in the size of the fish being brought in for measure as well. As a comparison, last year we had five different people vying for top fish, each one over 18.5” long. This year there were only two competing for top prize with a length of less than 16.5” and the next closest competitor measured in at a mere 15 1/2” – a full inch shorter than the leaders! 

Many in attendance felt that the low catch was probably due to the weather conditions we have been experiencing. Last winter we were struggling with La Nina conditions and the region experienced a miserable, cold, wet spring that lasted into midsummer. This winter we have again been under a La Nina pattern and since early February we have been colder and wetter than normal, with snowpack surging in our mountains. Very few days this spring have equaled or exceeded normal, while a larger number of days have been below normal. So could climate change truly be responsible for the unusually low catch this year? 

Before turning to Al Gore and his group for answers, we felt another option might be to check in with the Washington State Fish and Wildlife Experts to verify the actual number of fish that had been planted in Angle Lake this year. Our research revealed that only two plants have occurred this year instead of the customary four we are used to. With half the regular stock present and reduced number Triploid Trophy Trout available, it is easy logic to map this reason as being justification for the lower than normal catch, perhaps discrediting the idea that our less than favorable weather conditions may be the root cause.

Further follow up with a resource at the Department of Fish and Wildlife, Region 4 indicated that another 1,750 fish are still due to be planted in Angle Lake before the month is over (June). Even with this pending additional plant, the numbers are still smaller when compared against previous years. A year over year chart indicating the number of plants per year beginning in 2000 can be viewed HERE. One would hope that these remaining fish will at least all be Triploid Trophy Trout so that we may look forward to a decent fishing experience in early summer with hope a significant improvement over the lack luster results the spring angling had been producing. 

Fished the lake lately? Leave us a comment describing your experience.

Light Rail at Angle Lake

200th Street Station Open House
Thursday, June 7th from 5:30 until 8:00 PM
Madrona Elementary School – Music Room
20301 32nd Ave. S., SeaTac 98198

The S. 200th Street light rail extension project will consist of nearly 2 miles of track with a new Link station located over the top of S. 200th Street and near 28th Avenue South. In addition to elevated train platforms with covered waiting areas; the project will make several additional enhancements to the area including off-street parking garage for commuters, improvements to 200th street to better accommodate a bus loop for local bus routes, and kiss-and-ride passenger drop off area.

As with other stations along the Link Light Rail route, the 200th street station will integrate the uniqueness of the neighborhood and environmental surroundings into the structural design and public art. The “In Motion” design theme approved for this station is intended to capture how the natural environment of the station site (including the atmosphere, seasons, and unique and spectacular views to the surrounding mountains and water) is constantly “in motion.” The ever-changing effects of the weather and seasons on the sky, sunlight, wind, rain, and plants will be accentuated through art and design chosen for the 200th Street Station.

Additional project detail is available in the SEPA Addendum, on the Sound Transit Website or may be obtained by attending the Sound Transit Open House in the Music Room at Madrona Elementary School from 5:30 until 8:00 PM this Thursday, June 7th.

At the open house, participants will be able to:
• Review station and guide way design elements
• Learn when early construction work could start
• Review proposed parking elements
• Review non-motorized (bicycle and pedestrian) access improvements
• Review proposed public art elements
• Comment on proposed station names
• Talk to project staff

We encourage you to invite your neighbors and come join this meeting to review the exciting changes planned for the south lake neighborhood and get answers to any questions you may have about this project.