World's Largest Garage Sale

Rain or shine, big and small, this is the sale that will beat them all! 
That’s right this weekend is the annual Angle Lake Community Garage Sale!  Quite possibly the world’s largest rummage sale!  Imagine numerous garage sales being hosted all within a mile and a half radius from the center of Angle Lake (please note we are only aware of sales taking place on land, no sales are  expected to occur on the lake surface so leave the boat at home and bring the truck!) 
Friday, Saturday, and Sunday
June 29th – July 1st
8 am until 4 pm

This is the kind of sale you’re not going to want to miss. Imagine your grandmother’s estate sale combined with your father’s tool sale bundled with your mother’s moving sale, then add a church rummage sale along with a ‘going out of business sale’ and that’s the kind of stuff you’ll likely see at this huge multi-family community sale.

Get out, meet your neighbors, and get yourself some great bargains.

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