Fireworks Over Angle Lake

A Fourth of July celebration just wouldn't be complete without a fireworks finale. The bursting, sparkling fireworks shooting overhead bring to mind the line, "And the rocket's red glare, the bombs bursting in air..." in the American national anthem. Celebrating Independence Day without a major professional fireworks show would be like having a birthday celebration without cake and candles! 

As we prepare to take time out from our daily norms to celebrate the freedoms we enjoy as Citizens of these United States, let’s also take a moment to reflect and appreciate all the effort of those individuals and groups who help to put on the spectacular fireworks finale over Angle Lake.
Many Hands Make Light(-er) Work!

Recognition and Appreciation Go To:
  • Lonnie Goulet, Shore Club President who assumes responsibility to work with City Staff and Officials throughout the year to ensure co-sponsorship is considered; also manages the bidding process to assure the community is getting the greatest value for the money spent, orchestrating the numerous volunteers, managing the licensing, insurance and various contracts and managing the fireworks contractor to deliver a safe and high quality display.  Please refer to the previous Fireworks Preparation post for more insight and realization of all that this man does to support our community show! 
  • Terry Anderson; Tony Anderson; Dave Bush; Mia Gregerson; and Barry Ladenburg: The City Council Members who vote in favor for continued funding, who recognize the great value this show brings forth in uniting the entire community and building local pride at a relatively insignificant cost.  
  • The Army of Volunteers (nearly 20 of them!) comprised of members who go door to door collecting the fireworks donations that cover the Shore Club financial commitment to the show.  
  • Goldstone LLC and Evergreen MHP LLC, co-owners and operators of the Angle Lake Mobile Home Park, our commercial partners who provide the necessary secure location for the contractor to construct the mobile platforms and stage the mortars, shells and other materials which contribute to the final display.  
  • Russ Austin for building the floating platforms on which the flares rest and deploying them down the center of each leg of the lake. 
  • Each of the ALSC board members who develop all the planning and who perform the various administrative activities necessary to produce a show of this caliber. 
  • And most of all – THANK YOU to the Citizen’s of SeaTac whose tax contributions into the General Fund help to make the Independence Day Professional Fireworks Show possible, this in addition to the appreciation for the individual contributions made by the Residents of Angle Lake.
How High Do They Go?
  • 300 – 400 feet (3 and 4 inch) These smaller shells are typically used in the finale to provide a barrage of constant colors and loud noise. The noise comes from the flash powder in the salute. Flash power is made up of a blend of Potassium Percolate, Aluminum, and a sprinkle of Titanium to produce a brilliant flash.
  • 400 – 600 feet (5 and 6 inch) A firework travels for 3 to 7 seconds before bursting in the sky. The amount of black powder (made from potassium nitrate, charcoal and sulfur) and the length of the time fuse determines how high the shell travels and when it will explode. After bursting, a firework may remain visible for 2 to 5 seconds.
  • 800 – 1,000 feet (8 inch) Many of the best patterns (butterfly, smiley face, 5 point stars and peace patterns) come from this popular shell.
  • 1,000 – 1,300 feet (10 and 12 inch) Shells of 10 and 12 inch are typically symmetrical in their patterns and usually have a burn duration of between three to seven seconds.
What's the Reason For All The Road Flares Around The Lake?
People often ask why flares are lit and placed along the entire shoreline and down the center of each leg of the lake - well, in addition to the simple "cool factor" this is a safety feature intending to signal that the show will begin soon and to request for all to vacate the lake surface.

It's OK to Discharge Fireworks on Private Property, Right?
The fact is, it is illegal in the City of SeaTac to possess and/or discharge personal fireworks within city limits.  Be forewarned that SeaTac Police and Fire Personnel will maintain a presence on Angle Lake this year and are prepared to confiscate illegal fireworks and issue citations as necessary.

Have a Very Safe and Extremely Enjoyable Fourth of July!

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