Lake Environmental Samplings

Volunteer monitoring and measuring of Angle Lake water quality began in the 1980’s and actively continues today.  The data collected over the decades confirm Angle Lake as being very clear and is labeled with a ‘very good’ water quality rating.  

Beyond measuring water quality, Laura Twardochleb, a student from the School of Aquatic and Fishery Sciences at the University of Washington recently contacted the Shore Club blog to announce her intent of including Angle Lake in a study on the health of ecosystems among the many lakes in the Puget Sound Region. She shared her plans of performing environmental tests where the data collected will contribute to her master’s thesis. 
The test effort will involve placing insect collection device at each compass quadrant on the lake shore. The traps consist of a six foot tall metal post, about 2 inches in width and painted dark green.  The posts are wrapped with clear plastic sheets around the top of the posted and coated with Tanglefoot® insect glue.  The adhesive is non-toxic to animals and humans and can be washed off with soap and water.

Due to the unique shape of Angle Lake, the desire is to sample from each of the four sides of the lake, consisting of up to six individual sites.  The objective is to locate land owners who will grant permission to access the individual’s property by canoe to place an insect trap at the extreme edge of the property line to limit disruption of shoreline use and will prevent disturbance to any landscaping. The traps will remain in place for 2-3 days only.

If you are a lake front property owner and are interested in supporting this research request, please email us at or contact Laura Twardochleb direct a (206) 685-9582. Testing is planned to be performed the week of July 15th.

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