A Message From ALSC President

I’m sure that in spite of the awesome weather we were presented with this July 4th, most people in attendance are wondering what was up with this year’s fireworks display. I can certainly assure you that no one felt more disappointment with the show than myself. As President of the Angle Lake Shore Club, including the other ALSC board members, we take much pride in delivering top quality events to you and the community. The fireworks show produced this year did not meet our quality expectations.

* Why did we get only a 15 minute show?
* Why did I only count 4 mini finales?
* Why was there no grand finale?
* Why was the fireworks contractor, the same agency in which we have employed over these many years, late in setting up and not producing the quality product that they're known for delivering?
* How will this situation be remediated?

The ALSC Board is currently in contact with City Representatives and together we are actively working at getting answers to all of these questions and more.

What I can tell you is simply put, “The fireworks display you witnessed was not the show we had envisioned and planned for over these past few months in both terms of length or quality". Myself and all our volunteers had put a lot of time and effort into assuring you all that what we would deliver will be the best that it can be for the investments made. And while we had put forth the same level of effort and resources as we have in previous years the result was dramatically impaired by something entirely out of our control.  Please be assured that your ALSC board of directors will not take this matter lightly.  Each of us take our responsibilities seriously and are committed to work diligently at resolving this in the best interests of all parties.

It will be our goal to report back to you no later than after our next board meeting scheduled for the end of this month. At that time we'll provide specific details and actions being taken regarding this matter.

Lonnie Goulet

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