Breaking News: Lakeside Crime Spree

We’ve just received the following status report from Judy Williams:

“While at the Seatac Police Department today, I received some updated information relating to the recent burglary report on the Blog. 

It seems that the Sullivan’s at 196th and Military Road found a bunch of boat stuff in their bushes last night and reported it to the police. 

Speculation is that the criminal(s) came onto the lake - perhaps via the same area on Military,  "borrowed" a boat, went around the lake and took what we know has now been reported missing. The individual(s) most likely exited the lake near the Sullivan’s leaving with the smaller items they could carry off with them with the intent to return later for the larger items that they stashed in the nearby bushes.  All the recovered property is at STPD and available for pick-up. 

Officer Mitchell has available the report from the officers who recovered the property and their listing of everything found.  I am happy to report I now have my motor back and I have verified that the Todd’s motor is there, too. My battery is gone as it was small enough to carry off. 

Anyone missing property can call STPD or go there and look for what they are missing.  The bad news is the culprits have not been apprehended, but the good news it that some of the stolen property has been recovered.”

Thank you Judy for providing this report and informing those impacted of the opportunity to recover their stolen property.  

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