Comprehensive Planning Update

Photo from David A. Clark Architects, PLLC
Last Tuesday I had attended the Land Use and Planning (LUP) Committee Meeting at City Hall.  My interest was to listen in on a report delivered by Senior Planner Mike Scarey to the LUP Committee providing a recap of the Open House and Public Comment and learn if any decision had been reached pertaining to the Comprehensive Plan amendment proposal for the Lindstrom property along Military Road.

The opening comments delivered by a committee member announced that there were twenty-seven individuals signed up to speak against the Map 4 amendment proposal and only four in favor. It was recognized as being the largest turnout in city history. The slide presentation by Mike Scarey however indicated that only 14 people actually spoke against the proposal and 3 spoke in favor. Mr. Scarey acknowledged the delta between his presentation and the earlier claim and committed to look into the reason for the discrepancy.  Additionally, the presentation indicated that 14 letters were received opposing the proposal whereas 30 signed petitions were submitted stating 'no objection'.  I was surprised to hear that so many residents were in favor of the proposal.

During the time since the meeting, I have had the opportunity to inspect electronic copies of the petitions and have drawn my own conclusion on these documents. I note that over 20% of the petition signatures were obtained from the residents that occupy the complex that Mr. Lindstrom owns; an additional 27% reside outside the impacted area or failed to indicate their current location of residency; and nearly half of the total respondents identified themselves as being non-owners. When considering I had only heard feedback from homeowners within the immediate impacted area and whereas it appears Mr. Lindstrom may have set his focus on a different population set, this has helped me to understand why a difference of opinion may exist regarding the level of acceptance to this particular amendment proposal.
The following scheduled activities will occur at the Regular Council Meetings leading up to the completion of the Comprehensive Plan:
  • November 2nd: Planning Commission will deliver their recommendations to the Council 
  • November 23rd: Council will take action to finalize the Comprehensive Plan 
Public comment is always accepted at the beginning of each Regular Council Meeting provided that you sign up to speak before the meeting begins and comments will be limited to 3 minutes for each speaker.

Moving, Shaking and Shaping Up

A read through the City Manager’s Weekly Update reveals that there are quite a few projects that are either planned, going through permitting or currently under construction within the SeaTac city limits. Actually twenty three major developments plus an additional seven Port of Seattle projects. The full list can be accessed here. The following is a list of changes planned in the Angle Lake area as indicated on the map above:

(Projects Proposed within the next 2-4 Years)
4A. Port of Seattle Consolidated Maintenance Facility
5A. Port of Seattle Consolidated Airport Warehouse Facility
6A. South Employee Parking Lot – Phase I

8. Wally Park 18613 International Blvd.
Construction of a parking structure of approximately 1,600 parking spaces and at least 13,800 sq. ft. of retail/mixed use/service use. Construction is ongoing. Garage screening has been installed

22. Hampton Inn 18850 28th Ave. S.
The property owner has submitted a revised site plan for only one (1) hotel of 220 rooms instead of two hotels. A building permit has been issued. Grading of the site is underway.

9. Patterson Place Mixed Use  3712 S. 188th St.
Proposed mixed use project with 243 Multi Family units and 5,900 sq. ft. of commercial use. Project on hold.

18. Angle Lake Estates  Proposed 10 Lot Subdivision
The SEPA appeal and variance request was denied by the Hearing Examiner. The preliminary plat was approved. The HE decision regarding the preliminary plat has been appealed to the City Council. The appeal has been dropped based upon the signing of a “Settlement Agreement” between the appellant and property owner. The Shoreline Substantial Development Permit (SDP) was issued and approved by the Department of Ecology.

23. Residence Inn Hotel  19518 International Blvd.
Proposed 150 room hotel under site plan review. Council has approved access to the Hotel from the Angle Lake Park access road. Construction is expected to begin in the spring of 2012.

Yard Waste Collection Event and Food Drive

Our mild late summer-like weather may have delayed our seasonal change to fall like conditions – however, the SeaTac yard debris collection event will be held as previously scheduled. Have your grass, leaves and branches composted for free.  Limit 3 vehicle loads per household.  No rocks, sod or dirt.  No materials larger than 4 inches by 8 feet long.  See the event flier for complete details of what is and is not accepted.

Date: 10/23/2010 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
Location: Tyee Educational Complex Parking Lot
4424 S. 188th Street
Free to SeaTac residents only; must show proof of residency

Food drive will also be occur during the Yard Debris Collection Event. Bring canned and non-perishable food, diapers, toilet paper, soap, pet food and laundry detergent. Paper bags and monetary donations are welcome too!

Planning Commission Open House and Public Hearing

When: October 19th
Open House: 5:00 - 6:00 PM
Hearing: 6:05 - 7:10 PM
Where: Council Chambers, SeaTac City Hall, 4800 S. 188th Street

The City of SeaTac Planning Commission is hosting an Open House on October 19th from 5:00 – 6:00 PM.  The purpose is to allow city residents an opportunity to review and discuss in detail any of the proposed 2010 Comprehensive Plan Amendments with City Planning Resources.  Of particular note is the proposed impact on the East Lake Residents along Military Road across from Fire Posts 29 – 31 (refer to our previous blog post for additional detail and recorded comments).

The Planning Commission Meeting will begin immediately following the Open House where the scheduled time from 6:05 until 7:10 PM is reserved for Public Hearing which will allow Public Comments regarding revisions to the Comprehensive Plan to be heard during this time. 

We encourage all impacted residents to express their opinions and/or deliver comments to the Planning Commission by sending email to Mike Scarey ( prior to the meeting; by hand delivery of written comment at the Open House; or be verbal delivery during the Public Hearing.  This is your opportunity to let your stance be known before Amendments are approved and finalized.

SeaTac Crime Reporting Website

Knowledge is power. Having knowledge about the latest, up-to-date information regarding police incidents in the area is a powerful tool to help citizens combat crime in their neighborhoods. The SeaTac Police Department and the King County Sheriff's Office have recently begun posting crime incidents onto a new interactive crime information mapping website.  The company contracted to host the site is CrimeReports. Written police reports are logged onto the interactive map, allowing citizens in our community to access and view police incidents in their area.  The site is accessible by clicking here or by entering into your internet browser address bar.
The CrimeReports map displays icons depicting the type of crime having occurred at the indicated location. Some of the icons displayed represent: Theft; Vehicle Theft; Theft from Vehicle; Assault; Robbery; Breaking and Entering (burglary); Drugs; Property Crime; and many others. Clicking the icon will reveal a short description of the incident and even provide the police case number/police agency generating the report.  Users may also generate mapping for a particular location; sort by type of crime; or enter a set period of days. In addition to criminal events, the site displays registered sex offender information generated by the Washington Association of Sheriffs and Police Chiefs. Clicking on the sex offender icon will open a window with the registered offender’s picture, information and a general block address in the city.

The CrimeReports network offers a suite of easy-to-use software tools empowering police and residents make informed decisions to help improve the safety of their neighborhood and community.

Make a Difference in Your Community

October 23, 2010 marks the 20th anniversary of Make A Difference Day, the nation's largest day of community service where millions of people across the nation will unite in a common mission to improve the lives of others.  Discover how you can join in and truly create change on this historic Make A Difference Day! 

By utilizing the tools and resources provided by USA Weekend and the HandsOn Network, you can search the database to find out about local volunteering opportunities.  Or if service is part of your life blood, become a service leader and lead your family and friends to make an impactful difference in their communities!

To create and register a volunteer project happening on October 23 or join an existing project in your community, visit the
Make A Difference Day website.

Proposed East Lake Zoning Change

The Comprehensive Plan is the City’s “blueprint for future growth and development.” It contains a future land use map, as well as goals and policies that provide guidance to the City as the area grows and changes to meet the challenges of a growing region.
The owner of the undeveloped property at 19740 Military Road (across the street from fire posts 29 through 31) has submitted a proposal to change the SeaTac Comprehensive Plan designation on this parcel from the current Residential Medium Density to that of an Industrial assignment. If the proposed amendment is approved, this will allow a future rezone from UM-3600 to I (Industrial), enabling the property owner to proceed ahead with their plans to develop this land for use as a automobile tow yard.

While the owner’s motive behind this request to develop this parcel into a revenue producing lot is understandable, some area residents are against this proposed rezoning as it does not integrate well with the existing surrounding residential environment.  Other opinions also consider this move would not only place additional traffic on Military Road, but would increase the overall noise level within the neighborhood resulting from normal tow yard operations, in addition to increased levels of Interstate 5 traffic noise as a consequence from the removal of all the trees and natural vegetation that currently dampen the freeway sounds.

The Planning Commission and the City Council will continue to review this proposed amendment during their meetings throughout the fall. The Planning Commission will also hold a Public Hearing on the Final Docket of proposed amendments and host an Open House tentatively scheduled for October 19. Comments from residents (either pro or con) may be submitted via email to Mike Scarey ( prior to the Public Hearing date or delivered in person.  Please note that the Public Hearing date is subject to change, so please call the department of Planning and Community Development at 973.4830 to confirm final meeting dates.