Comprehensive Planning Update

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Last Tuesday I had attended the Land Use and Planning (LUP) Committee Meeting at City Hall.  My interest was to listen in on a report delivered by Senior Planner Mike Scarey to the LUP Committee providing a recap of the Open House and Public Comment and learn if any decision had been reached pertaining to the Comprehensive Plan amendment proposal for the Lindstrom property along Military Road.

The opening comments delivered by a committee member announced that there were twenty-seven individuals signed up to speak against the Map 4 amendment proposal and only four in favor. It was recognized as being the largest turnout in city history. The slide presentation by Mike Scarey however indicated that only 14 people actually spoke against the proposal and 3 spoke in favor. Mr. Scarey acknowledged the delta between his presentation and the earlier claim and committed to look into the reason for the discrepancy.  Additionally, the presentation indicated that 14 letters were received opposing the proposal whereas 30 signed petitions were submitted stating 'no objection'.  I was surprised to hear that so many residents were in favor of the proposal.

During the time since the meeting, I have had the opportunity to inspect electronic copies of the petitions and have drawn my own conclusion on these documents. I note that over 20% of the petition signatures were obtained from the residents that occupy the complex that Mr. Lindstrom owns; an additional 27% reside outside the impacted area or failed to indicate their current location of residency; and nearly half of the total respondents identified themselves as being non-owners. When considering I had only heard feedback from homeowners within the immediate impacted area and whereas it appears Mr. Lindstrom may have set his focus on a different population set, this has helped me to understand why a difference of opinion may exist regarding the level of acceptance to this particular amendment proposal.
The following scheduled activities will occur at the Regular Council Meetings leading up to the completion of the Comprehensive Plan:
  • November 2nd: Planning Commission will deliver their recommendations to the Council 
  • November 23rd: Council will take action to finalize the Comprehensive Plan 
Public comment is always accepted at the beginning of each Regular Council Meeting provided that you sign up to speak before the meeting begins and comments will be limited to 3 minutes for each speaker.

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Big Roddy said...

Any information on what the Planning Commision recommended to the Council on november 2? I couldn't find anything on the city website.