Proposed East Lake Zoning Change

The Comprehensive Plan is the City’s “blueprint for future growth and development.” It contains a future land use map, as well as goals and policies that provide guidance to the City as the area grows and changes to meet the challenges of a growing region.
The owner of the undeveloped property at 19740 Military Road (across the street from fire posts 29 through 31) has submitted a proposal to change the SeaTac Comprehensive Plan designation on this parcel from the current Residential Medium Density to that of an Industrial assignment. If the proposed amendment is approved, this will allow a future rezone from UM-3600 to I (Industrial), enabling the property owner to proceed ahead with their plans to develop this land for use as a automobile tow yard.

While the owner’s motive behind this request to develop this parcel into a revenue producing lot is understandable, some area residents are against this proposed rezoning as it does not integrate well with the existing surrounding residential environment.  Other opinions also consider this move would not only place additional traffic on Military Road, but would increase the overall noise level within the neighborhood resulting from normal tow yard operations, in addition to increased levels of Interstate 5 traffic noise as a consequence from the removal of all the trees and natural vegetation that currently dampen the freeway sounds.

The Planning Commission and the City Council will continue to review this proposed amendment during their meetings throughout the fall. The Planning Commission will also hold a Public Hearing on the Final Docket of proposed amendments and host an Open House tentatively scheduled for October 19. Comments from residents (either pro or con) may be submitted via email to Mike Scarey ( prior to the Public Hearing date or delivered in person.  Please note that the Public Hearing date is subject to change, so please call the department of Planning and Community Development at 973.4830 to confirm final meeting dates.


LPG said...

Well I'm surprised this has not rec'd any comments. If I were living accross Military from where this proposed zoning change from residential to industrial is proposed I'd fight it with all I could. First of all, the traffic noise is bad enough from I-5 let alone Military to those that live along Military. The current green belt certainly helps buffer some of the traffic from I-5 but if portions of that greenbelt are removed then the noise will only be greater unless the propety owner is required to install some type of noise and visual buffer that will compensate noise increase as a result of clearing of this property. Maybe even require one of those concrete walls like you see along the freeway in residential areas. My second concern would be the visual impact of a vehicle towing storage yard that in the towing business can soon look like a junkyard. Not something I'd like to look at from my window in a residential neighborhood. Drive down 188th and just before the first intersection there is a business that stores vehicles on the south side of the highway. One look at that will prove my point. And besides don't we already have a junk yard in the immediate neighborhood. How pleasing is it to drive down Military and look into the yard area on the west side of the street where that big rusty pig is stored. Again my point proven again in case your unsure of what could easily happen to this property. Hmmmmm wonder if this is zoned industrial or is it just a neighbor who doesn't take any pride in how we maintain our neighborhood. Fianlly and my biggest concern is if this is zoned to industrial what is to control what type of business will go on this property in the event that the towing storeage yard goes out of business? My guess is that it's not something I'd like to have in my residential neighborhood.
Pay attention to this one Angle Lake Residents. Don't let our community go to the (junkyard) dogs.

Anonymous said...

I live on 40th Place South directly across the street from this proposed Tow Yard. I learned that only 4 letters have been received, to date, fighting this proposal. The Senior Planner I spoke with said it is imperative people fight this right now or it is going to happen. The meeting is scheduled for 5:30 Tuesday Oct. 19th. Everyone will have 3 minutes to speak. My points will exceed those 3 minutes and I could use the help of others to speak to the Council. Following are some of the most important:
1. Police activity 24/7
2. Undesireable element of irate vehicle owners looking for their repos.
3. Constant noise of tow trucks and police radios.
4. Damaged vehicles will leak hazardous fluids which will seep into the water table, poluting the lake.
5. An approval for change in the Comprehensive Plan today makes it possible for the zone change to take place at November's meeting without a public hearing.
6. A SEPA investigation must be ordered.
7. Is City looking for income based on taxes and impound fees?
8. What guarantee do we have that the ownder will indeed open a towing facility. Once the zome change is approved any commercial operation can take up residency.
9. It will increase the crime rate in the neighbor (look at International Blvd)
10.What level of due diligence is required and necessary to get the zoning change approved?
Do we need to hire an attorney or advocate?
As you can see, this is not something we should ignore. It is not going away and everyones property values will be devalued at the expense of this owners quest for enhansing his own property. We need to attend this hearing and submit letters. Please e-mail Mike Scarey Sr. Planner at