Construction Alert: South 200th Street

Roadway restoration begins along S 200th Street: Traffic shift starts on Wednesday, August 26 

Crews building the Angle Lake Station will begin restoring S 200th Street between 26th Avenue S and International Boulevard as early as Wednesday, Aug. 26. Crews will replace the roadway, curbs, gutters and sidewalks. They will also place a final layer of asphalt and paint permanent stripes on the roadway. Crews will maintain at least one lane of traffic in each direction along S 200th Street during this work.

This work is expected to take up to 5 months to complete and is weather dependent.
PHASE 1: Crews will begin on the south side of S. 200th Street. Traffic will be shifted to the north.
PHASE 2: Crews will begin on the north side of S. 200th Street. Traffic will be shifted to the north.
What to expect:
  • 24/7 lane closures along S 200th Street.
  • Potential motorist delays on S 200th Street and International Boulevard.
  • Turn lane closed from eastbound S 200th Street to northbound International Boulevard*
Motorists heading eastbound on S 200th Street from the vicinity of Des Moines Memorial Drive will not be able to turn left onto International Boulevard to head north.

Detour: From S 200th Street heading east, turn left onto 26th Avenue S heading north, turn right onto S 188th Street, then turn left onto International Boulevard to head north.
  • Work will typically occur during daytime hours between 7:00 a.m. and 3:30 p.m.
  • Some pedestrian detours may be necessary. Signage will help pedestrians get around the work.
  • Noise from digging up existing sections of roadway and equipment operations (trucks, excavators, bulldozers, tractor trucks, saw-cutting equipment).
  • Night work and lighting to illuminate the work area.
  • Businesses are open 
There will be changes in access to a few local businesses in the area. Look for signage to help direct you to business parking.

*Subject to change. Please look for messages on the Variable Message Signs for the most up-to-date information.

Who Runs Your City?

SeaTac will host its first Community Leadership Academy scheduled to begin Wednesday, September 9th. Applications are due 8/24 and only a couple spots remain to be filled.

The program is intended to increase community involvement while sharing information about how city government operates. The academy will include presentations on topics including fire, police, parks, streets, and more. If you’re interested in learning about how the City of SeaTac works, please apply!

The nine session academy will take place on consecutive Wednesday evenings from 6:00 until 7:30 pm starting September 9th through Wednesday, October 28th, concluding with a presentation at the November 10th Council meeting.

ACT NOW! Applications were set to be due August 21st, however the deadline has been extended until Monday morning, August 24th.  Applications are available from the City Website. If you need additional assistance contact Kaylene Sum at (206) 973-4835.

  • Session 1: City Council, City Manager, City Clerk.
  • Session 2: Public Works
  • Session 3: Parks and Recreation
  • Session 4: Finance, Human Resources
  • Session 5: Community and Economic Development
  • Session 6: Fire
  • Session 7: Police
  • Session 8: Municipal Court, Legal
  • Graduation Recognition at Regular Council Meeting

The series requires a minimum of 10 students, there are currently 8 students confirmed.  Only two more interested persons to ensure that classes will be available starting September 9th. Access the application at the following address: 

Fill out the form, print, and deliver a completed copy to the City Clerk’s desk before 10 AM Monday to be included in this great opportunity to become more informed about city operations.

Saying is one thing, Doing is another.

The Angle Lake Shore Club is in the middle stage of a Capital Call out to the members and residents around Angle Lake who support the interest of bringing back the community fireworks show to the center of the lake.  

On numerous occasions the ALSC Board had received feedback from a majority of our members expressing favor of bringing the display back to the middle of the lake so it can be viewed by all lakeside residents recognizing to do so would necessitate some type of floating platform. This requires that a minimum of 6 residents would need to commit to hosting a barge, pledging to support it financially with matching contributions provided by the remaining club members and lake residents. 

Thus far we have a preliminary design and secured a minimum number of residents committed to host a barge. The next step is to ensure that the club has adequate funds to finance the other half of the barge commitment. 

The Club will be accepting donations toward the fireworks barge fund until the end of month, with the cut off scheduled for August 31st. We will keep the books open until September 7th at which time we will make a final tally of the total funds collected and go forward with plans to build the 6-7 barges if our financial goals are met or accept that the fireworks will solely be dependent on the city from here on out if donations fall short of our goal. We see no other options at this time.  If our goals are met or exceeded, the club will begin construction in September and continue through this year until completed.

We received one ‘anonymous’ letter addressing concerns of this effort relative to code compliance. If this is a concern and a reason for withholding your donation please be advised of the following:
  1. The barge concept was initially presented to us by the City who stated specific guidelines we must follow to insure that what we are doing will not fall under any type of permitting process.
  2. The presence of the barges on the lake is similar to having a pontoon boat and must be registered with the state as such and comply with all requirements set forth for owing a vessel.

We encourage all members and residents to consider returning a DONATION FORM with your contribution clearly indicated and indicating if you’ll be available to help volunteer for construction of the barges. Please discuss this with your neighbors if you want to insure we always have a fireworks show that can be enjoyed by everyone around the lake.

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Storm Arrives at Tyee

The Seattle Storm have announced the team will host the Group Health Community Practice on Tuesday, August 18 from 6 – 8 p.m. at Tyee High School. The event is FREE and open to the public.

“We are excited to team up with the City of SeaTac to host another Group Health Community Practice,” said Storm President & GM Alisha Valavanis. “One of the most rewarding opportunities we have as a local franchise is to spend time in the community and connect with youth. We are grateful for the partnership with Group Health, the City of SeaTac and the Seattle Southside Regional Tourism Authority.”

What: Seattle Storm Community Practice
When: Tuesday, August 18th 6-8PM
Where: Tyee Educational Complex Gymnasium 

The Group Health Community Practice will feature popular events such as meet and greets with Storm players, games and contests with chances to win prizes. Attendees will also have the opportunity to participate in Storm practice drills as directed by Storm head coach Jenny Boucek. “This is a great way for Group Health and the Seattle Storm to partner with the community in what we’re confident is going to be a unique and fun event that reinforces the importance of kids and adults participating in healthy activities, said Kris Greco Thompson, Executive Director of Communications and External Affairs with Group Health. “Just as we’re inspired by Group Health physicians who demonstrate compassion and expertise with their patients every day, we believe this community practice offers an opportunity for kids to experience that same type of inspiration as they directly interact with the fantastic Storm players and coaches.   It’s an event not to be missed.”

“Having the Storm bring a community practice to SeaTac two years in a row is quite an honor and we are pleased to have such a great partnership with the team and the organization,” said Mayor Mia Gregerson.  “Hosting the event along with the Seattle Southside Regional Tourism Authority and the prime sponsor Group Health, helps to emphasize our goals to increase the visibility of SeaTac and to help create a more healthful, active and engaged community.”

In June, the team participated in a similar event at Nisqually Community Center, marking the second-straight year the team has hosted two community practices. The team also held a community practice at Tyee High School during the 2014 season.

Fireworks Platform - Capital Call

To make a contribution, please print and mail the DONATION FORM
Our members have been made aware that for the last 2 years, as a result of firing our previous fireworks contractor and losing the use of his temporary floating platform, the Shore Club has been unable to mount the traditional Fourth of July Fireworks Show. Fortunately the city of SeaTac has stepped in and presented a show at Angle Lake Park for the 2 years.  And while the City has done a good job with their show they are constrained to using smaller shells resulting in poor to no visibility of the show for a large number of residents around the lake and it requires the closure of the boat ramp, swimming area, beach and a portion of the park due to the setback requirements while setting up, performing and demobilizing the fireworks during the 4th of July celebration at the park.. 

The Shore Club board, after talking to many lake area residents have decided that it is worthwhile and important to bring back our traditional fireworks show. We have researched a plan to build 6 or 7 ten by twenty-four foot “barges” – floating platforms designed to be easily hooked together for transporting to the center of the lake to serve as our launch location necessary to perform a great fireworks show we’ve become accustomed to viewing. During the rest of the year these barges will be docked at lakeside residences and will be owned and maintained by those families with an agreement in place allowing the ALSC access and use of said barges for various ALSC events. Only during the 4th festivities will they be brought together for the show. (Although other possible uses may include hosting a middle of the lake gathering or dance party if there is enough interest) We have recruited families willing to provide a home for these barges along the lake. Each family has agreed to provide ½ of the funds needed for materials for these craft. They will be registered as boats to comply within legal restrictions. They will be built to ALSC specifications with volunteer labor overseen by a representative from the ALSC for continuity in design and ensure consistent quality.

This is a Capital Call to the lake area residents to fund the ALSC’s portion of building costs. Material costs are approximately $6,200 per barge plus anchorage when staging for the fireworks show. To cover the club’s portion for half the material costs, we will need to raise between $19,000 to $24,000 to proceed with the building of these barges to turn our plan to reality. Most of the shore community has donated generously to the yearly firework shows but this fundraising is separate. The suggested donation for lakeside families is $200 and less for those off the lake. Understanding that there will always be those who donate less or not at all, if you are emphatic about the return of fireworks to the center of the lake, we urge you to consider donating more if you are able. 

To make a contribution, please print and mail the DONATION FORM and clearly indicate your contribution, renewal, and/or purchases. We do not yet know if our community is able to make this level of commitment but be assured that if the goal is not reached all collected contributions to the barge effort will be returned. Please do what you can to help reach this community fundraising goal.  

We welcome any questions or comments to help you make a decision. You may contact President Lonnie Goulet @ 206-948-2009 or VP Jim Todd @ 206-226-9965. Fundraising status will be available right here at the ALSC blog in the upper right corner of the home page.

Thank you all for your help in continuing the tradition of spectacular July 4th festivities!