Saying is one thing, Doing is another.

The Angle Lake Shore Club is in the middle stage of a Capital Call out to the members and residents around Angle Lake who support the interest of bringing back the community fireworks show to the center of the lake.  

On numerous occasions the ALSC Board had received feedback from a majority of our members expressing favor of bringing the display back to the middle of the lake so it can be viewed by all lakeside residents recognizing to do so would necessitate some type of floating platform. This requires that a minimum of 6 residents would need to commit to hosting a barge, pledging to support it financially with matching contributions provided by the remaining club members and lake residents. 

Thus far we have a preliminary design and secured a minimum number of residents committed to host a barge. The next step is to ensure that the club has adequate funds to finance the other half of the barge commitment. 

The Club will be accepting donations toward the fireworks barge fund until the end of month, with the cut off scheduled for August 31st. We will keep the books open until September 7th at which time we will make a final tally of the total funds collected and go forward with plans to build the 6-7 barges if our financial goals are met or accept that the fireworks will solely be dependent on the city from here on out if donations fall short of our goal. We see no other options at this time.  If our goals are met or exceeded, the club will begin construction in September and continue through this year until completed.

We received one ‘anonymous’ letter addressing concerns of this effort relative to code compliance. If this is a concern and a reason for withholding your donation please be advised of the following:
  1. The barge concept was initially presented to us by the City who stated specific guidelines we must follow to insure that what we are doing will not fall under any type of permitting process.
  2. The presence of the barges on the lake is similar to having a pontoon boat and must be registered with the state as such and comply with all requirements set forth for owing a vessel.

We encourage all members and residents to consider returning a DONATION FORM with your contribution clearly indicated and indicating if you’ll be available to help volunteer for construction of the barges. Please discuss this with your neighbors if you want to insure we always have a fireworks show that can be enjoyed by everyone around the lake.

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Cindy and Dodd Grande said...

To the board: Keep the momentum going! This is too important a project to give up after a slow early response. This ingenious plan will benefit our entire community.

Here is a proposal. I challenge 10 other club members to step forward as sponsors of the barge project. Perhaps we could call ourselves the Fireworks Brigade. If 11 of us commit to $2000 each, we can get the job done. Is the prospect of yearly exciting festivities for generations to come, for the whole lake, worth as much as that cool gizmo you bought last year?

How about it?

Cindy and Dodd Grande