Fireworks Platform - Capital Call

To make a contribution, please print and mail the DONATION FORM
Our members have been made aware that for the last 2 years, as a result of firing our previous fireworks contractor and losing the use of his temporary floating platform, the Shore Club has been unable to mount the traditional Fourth of July Fireworks Show. Fortunately the city of SeaTac has stepped in and presented a show at Angle Lake Park for the 2 years.  And while the City has done a good job with their show they are constrained to using smaller shells resulting in poor to no visibility of the show for a large number of residents around the lake and it requires the closure of the boat ramp, swimming area, beach and a portion of the park due to the setback requirements while setting up, performing and demobilizing the fireworks during the 4th of July celebration at the park.. 

The Shore Club board, after talking to many lake area residents have decided that it is worthwhile and important to bring back our traditional fireworks show. We have researched a plan to build 6 or 7 ten by twenty-four foot “barges” – floating platforms designed to be easily hooked together for transporting to the center of the lake to serve as our launch location necessary to perform a great fireworks show we’ve become accustomed to viewing. During the rest of the year these barges will be docked at lakeside residences and will be owned and maintained by those families with an agreement in place allowing the ALSC access and use of said barges for various ALSC events. Only during the 4th festivities will they be brought together for the show. (Although other possible uses may include hosting a middle of the lake gathering or dance party if there is enough interest) We have recruited families willing to provide a home for these barges along the lake. Each family has agreed to provide ½ of the funds needed for materials for these craft. They will be registered as boats to comply within legal restrictions. They will be built to ALSC specifications with volunteer labor overseen by a representative from the ALSC for continuity in design and ensure consistent quality.

This is a Capital Call to the lake area residents to fund the ALSC’s portion of building costs. Material costs are approximately $6,200 per barge plus anchorage when staging for the fireworks show. To cover the club’s portion for half the material costs, we will need to raise between $19,000 to $24,000 to proceed with the building of these barges to turn our plan to reality. Most of the shore community has donated generously to the yearly firework shows but this fundraising is separate. The suggested donation for lakeside families is $200 and less for those off the lake. Understanding that there will always be those who donate less or not at all, if you are emphatic about the return of fireworks to the center of the lake, we urge you to consider donating more if you are able. 

To make a contribution, please print and mail the DONATION FORM and clearly indicate your contribution, renewal, and/or purchases. We do not yet know if our community is able to make this level of commitment but be assured that if the goal is not reached all collected contributions to the barge effort will be returned. Please do what you can to help reach this community fundraising goal.  

We welcome any questions or comments to help you make a decision. You may contact President Lonnie Goulet @ 206-948-2009 or VP Jim Todd @ 206-226-9965. Fundraising status will be available right here at the ALSC blog in the upper right corner of the home page.

Thank you all for your help in continuing the tradition of spectacular July 4th festivities!

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