READY! SET! ...slow.

On May 13, 2021 Governor Jay Inslee announced the state is moving toward a June 30 reopening date this year. And after a 14 month hiatus from conducting business as usual, the Angle Lake Shore Club Board met on Wednesday, May 19th to discuss what a return to normal might look like.

The board members gathered to discussed which club events might be considered for the remaining year. Taking into consideration that if the number of Covid cases increase dramatically, plans could quickly go awry! Therefore the board agreed to limit event planning to the summer months only, between Memorial Day to Labor Day.

The 4th of July will not be the same again this year. 

Realizing everyone is anxious to get normal (and so are we) the facts are Independence Day is less than six weeks away, lingering health risks are still a concern and scarcity of necessary resources prevent a return to a fully normal schedule. Our fireworks contractor has informed us that they do not have the personnel necessary to produce a display on the 4th and while a Saturday, July 3rd could be an option the City has confirmed that they will not have a proper staff level to support it. 

And while the board members are making the effort to plan, the unpredictability of the COVID conditions and the uncertainty of event volunteer availability prevent any guarantee we’ll pull it off so we ask for flexibility and understanding.

The list below indicates which events are still being planned for

There is also an expressed interest in holding Tasty Tapas in August. If you’re interested in hosting a station and/or you are available to volunteer to help in any of our 4th of July Events, please send an email to 

Please continue to consult the blog for any updates.

Welcome Aboard! Announcing our New Skipper

International Airline Pilot, holder of PHD, MBA and MHS degrees, author of seven published books, mother of three grown daughters, grandmother to eight and now add to that list of accomplishments, Skipper at the helm of the Angle Lake Shore Club. 

We are thrilled to announce to the club that nomination was made and by unanimous vote in favor by the board, Karlene Pettit is recognized as our new President of the Angle Lake Shore Club. The assumption of duty was effective immediately. 

No other changes were made to existing board member assignments; however we are also welcoming  Tim and Jill Carroll as two new volunteers to the board.

Please join us in congratulating Karlene, Jill and Tim in their new roles!

So. 200th Street Traffic Delays

Paving within project limits is planned for 5/13 through 5/19. 
Alternate routes of travel is recommended during these dates. 

In addition to road surface improvements, this project will deliver a separated eight- to ten-foot-wide shared use path installed along the south shoulder of South 200th Street between 12th Place South and the Des Moines Creek Park trailhead. This path will provide a connection between the recently completed improvement area at 200th street and Des Moines Memorial Drive and will extend through to the Des Moines Creek Park Trailhead.

When complete this new amenity will provide one of the City's westernmost neighborhoods with safer pedestrian and bicycle access to the existing park and transportation facilities at the Angle Lake Light Rail Station.

Donation Drive to Help Local Families

Communities in Schools (CIS), a non-profit organization, is hosting a Spring Fundraiser for families at Highline High School, Tyee High School, and Madrona Elementary. Donations will be accepted through May 14th.

Communities In Schools is raising funds to help support families' most pressing basic needs. As we prepare for the end of the school year, we know that some of the barriers our students face continue throughout the summer.

The goal is to raise $5000 to be able to help families in Highline School District facing the greatest hardships due to the pandemic. Your donation will go directly to providing immediate, necessary care in the areas of: utility assistance, childcare, transportation, food, medical care, and other basic necessities. 

Donate now to ensure that our families receive this assistance before the school year ends. With your kindness and generosity, the hope is to lessen the impact that COVID 19 has put some of our students and continuing to empower them to achieve in life.

Contribute online at