2010 Angle Lake Community Phone Directory

Starting this week, the 2010 Angle Lake Community Phone Directory will be hand delivered to all lake area residents.  Oren Hadaller is managing delivery for the Manor while a new neighbor, Pam Reith, will be coordinating delivery for the remaining areas around the lake.

Special recognition is given to directory committee members Marge Murtha and Shirley Stevens who have invested countless hours gathering and correcting resident names and addresses; and to Brenda Brodigan who worked tirelessly performing data entry and page formatting to get the directory ready for print.

And of course, many thanks to our neighboring businesses who had purchased directory advertising to help cover all production costs. Please show your appreciation by frequently patronizing or referring these fine establishments.

Shoreline Master Program Approved As Amended

Overview of the Shoreline Master Program Approval and Adoption Process

After two years of combined effort invested by community residents, city staff and citizen advisory committee members to create the City of SeaTac Shoreline Master Program, the city council on Tuesday, January 26 approved an amended version of the plan which included the revision of the Shoreline Setback from 75-feet to the existing 65-feet, and becomes effective February 6, 2010. 

The council approval authorizes the amended Shoreline Master Program to be submitted to the Washington State Department of Ecology for acceptance action.  Upon review the State Director of Ecology has the option to approve the program as written; approve with additional changes required; or deny.  No dates were provided during the meeting as to when state approval is expected to be complete.

Congratulations to all who were involved in helping to achieve this milestone.  Your investment of personal time and efforts are very much appreciated. 

Lake Friendly Landscape Options

Click the image to view the video

Each homeowner has their own vision of what the perfect lakeside beach is to them.  This ideal vision may include stripping the shoreline free of vegetation creating what they feel provides the greatest accessibility to the water.  By making these changes, this not only affords convenient human access but also allows unabated run off of surface pollutants, yard chemicals and other containments into the water. What residents may also not  realize is this creates very convenient access for water foul onto your yard!  

King County has created an informative 23-minute video for lakeside homeowners called Lakeside Living that introduces simple landscaping practices to protect and enhance lake water quality. Lakeside residents and experts from King County, Washington present clear information about how to care for your lawn and garden in a lake-friendly way, with an emphasis on adding plants at the shoreline to filter pollutants, stabilize banks, discourage nuisance waterfowl, and provide diverse wildlife habitat.

For additional assistance or information please contact the
Lake Stewardship Program Offices.

January 26th: Adoption of the Shoreline Master Program

                                                           Image Obtained from the SMP Book of Maps

Back in January 2008, the City of SeaTac began the process of updating its Shoreline Master Program as required by State law. Since this beginning the City has supported this effort by having formed a Citizen's Advisory Committee which had met twice per month from November 2008 to May 2009.  The Committee recommendations have been incorporated into the draft SMP document and regulations.  In addition to the Citizen's Action Committee recommendations, supplement material has been gathered via regular updates through the Land Use and Parks Committee, two public open houses, review by the Planning Commission over a two and a half month period, and culminating with a briefing before the City Council. 

A vote by the council members for the adoption of the Draft Shoreline Master Program was expected at the last Regular Council Meeting held Tuesday, January 12th.  During the meeting Public Comment was delivered and response was provided by staff correcting misinformation about property owners not being able to weed their beaches.  After some additional discussion between council members concerning the recommended 65’ set back, a motion for a delayed vote was observed.  The council is expected to come together in a subsequent session on January 26th to review modifications to the SMP and action is expected to be taken at that time.  

...And Now For Something Completely Different!

First Annual “No Pants Link Light Rail Ride”!

If you missed the opportunity for a jump in the lake on New Years Day, well here is another opportunity to join a completely off the wall, zany event coming to our area this Sunday.  We’re talking about the “No Pants!” idea that comes from a comedy group in New York City called "Improv Everywhere" which puts on a “No Pants! Subway Ride” there every January.  Over the years the event has expanded to several North American cities and now it’s coming to the northwest.

To participate, it’s quite simple – just show up on Sound Transit’s new Link Light Rail system between Noon and 3pm on Sunday, Jan. 10th. Have your pants on if you’re there early, then simply take them off while you’re riding, all the while keeping a straight face and acting like nothing’s different.  Additional details of the event may be viewed at the B*Town Blog.  Oh, and of course, if you do participate, please take pics (and/or video) and email us about your experience!

January 7th: Sidewalk Improvement Project Open House

The City of SeaTac Public Works Department will host an Open House on Thursday, January 7, at City Hall from 5:30 to 7:30 PM providing residents an opportunity to view the final draft of improvement plans for 42nd Avenue S. Sidewalk Project. No formal presentations will be made, therefore residents are encouraged to drop-in at any time during the Open House where City staff will be available to answer questions about the design and construction of this project aimed at improving pedestrian safety and mobility for residents and students of the schools in the neighborhood.  Further detail is available through the Open House flyer which may be viewed here.

If you are unable to attend the open house, the city website will also provide access to the maps and drawings presented at the meeting. Construction is expected to begin in spring and be complete prior to the start of the 2010/11 school year.