2010 Angle Lake Community Phone Directory

Starting this week, the 2010 Angle Lake Community Phone Directory will be hand delivered to all lake area residents.  Oren Hadaller is managing delivery for the Manor while a new neighbor, Pam Reith, will be coordinating delivery for the remaining areas around the lake.

Special recognition is given to directory committee members Marge Murtha and Shirley Stevens who have invested countless hours gathering and correcting resident names and addresses; and to Brenda Brodigan who worked tirelessly performing data entry and page formatting to get the directory ready for print.

And of course, many thanks to our neighboring businesses who had purchased directory advertising to help cover all production costs. Please show your appreciation by frequently patronizing or referring these fine establishments.


TaniRae said...

Could we have this wonderful address book online in perhaps a contact file so we could do an alphabet search to find people? For instance lost and found says, contact Tani Rae for the boat seat, but how are they to do that? Go get their address book? It would be much easier to click on contacts and search name. We could have a passcode requirement so only people in the book can access it. Any thoughts?

Angle Lake Shore Club Blog said...

I like your idea however, we have an obligation to keep our community member information private. Creating a pass code protected account would add considerable overhead to maintain. One option could be to confirm if the reporting party would like to include their contact number in their post for all to see.