...And Now For Something Completely Different!

First Annual “No Pants Link Light Rail Ride”!

If you missed the opportunity for a jump in the lake on New Years Day, well here is another opportunity to join a completely off the wall, zany event coming to our area this Sunday.  We’re talking about the “No Pants!” idea that comes from a comedy group in New York City called "Improv Everywhere" which puts on a “No Pants! Subway Ride” there every January.  Over the years the event has expanded to several North American cities and now it’s coming to the northwest.

To participate, it’s quite simple – just show up on Sound Transit’s new Link Light Rail system between Noon and 3pm on Sunday, Jan. 10th. Have your pants on if you’re there early, then simply take them off while you’re riding, all the while keeping a straight face and acting like nothing’s different.  Additional details of the event may be viewed at the B*Town Blog.  Oh, and of course, if you do participate, please take pics (and/or video) and email us about your experience!

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