Lake Friendly Landscape Options

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Each homeowner has their own vision of what the perfect lakeside beach is to them.  This ideal vision may include stripping the shoreline free of vegetation creating what they feel provides the greatest accessibility to the water.  By making these changes, this not only affords convenient human access but also allows unabated run off of surface pollutants, yard chemicals and other containments into the water. What residents may also not  realize is this creates very convenient access for water foul onto your yard!  

King County has created an informative 23-minute video for lakeside homeowners called Lakeside Living that introduces simple landscaping practices to protect and enhance lake water quality. Lakeside residents and experts from King County, Washington present clear information about how to care for your lawn and garden in a lake-friendly way, with an emphasis on adding plants at the shoreline to filter pollutants, stabilize banks, discourage nuisance waterfowl, and provide diverse wildlife habitat.

For additional assistance or information please contact the
Lake Stewardship Program Offices.

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