SeaTac Police Blotter - Online!

A visitor to the Angle Lake Shore Club blog recently wrote: “…I would like to see a weekly police report of all incidents in SeaTac, where police action was needed. That way all would know what and where to be more alert to the bad guys.” Thank you for the comment as this has highlighted the fact that many of our viewers may not be aware that this option is available on the blog site today.  

The City of Seatac Police Department subscribes to an additional third party service that collects and reports criminal incidents that may be viewed at anytime via the web on a display map of the local area.  More details regarding this program may be read on our October 16, 2010 post. 
The following instructions are provided to help in locating the link to this tool on our site and to assist you to view recent criminal activity in the local area on the CrimeReports site:
  • From the Angle Lake Shore Club Website Homepage
    • Locate on the right side of the page the a section titled "Additional Links" 
    • Click on the fourth link in the link list titled 'Neighborhood Crime Reports'
  • Your browser window will then display the CrimeReports homepage
    • Enter an address in the Address Search Bar 
    • Displayed will be a visual depiction of the various crimes occurring in the past 2 weeks in the vicinity of the address you had entered.
    • Included in the display will be any registered Sex Offenders in the area.
  • To change the reporting duration that is displayed
    • Click the down arrow next to the 'Date Range' tab next to MAP TOOLs
    • Choose the desired date range to display (i.e. 3; 7; 14; 30)  
    • Then click Apply & Close
This service is made available via contract between the City of SeaTac/King County Police Departments and the CrimeReports commercial site. It is intended to be another tool to help the citizens of Seatac to remain informed and better prepared to help address crime in their neighborhoods.

Did You Get the Call?

Tuesday Night the City Of SeaTac Police Department sent out Code Red Notification alerting residents of criminal activity occurring in the vicinity of South 191st Place and 37th Avenue South.  The recorded message informed the receiver that a canine assisted search was in progress and requested that all residents in the area to stay inside their homes and check to ensure all their doors and windows remained locked until further notice. Approximately 40 minutes later a second call was sent indicating that the state of alert had subsided and requested anyone witnessing suspicious activity to immediately call 911 to report it.

Although the call did not go into specific details of the police activity local television news reported that it was a home invasion where the homeowner shot one intruder, whereas another individual was still on the loose.  As for me, I was glad to have received the alert! Will you be ready to receive the next call?

What is CodeRED?
The City of SeaTac emergency services subscribes to the CodeRED Emergency Notification System to assist in distributing wide spread communication in the event of emergency.  This tool is an ultra high-speed telephone communication service capable of dialing up to 50,000 phone numbers per hour and delivering recorded messages to a live person or an answering machine, making three attempts to connect to any number. However, this system is only as good as the telephone number database that supports it. If your contact information is not in the database you will not receive a call when an urgent message is sent.

All individuals and businesses are encouraged to visit the City Website to create a secured CodeRED Account and add the necessary contact information in order to receive these critical emergency communications. Required information includes a street address (physical address, no P.O. boxes) for location purposes and a primary phone number. Alternate numbers such as cellular phones and other non-traditional phones as well as email and text addresses may also be entered.

Planning Kick Off for 2012

Your volunteer board members of the Angle Lake Shore Club will be gathering this Tuesday, February 21st to kick off the 2012 season with an event planning session. The team will be meeting to establish the dates for our regular traditional favorite annual activities and shall include the “Lakeshore Clean Sweep” we launched last year. Event dates will be posted here on the blog once established.

As we begin to plan for the year, we’d like to ask you – our members – for feedback. If you’ve attended one or more events we’d like to hear about your experience; if you have recommendations for improvements we’d like to hear about that, too; if you have any suggestions for additional events and/or activities to consider please follow these instructions on how to leave a comment using the comments option below this post or comments are always welcome via the blog team email inbox at

We are excited with anticipation and look forward to another year of fun events and great times with our neighbors.

Storm Debris Clean Up Options

The weather prediction for Saturday and Sunday this week is for clear skies and mild temperatures – conditions guaranteed to bring on Spring Fever!  However before you consider heading out for a leisurely beach stroll or a relaxing round of golf, please note this weekend is the last opportunity to take advantage of the free King County special wood debris-recycling event aimed to help area residents dispose of green debris generated from the recent ice storms.
Dates: February 4-5, 2012
Location: Kent’s Russell Road Park
Hours: 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.

Details: This events are open to King County residents only. No contractor or commercial loads at the Kent location. The collection sites and events are exclusively for wood debris from the recent storms. Stumps, logs and limbs no longer than six feet in length are allowed. Please place material on a tarp or sheet of plywood for ease of removal.

Restrictions: No brush, leaves, grass clippings, sod, soil, construction or other debris.
People bringing wood debris are reminded to secure their loads.
Remember - It is illegal to burn yard debris on your property