SeaTac Police Blotter - Online!

A visitor to the Angle Lake Shore Club blog recently wrote: “…I would like to see a weekly police report of all incidents in SeaTac, where police action was needed. That way all would know what and where to be more alert to the bad guys.” Thank you for the comment as this has highlighted the fact that many of our viewers may not be aware that this option is available on the blog site today.  

The City of Seatac Police Department subscribes to an additional third party service that collects and reports criminal incidents that may be viewed at anytime via the web on a display map of the local area.  More details regarding this program may be read on our October 16, 2010 post. 
The following instructions are provided to help in locating the link to this tool on our site and to assist you to view recent criminal activity in the local area on the CrimeReports site:
  • From the Angle Lake Shore Club Website Homepage
    • Locate on the right side of the page the a section titled "Additional Links" 
    • Click on the fourth link in the link list titled 'Neighborhood Crime Reports'
  • Your browser window will then display the CrimeReports homepage
    • Enter an address in the Address Search Bar 
    • Displayed will be a visual depiction of the various crimes occurring in the past 2 weeks in the vicinity of the address you had entered.
    • Included in the display will be any registered Sex Offenders in the area.
  • To change the reporting duration that is displayed
    • Click the down arrow next to the 'Date Range' tab next to MAP TOOLs
    • Choose the desired date range to display (i.e. 3; 7; 14; 30)  
    • Then click Apply & Close
This service is made available via contract between the City of SeaTac/King County Police Departments and the CrimeReports commercial site. It is intended to be another tool to help the citizens of Seatac to remain informed and better prepared to help address crime in their neighborhoods.

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