Planning Kick Off for 2012

Your volunteer board members of the Angle Lake Shore Club will be gathering this Tuesday, February 21st to kick off the 2012 season with an event planning session. The team will be meeting to establish the dates for our regular traditional favorite annual activities and shall include the “Lakeshore Clean Sweep” we launched last year. Event dates will be posted here on the blog once established.

As we begin to plan for the year, we’d like to ask you – our members – for feedback. If you’ve attended one or more events we’d like to hear about your experience; if you have recommendations for improvements we’d like to hear about that, too; if you have any suggestions for additional events and/or activities to consider please follow these instructions on how to leave a comment using the comments option below this post or comments are always welcome via the blog team email inbox at

We are excited with anticipation and look forward to another year of fun events and great times with our neighbors.

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